6 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles That Refresh Tired Eyes

best eye creams for dark circles

Dark under-eye circles are negatively seen as tired, old, and lifeless-looking. This prompts many women (and men) to do all they can to cover up their dark circles. As an experienced beauty writer on products that work and products that don’t, I highly recommend eye creams that specifically target dark circles. But just using skincare … Read more

Glycolic Acid vs Lactic Acid

Glycolic acid vs lactic acid

As a long time beauty writer, I’ve covered almost every skincare ingredient under the sun, from the most-talked-about ones (like niacinamide) to beauty hypes in recent years — hey, bakuchiol, I’m looking at you. 😉 Safe to say, I’ve been around the block with chemical exfoliants, like glycolic acid and lactic acid. This makes me … Read more

Sugaring Aftercare

Sugaring aftercae 101

Sugaring is a healthy hair removal method that will keep your skin smooth and hairless with minimal pain. In this article, I’ll explain and illustrate what sugaring is, how it works, and the best sugaring aftercare process to follow.  As a cosmetologist for over five years, I love sugaring above all other types of waxing. … Read more