Love Mink Lashes? 10 Best Cruelty-free Alternatives 💖🐇💖

If your mascara just isn’t fulfilling your dream of having enviable, ridiculously thick lashes, it might be time to toss the tube and check out faux mink lashes.

As someone cursed with tragically thin lashes, I’ve spent years searching for falsies that were lightweight and looked natural but still had a significant impact on my appearance.

And, so, my love for synthetic mink eyelashes was born.

I’ve stumbled across quite a few falsie failures in my research. Lashes that promised drama, depth, and volume but just couldn’t deliver. I’ve also found stunning sets that I go back to time and again.

In other words, I’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Save yourself time and avoid disappointing duds with these best 10 faux mink eyelashes!

What are mink lashes?

With so many materials and styles available, it can be overwhelming to tell the difference between lashes. So, if you’re wondering, “What are mink lashes?” you’re certainly not alone.

Mink lashes are fur from a weasel-like animal called a mink. Unfortunately, even though many people like how they look, it’s always important to know that true mink lashes are never cruelty free.

Some lashes may claim that they harvest fur “ethically,” but what they don’t say is that these minks are often in fur farms where they’re abused, harmed, and often neglected before being violently killed to make fur coats and accessories.

Faux mink lashes are our solution to this style. They have the same look and texture but come from synthetic materials. They are popular choices because they are lightweight, glossy, and natural-looking—and best of all, they’re vegan!

10 gorgeous mink lashes alternatives

Best overall: Glamnetic Vegan Lush


Easy to apply?

Completely vegan?

I’m obsessed. Glamnetic Vegan Lush lashes are unbelievably fluttery and a must-have for that doe-eyed look I’m always angling for. Because they’re magnetic, I don’t need to fumble around with any messy, sticky glue. What’s not to love?

Application is as easy as swiping on a bit of Glamnetic’s waterproof, smudge-proof magnetic liner. The Vegan Lush lash band will adhere in a snap and stay in place all day long.

They’re already pre-cut to 2.6 centimeters (AKA the perfect size), but if you need a little trim, you don’t have to worry about compromising the holding power. The Glamnetic Vegan Lush is the world’s first 6-magnet lash, which means you can snip in smaller increments.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough to convince you why I’m all heart eyes about these luscious vegan lashes, they’re also reusable for up to 60 wears!

Best for subtle glamour: Lily Lashes Luxe in Lite Faux Mink

If a subtle look is a better fit for your style, Lily Lashes Luxe in Lite Faux Mink is just the product you need to step up your everyday lash game less dramatically.

These fine silky fibers blend perfectly with your natural lashes, thanks to the variable lengths and criss-cross pattern that looks like real human hair.

Thanks to the ultra-light 13mm band, these lashes add depth and volume without weighing down your eyelids. Just snip to the correct length for your eyes to add a flattering, subtle flair to your everyday makeup routine.

Best for drama: Ardell 3D Faux Mink Lashes

Ardell Faux Mink is a beauty standard for lash lovers. Their 3D Faux Mink Lashes set takes a everything you love about the brand and makes it even better.

The soft, silky synthetic fibers in their Faux Mink Lashes creates the depth and fullness of traditional mink eyelash extensions thanks to its tapered ends that look more natural than the typical blunted edge.

Ardell 3D Faux Mink Lashes are longer in the middle, instead of flared on the sides, for a glamorous aesthetic that amplifies your eyes. The uneven length of the fibers creates a spiky, feathery effect you’ll want to rock at any event that comes across your social calendar.

They’re also double-curled for some serious volume without looking “overdone” or heavy.

Best for hooded eyes: Ardell Faux Mink 814 Lashes

Finding lashes that work with hooded eyes can be challenging. Meet the Ardell Faux Mink 814! These wispy-style lashes are going to be your new BFF.

They’re gorgeously natural, delightfully wispy, and incredibly comfortable for day-to-night wear without losing their grip. The criss-cross, flared style gives you long, luxurious lashes that are just long enough to look fabulous without the hassle hooded-eye babes typically deal with when applying falsies.

Best for silky curls: Alicrown Volume Faux Mink Lashes

The silk vs. mink lashes debate comes down to a matter of personal taste, but if you’re still on the fence, the Alicrown Volume Faux Mink Lashes are the happy medium you’ve been searching for.

Typically, silk lashes are ideal for curl and volume, while mink lashes are known for their featherlight feel and all-day comfort.

Thanks to these curly cuties, you can have the best of both worlds! The light, wispy fibers have a 3D-effect curl without the weight of synthetic silk.

Best kit: Cuckoo 3D Faux Mink Lashes Kit

If you’re transitioning from salon mink eyelash extensions to DIY strip lashes, the Cuckoo 3D Faux Mink Lashes Kit has everything you need to get started.

Not only do you get FIVE pairs of gorgeous, reusable lashes, but also a tube of brush-on glue and application tweezers for less than $10! It’s an absolute steal.

These handmade faux mink eyelashes have a flexible cotton band and a soft downy texture that feels natural.

Best variety: 30 Pairs of Vegan Eyelashes 

Switch things up as often as you’d like with 30 pairs of vegan eyelashes in six different styles.

Bring out your inner diva with 20mm fringe-enhancing lashes that feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. The knotted, black cotton band is super comfy and strong enough to reuse up to 10 times.

These high quality handmade lashes have a longer center and shorter flare. You can easily snip the 35mm band to meet your needs without losing any of that head-turning volume.

Best for mink enthusiasts: L’Anflower Magnetic Faux Mink Lashes and Eyeliner 

It’s no secret that the cost of wearing mink eyelash extensions adds up fast.

Fortunately, there’s L’anflower Magnetic Faux Mink Lashes and Eyeliner to give you the mink lash look you love without salon prices.

These charming eye-enhancers are dark and thick, with plenty of personality.

For one affordable price you can score four pairs of soft, durable lashes that are reusable up to 15 times with the included magnetic eyeliner.

Best for a flirty look: Glamnetic Vixen Wispy Vegan Mink Lashes

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost to take your natural lashes to the next level.

Fortunately, there are Glamnetic Vixen Wispy Vegan Mink Lashes for just such an occasion.

Vixen is an ultra-flirty lash look that brings out your natural beauty. It’s just fluffy enough to perfectly blend with your natural lashes without looking or feeling heavy.

Just like the Glamnetic Vegan Lush, all you need for fast and easy application is a swipe of Glamnetic’s magnetic liner for a superior hold that lasts through your workday.

Best for sensitive eyes: Eylure London False Mink Lashes

One of the issues between faux vs. real mink lashes is that fur can activate allergies if you’re sensitive to dander. Itchy, red eyes are not a cute look, especially if you just dropped a stack of hard earned cash or two on salon grade mink lashes extensions.

Eylure solves that problem for you with their False Mink Lashes. Designed to give you wispy volume sans the heavy lid they also have an invisible band that only adds to the already effortless vibe of these satiny lashes.

Included with your lashes, you’ll also find hypoallergenic glue that won’t cause puffiness, itchiness, or irritation.

Mink lashes

Faux mink lashes buyers guide

Faux mink eyelashes are an investment worth making if you’re searching for thick, flawless lashes, but choosing the right pair can be challenging.

Before you make your final selection, consider this:


An excellent place to start is the shape you’re going for. Lashes are round, wispy, or cat-eyed, depending on the length of the ends and middle of the lashes.

  • Round lashes give you consistent length down the strip for a full, fluffy look that can be dainty and natural in short lengths or bold and dramatic in longer lengths.
  • Wispy lashes have alternating lash lengths that add blendable, glamorous volume. Wispy lashes are soft and feathery, with lots of curls.
  • Cat eye lashes are also called “flare lashes” because they are longer on the ends than on the inside or middle. They create a natural winged liner look that is super versatile. Keep your eyeliner light for something flirty, or flick into a killer wing for HBIC energy.


Lashes range anywhere from 8mm to 18mm at their maximum length. The longer they are, the more dramatic the look is going to be.

Instead of settling on just one pair, choose something shorter for professional, daytime settings, then swap them out for a longer fiercely flared look in the evening.


Don’t pay mink money for subpar lashes!

Spend some time looking over reviews, checking out the brand’s background, and exploring more of their products.

If they seem a little shady, there’s a good chance that they are, which means lashes that don’t hold up to your high standards.

A little background knowledge goes a long way!

Are minks killed for eyelashes?

While free-range farms claim to harvest the soft, luxurious fur by gently brushing the mink and collecting the fluff that falls out, it’s best to buy synthetically made faux mink vegan eyelash extensions to avoid supporting animal abuse.

Are mink or synthetic eyelashes better?

Wondering whether you should go faux, stick with silk, or use fur? I’ll give you the rundown on the pros and cons of each.

Faux vs. real mink lashes

Faux mink lashes are a solid option for someone who doesn’t have the budget for authentic mink, is prone to allergies (it is fur, after all!), wants to shop ethically and vegan, or wants to maintain their lashes at home.

Faux pros:

  • Come curled and stay curled
  • The look of real fur without the maintenance
  • Darker and bolder
  • Less expensive
  • Vegan, cruelty free and ethical

Faux cons:

  • Aren’t as sturdy
  • Don’t blend into natural lashes as well as real mink lashes do

Silk vs. mink lashes

While they’re still the ideal option for people with extremely wispy lashes because they are the most lightweight, silk lashes are quickly falling out of style thanks to the rise of fluffy, fabulous faux mink options.

Silk pros:

  • More flexible than synthetic
  • Light-weight
  • Can be customized with lengths and curls
  • Thick with a rich color

Silk cons:

  • Best to use only on occasion because they can be uncomfortable
  • Curls are less uniform

Final thoughts on vegan mink lashes

Faux mink lashes can take your lashes to luxurious new heights and add a subtle hint of flirty flair to your makeup look.

These best vegan eyelash extension options are just as gorgeous, feathery, and lightweight!

When you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in lashes with a little more staying power, consider getting faux mink lash extensions.

Lash extensions have all the perks of a naturally feathery fringe without contributing to animal cruelty and can last up to 8 weeks with proper care.

Which will be your perfect pair?