💖25+ Designs for Pink French Tip Nails To Look and Feel Ultra Femmy

Pink French tip nails are an absolute dream. I’m a firm believer that pretty much everything looks better when it’s in some shade of pink. Nails are no exception.

French manicures are classic and timeless. But for those who like to put their own spin on their manicures, opting for a colorful version of French tip nails then this is the way to go.

I may be biased, but pink is often an easy choice. Pink is playful and feminine and anyone can find a shade that best compliments them.

A pink French manicure is feminine, modern, and classy, just like the person who chooses to wear it.

1. Hot pink French tip nails


Swapping the classic white for hot pink makes this manicure girly and modern, like a real-life Barbie mani.

2. Baby pink French tips


A completely modern take on the classic French nail, this manicure uses a softer pink for the French tip, and instead of the nude nails base, the rest of the nail is transparent.

3. Multi-shade pink French tips


This adorable manicure uses four different shades of pink to show off the French tip and a pinkish-nude base that embraces the traditional French manicure.

4. Split pink French tip


This manicure uses two shades of pink swiped on the corners of the nail, trading in the traditional half-moon shape of the French manicure for a pointed edge.

5. Pink marble French tips


This design features a dreamy swirl of a darker and lighter pink as well as bit of white; together, they make this classy marble pattern that elevates a simple French manicure. 

6. Pink and neon green


This classic color combination feels vibrant and summery; the neon green lining perfectly accents the pink.

7. Bright eyes


A bright pop of pink, a little gold accent, and a cute all-seeing eye are the perfect way to make this celestial-inspired manicure work.

8. Pink and leopard French tips


These fierce French tips come in a bold shade of pink and hand-drawn leopard spots for a little walk on the wild side.

If you’re feeling slightly more provacative than leopard, check out our roundup of fabulous black tipped nails in our Trending Black French Tip Nails roundup post.

9. Color reverse French tips


Using two shades to create a modern French tip, these nails also reverse the color placement, creating a playful take on a usually sophisticated manicure.

10. Pink and pearls


The delicate shade of pink adds a feminine touch, but the tiny pearl accents add elegance to the manicure.

11. Outlined French tips


Not filling in the French manicure creates delicate lines across the nails that create a stylish geometric design.

12. Ballet slipper nails


It’s not only the ballerina shape that evokes the elegance of a classic ballet but also the delicate and velvety shade of pink of these half-French nails. (P.S. this shape is one of the best nail shape for fat fingers because it lengthens the look of the nail and the over all length of the fingers.)

13. Flower power French tips


The retro flowers on the tips of this French manicure, along with the two bright shades of pink, add playfulness to the traditional design.

14. Marbled pink French tips


Hot pink watercolor strokes on a soft pink French tip create an artistically eye-catching marbled manicure. You’ll be ready for asrt class in not time!

15. Cherry bomb French manicure


The soft pink is the perfect backdrop to cherries made with tiny red gemstones.

16. Butterfly accent


Outlining the French tip shape with neon pink and filling it in with a bright pink creates a vibrant design, but it’s the metallic butterfly accent that’s the stand out of these nails.

17. Minimalist pink French tips


A tiny sliver of bright pink on the tip of the nail creates a minimalist French manicure with a big personality. This type of nail art is simple and elegant. It’s something you can easily pull of at home with some inexpensive half moon nail guides.

18. Rings of pink


Another way to use multiple shades in one pink French manicure is to repeat the arch shape down the nail.

19. Pink French tip lined with glitter


Add a touch of glamor by outlining the curve of the French tip with sliver glittery polish.

20. Abstract pink French tips


Using multiple shades and whimsical shapes, these pink French tips are a true form of art.

21. Dotted with hearts


Dark pink French tips show off delicate pink hearts for the loveliest manicure. If you don’t have a lot of time for intricate nail art you can always fake it for an evening with a set on realistic press on nails.

22. Geometric pink French tips


Add a line across the traditional criss-cross French tip for a manicure straight out of a modern art museum.

23. Tall arch French tips

The elongated arch shows off the shape of the nail using a delicate baby pink.

24. Sparkly pink French tips


Two sparkly pink French tips add a fun accent to this vibrant manicure.

25. Lined with flowers


The delicate flower border adds so much dimension to this soft French manicure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good pink for a French manicure?

For a traditional French manicure, many nail artists and enthusiasts use a very light pink shade. This pink is closer to nude and has a slight pink tint to it.

When it comes to a more modern pink, the possibilities are endless for the shade of pink you should use. You can be closer to the traditional style with pastel pinks or go for a more modern look and choose a vibrant pink.

If you’re going to use two or more shades of pink, just make sure they contrast enough to show the difference.

What are the best pink shades for doing pink French tips?

Pink French Tip Nails
OPI La-Paz-Itivily Hot Nail Lacquer

If you’re looking for a bright and vibrant shade for a French manicure, try OPI – La-Paz-itivey Hot. OPI is known for it’s high-quality formulations and stunning colors and this hot pink shade is no different. It’s an electric pink that’s sure to catch eyes when you’re wearing it.

Pink French Tip Nails
Gelish Pink Smoothie Nail Polish

The perfect light baby pink comes from Gelish – Pink Smoothie. Gelish is a gel polish, so it will need to be cured under a LED or UV nail lamp. But it’s the perfect way to get a salon-quality gel manicure at home. Pink Smoothie is a delicate pink that will work well with traditional French tips or an updated spin.

Pink French Tip Nails
OPI Rosy Future Nail Lacquer

Add a little bit of shimmer to your pink French manicure with the pearlecent OPI – Rosy Future. Not only is this a soft pink shade, but the bit of sparkle gives this shade plenty of depth. It’s the perfect way to add a hint of glam to a French manicure.