What Is a Lash Lift & How Long Do They Last

A lash lift is one of the best beauty treatments for those of us who want to roll out of bed with gorgeous-looking lashes. Lashes that have gotten the lash lift treatment require minimal effort to maintain and can last for up to 8 weeks.

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that creates perfectly curled lashes that compliment your face shape. Having a lash lift leaves you with a set of beautifully shaped voluminous lashes without the hassle of having to apply mascara or whip out the lash curler.

In a nutshell, a lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes. While getting a lash lift a trained technician lifts your lashes from the bottom of the lashes to the top so that the natural length of your lashes are accentuated. A lash lift mimics the look of eyelash extensions but is more affordable and lasts longer, up to 2 months when properly maintained and cared for.

A lash lift and tint are exactly what it sounds like. After the lift, tint is applied to your eyelashes to darken the shade of your lashes, making them pop.

What is a lash lift?

Keratin lash lift vs. perm lash lift

Most beauty salons offer both keratin lash lifts and perm lash lifts. So what’s the difference?

Keratin lash lift

A keratin lash lift deposits protein onto your eyelashes. This leaves them stronger and less prone to breakage. A keratin lash lift involves four steps.

Step 1

Pads are placed on your eyelids and serum is applied to the lashes which helps soften the lash proteins so they can be expertly shaped and curled.

Step 2

Next, a restorative keratin serum is applied to the lashes.

Step 3

Lash tint is applied to the eyelashes that darken the lashes and give them that “I’m wearing mascara” look.

Step 4

The last step in a lash lift is the application of a pure keratin protein treatment to soften and condition the lashes.

Perm lash lift

A perm lash lift is exactly what it sounds like. Chemicals similar to those used in hair perming are used to create the curled lash shape. Perm lash lifts often use chemicals that have a higher pH and can damage your lashes if left to develop too long. Breakage and fragile lashes can result.

How long does a lash lift last?

Results last anywhere from 6-8 weeks (up to 2 months!) depending on your skincare routine and the products you use. We recommend scheduling your lash lifts approx. 6 weeks apart. If your eyelashes grow quickly, you may need to reschedule every 4 weeks to maintain the curl.

While lash lifts are generally considered safe, some people may experience skin irritation.

How much does a lash lift cost?

Last lifts can range in price from $80-150 depending on the area you live in and the salon you got to.

As always, do your homework when selecting a beauty salon to do your lash lift. If you can’t get a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend, check out the salons before and after images on Instagram to get an idea of the quality of lashes they do.

How long does a lash lift take?

Lash lifts take around an hour. Be sure to bring some earbuds so you can kick back and listen to your favorite tunes or catch up on that podcast because your eyes will be shut the whole time!

Some salons may require you to do a skin test 24-48 hours before your treatment to make sure you don’t have an unforeseen allergic reaction to the eyelash curling solution. Be sure to ask your salon if you’ve never had a lash lift before.