How to Use Oil to Relax Lash Lift

Let’s face it, life isn’t always perfect. And sometimes, neither is your lash lift. So what can you do to relax an over-processed lift? The answer is simple, use oil to relax your lash lift.

If you’ve ever had a lash lift treatment where your eyelashes are so curled they’re basically high-fiving your eyelids, you’ll know just how devastating over-permed lashes can be.

To add insult to injury, lashes that have been overprocessed can split at the ends giving the impression of a not-so-cool set of spider-leg lashes.

But don’t fret, I’ll explain how to safely and naturally relax your lash perm using a natural oil like castor oil.

Why use oil to relax your lash lift?

Simple, because oil can naturally relax your lash lift without the use of additional chemicals like lash developer. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to come by.

You’ve heard it a million times, the enemy of a lash lift is using any oil-based products on your lashes.

But the converse is also true. The best friend of an over-processed lash lift is oil, specifically castor oil and coconut oil.

How to use oil to relax your lash lift at home

Using oil to relax your lift is straightforward. All you need is a high-quality castor or coconut oil, some patience, and a steady hand. Here’s how:

  1. Before bed, use a clean q-tip to gently apply castor oil or virgin coconut oil to your lashes. Start at the base of your lashes and pull the oil up and away from the eye. Both castor oil and coconut oil are safe if you accidentally get some in your eyes.
  2. Next, use a clean spoolie to brush the oil gently through the lashes in a downward motion from the roots down to the ends to help straighten the lashes.
  3. Be sure to use an old pillowcase in case the oil gets on your pillow and stains it while you sleep.
  4. In the A.M. rinse your eyes with cool water and gently remove any excess oil with a cotton pad and/or makeup remover.
  5. Repeat for 3-5 days or until you get the desired amount of relaxation in your perm.
  6. P.S. you can use castor oil on your eyebrows too for extra definition and conditioning.

What oils should I use?

Both castor oil and virgin coconut oil are safe to use around your eyes.

A bonus of using a natural oil like coconut oil to relax your lash perm is that it nourishes not just your eyelashes but also the skin around your eyes. Putting castor oil on eyelashes has the added benefit of having anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Some people even use castor oil drops in their eyes as a way to manage styes and treat dry eyes!

Whichever oil you choose to use, be sure it’s fresh, not rancid, and comes from a reputable source. If you can buy organic, all the better.

Takeaways on using oil to relax a lash lift

Relaxing your lash lift is possible using oil. It’s a natural and effective way to fix most cases of over-processed lashes.

But, if you’ve tried our oil method and you’re still unhappy with your lashes, don’t freak out.

Here are three other ways you can address those spider-leg lashes.

  1. Practice patience and wait for your lashes to grow out. This usually takes 4-6 weeks.
  2. Grab an eyelash serum like RevitaLash Advanced to help speed up the growth and nourish your lashes.
  3. Visit a lash studio and have an expert use perm lotion to reverse curl aka straighten your lashes.

If you know of other ways to relax a lash perm leave a note in the comments section down below.

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