Ombre Nails: 30+ Inspiring Ombre Manicure Design Ideas Worth Stealing

These gorgeous ombre nails are not going away anytime soon! For inspiration, check out our list of the most inspired ombre nails of the season.

What are ombre nails?

Ombre nails is a manicure in which the nail polish color (or gel color) is made using a color gradient. Usually, a lighter color at the tip of the nail slowly transitions to a darker color at the base of the nail.

Sometimes this gradient is revered and tips are dark and lighter toward the base. This is called a reverse-ombre.

1. Blue ombre nails

Feeling blue? Or in a blue sort of mood? These whimsical blue acrylics are perfect for spring or a flirty everyday look. For more inspiration check out my post on flirty blue ombre nails.

ombre nails

2. Pink ombre nails

These pink ombre nails are sitting pretty. Cute, cheeky, and just in time for warm-weather fun. Also, they pair adorably with a pair of white sneakers and a crisp tennis skirt.

pink ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @emilymalmborg

3. Summer ombre nails

Just in time for swimsuit season, this colorful set of nails is guaranteed to get you compliments. Plus, they look like you dipped your nails in every flavor at the ice cream shop.

summer ombre nails

Like this and want more ideas ombre idea for summer? Check out our post on summer ombre nails.

4. French ombre nails

Three words, classy, timeless, and polished. That’s what this unique French ombre manicure has to offer and who wouldn’t want that!?

Image Via Instagram @glamsuave

5. Coffin ombre nails

Coffin nails come in all lengths and color combos, including ombre. These beauties are a creative masterpiece with lovely blue butterfly stickers and dreamy cloudscapes.

coffin ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @glammertized

6. White ombre nails

Like a faded pair of Levis 501s, any set of white nails never go out of style. These understated claws are sure to garner compliments.

Image Via Instagram @nailsbygets_

7. Pink and white

Soft and eternally feminine, these pink and white ombre nails will make all your princess dreams come through. Add a streak of gold and your metaphorical crown is now on full display.

pink and white ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nails_diary

8. Black ombre nails

What’s NOT to love about this mysterious set of nails? Bedazzled with custom moons and stars this set is nothing if not enchanting.

black ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsby_annie1

9. Glitter ombre nails

Calling all mermaids! This aqua ombre manicure sings its own siren song. Sigh. Bring me to the beach!

Glitter ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @emilyrosebeauty

10. Purple ombre

Purple is all the rage. And why not? Purple is the color of royalty. These dreamy multi-hued purple ombre nails will have people dropping curtseys in the street as you walk by.

purple ombre nails

11. Red ombre nails

Drop-dead gorgeous red gradient nails are sure to seduce. Add a little red glitter for extra eye-catching sparkle and you’re set for a night out on the town.

red ombre nails

12. Nude ombre nails

Neutral and modern, nude nails are perfect for everyday wear, to the office, to the gym, to a bridal shower. These nails will fit in with any style or outfit and transition seamlessly from day-to-night.

nude ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @victoriasstil

13. Short ombre nails

Got short nails? No problem, you can rock your short nails with any ombre design. Your imagination is the only limitation. Want neon colors with fluffy white clouds? You got it. 🙂

short ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @martynailedit

14. Two-tone ombre nails

Two-toned nails take ombre to a whole new level transitioning in ombre tones from left to right as well as top to bottom.

two tone ombre nails

15. Rose gold ombre nails

Any set of rose gold nails are just pretty. The added sparkle on these beauties courtesy of some expertly place gold glitter light up this manicure like a flute of champagne at a royal ball.

rose gold ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsby_kerrie

16. Orange ombre nails

Juicy orange nails are a burst of sunshine on a rainy day. They’re also the perfect shade of sherbert to entice even the most reluctant onlooker into dropping a compliment.

Orange ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @aangelika_nails

17. Yellow ombre nails

Happy. Yes, yellow ombre nails are about as happy a combination as you can get. Brighten up your nails with this utterly original combination.

Yellow ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @gossipandgloss

18. Fall ombre nails

With autumn come muted tones and falling leaves. Why not do a horizontal ombre set of fall nails with subdued hues of black, beige, nude, and white.

Fall ombre nails
Image Instagram @chelsiemorales

19. Green ombre nails

Green ombre nails will inspire jealous looks wherever you go. Wanna get extra envious? Opt for neon green nails and get the best of both worlds.

Green ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @labeauty_skien

20. Royal blue ombre

From Greece to England royal blue leave an impression and these sensational blue nails are no exception. The dainty blue flowers make this manicure fit for a queen.

Royal blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @angelicnailsbyash

21. Natural ombre nails

The third set on our list that speaks to timeless beauty, natural ombre nails are just that, natural-looking classic nails. This lovely set of almond-shaped nails will have you staring at your hands for hours at a time. Please avoid this while driving. 😉

Natural ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @sammyjo_barker

22. Ombre stiletto nails

Nothing says you have a sharp whit and aren’t afraid to use it quite like a set of radical ombre stiletto nails. Smart? Check. Sexy. Check. Dangerous? Definitely.

ombre stiletto nails
Image Via Instagram @zanemua

23. Burgundy ombre nails

A deeper shade of red, blood-red burgundy nails had their heyday gracing Uma Thurman’s nails in Pulp Fiction. These burgundy nails take this a set further by bejeweling the cuticle line with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Burgundy ombre nails

24. Grey ombre nails

This pair of faded grey nails with a hint of blush at the nail base is a statement manicure. Grey is bold and plays well with many other warm tones. Also, neon.

grey ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsofjackie

25. Lavender 1983’s cool ombre nails

OK let’s get real, lavender is THE color of the season after purple, it’s OG hue. Clearly a birthday set of claws, this lovely gal surely knows how to party. Want more? Check out my post on Lavender Ombre Nails for more design inspiration and design ideas.

Lavender ombrenails
Image Via Instagram @whatshappeninb

26. Red and black ombre nails

Feeling like a demon slayer? Then these red and black ombre claws are for you. Vampire stalking you? No problem, you have 10 stakes ready to go right at your fingertips, literally.

red and black ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @eselaynails

27. Ombre nails with diamonds

For exclusive entry into the glitterati, you’ll need a set of nails with diamonds. These sparkly beauties are only enriched by the classy coffin shape with a french manicure.

Ombre nails with diamonds

28. Ombre almond nails

Technically almond nails are not a shade or a design but rather a shape. But since you asked, here is an original set of black and blue ombre almond nails.

ombre almond nails

29. Neon ombre nails

The 80s are back and so are screamingly bright neon shades in every color of the rainbow. Check out this unapologetically bold manicure that’s sure to set your fans aflame.

neon ombre nails
Image Via [email protected]_nails

30. Psychedelic tie-dye ombre nails

Voted most original by our editorial team these psychedelic-inspired tie-dye nails are the perfect choice for the summer music festival season. SXSW here we come!

tie-dye ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @blakkkbarbiie

From hair to nails, transitional ombre tones are here to stay. Why not play a little and dip your nails into more than one color that transforms like magic into another hue?

The ombre effect is best applied on acrylic nails or gel manicures. While dip powder nails can be used to create an ombre manicure, a little more practice is needed to achieve a flawless color gradient.