Yes, the MelodySusie Nail Drill IS Better Than a Generic Electric Nail File

After struggling to prep my cuticles and shape my gel x nail extensions with a regular nail file I finally gave up and decided to buy an electric nail file from Amazon. The one the ended up working best for me and my budget was the Melodysusie nail drill.

The first electric nail drill I bought was a generic inexpensive electric file by Alle’s on Amazon that was marketed as for professional use. Well, it wasn’t. So I went back and did a ton of researched. I watched way too many Youtube videos by other DIY nail artists and noticed several were recommending the Melodysusie nail drill. So I bought one to test it and recorded my results below.

Here’s how the MelodySusie Nail Drill stacks up against a comparably priced generic efile.

MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill P SeriesGeneric Electric Nail Drill
PowerAs expectedUnderpowered, sluggish
Drill BitsAll metal, 6 pcs multifunctional nail drill bits. Length 3/32 inch6 pcs multifunctional nail drill bits. Length 3/32 inch
ErgonomicsSlightly longer, this drill rests a bit further back in your hands.Shorter, and slightly easier to hold with small hands.
SpeedSliding control from 500 rpm to 20000 rpm Sliding control from 500 rpm to 20000 rpm
Accessories20 pcs sanding bands106 pcs sanding bands and nail art brush
Cost* (at time of purchase)$23.99*$17.91*
MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill Sheen PSeries Vs. Alle’s Electric Nail Drill

MelodySusie Nail Drill P Series Sheen

The MelodySusie P Series Sheen nail drill comes with everything shown in the photo below.

  • Electric nail drill
  • Nail drill charging cable
  • 6 drill bits made of metal & 6 sanding bands
  • Extra 20 sanding bands
  • Manual (not shown)

What I like most about this drill is that it worked as expected. The motor was quiet, it didn’t give off a lot of heat and it had the right amount of power to file my nails and cuticles.

Also, the quality of the metal drill bits was higher than the competition which I felt like didn’t really file at all.

melodysusie nail drill
Contents of MelodySusie P Series Sheen Nail Drill
melodysusie nail drill

One thing I did actually like more about the generic electric nail drill is that it’s shorter and easier for me to hold because I have small hands. Unfortunately, the edrill itself was practically useless so a shorter body didn’t really do me any good.

melodysusie nail drill
Here you can see the length of the MelodySusie efile is longer than your generic electric nail drill.
melodysusie nail drill
Input and output power voltage of MelodySusie nail drill vs generic electric nail drill

Generic Electric Nail Drill

Though cheaper than the MelodySusie, Alle’s Electric Nail Drill was underpowered and disappointing.

The drill bits included did not have enough surface roughness to file my nails or even rough up the insides of my gel extensions.

I did like that they included a nice nail art kabuki brush to dust nails and that they were generous with the number of extra sanding belts they included.

Alle’s nail drill comes with everything shown in the photo below.

  • Electric nail drill
  • Nail drill charging cable
  • 6 drill bits & 6 sanding bands
  • Extra 50 sanding bands
  • Nail art brush for dust removal
  • User manual
alle's nail drill

Of the 6 generic nail drill bits only five were 100% metal. The sanding band bit had a plastic top which didn’t quite create as tight of a seal as the metal bit included in the MelodySusie nail drill kit. Despite looking very similar the key difference is in the quality of the metal.

nail drill
Close-up of generic nail drill bits

Overall the MelodySusie nail drill is a better value for the money. Both drills are super affordable and available on Amazon.

If you’re just getting started doing your own acrylic or gel nail extensions at home, I would opt for the MelodySusie. It makes nail prep so much easier and cuts down on the time.

Plus, proper nail preparation is 50% of the work to getting extensions that last.