How Mega Lashes Are The Top Choice for Extra Full Lashes

Mega lashes also called mega volume lashes or mega volume lash extensions, are the thickest, most voluminous lash extension look on the market.

Lash extensions are different from strip lashes, which are temporary.

Lash extensions must be done by a professional because the process requires adhering individual fibers onto each of your natural lashes.

I am a makeup fanatic with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and have practiced and played with makeup for over ten years. In this article, I will cover:

  • What are mega volume lash extensions?
  • How many lashes is mega volume?
  • Mega volume lashes vs. Russian volume lashes? — This section includes information about American volume lashes as well.
  • What is the difference between .05 and .03 lashes?
  • Are mega volume lashes safe?
  • Applying mega volume lash extensions
  • How long do mega lashes last?
  • Key takeaways on mega volume lashes

What are mega volume lash extensions?

Mega volume lash extensions have more than one single lash on them. They look like tiny fans, with multiple lashes splaying out from one point. Your lash technician will adhere that point to an individual lash on your eye.

This creates a huge amount of volume, almost like a black curtain above your eye.

mega lashes
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How many lashes is mega volume?

Mega volume lashes use at least six, if not more, .03 to .05 diameter lash extensions.

I go into detail about the difference between .03 and .05 lash sizes later in this article, but for now, just know that the number coincides with the diameter of the individual lash, with .03 being the smallest and .05 being the next smallest available.

Mega volume lashes vs. Russian volume lashes

Mega volume lashes look similar to Russian volume lash extensions, but mega volume is usually a bit longer and thicker than Russian.

What is the difference between .05 and .03 lashes?

Lashes for lash extensions come in sizes .03 and .05 all the way up to .20, with many sizes in between. The .03 is the thinnest, shortest lash and .20 is the thickest, longest lash size.

The .03 is very advanced for technicians to use. It is so small that on its own, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

But when paired with multiple buddies on a single natural lash to create a fan (about six to 15 per fan), it creates an ultra-dramatic look — the mega volume look.

The other option typically used for mega volume is .05, which is slightly bigger.

If .05 size is used, the technician will typically do about eight lashes per fan.

mega lashes
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Are mega volume lashes safe?

Because mega volume lashes use such small lashes to create mega volume, they themselves are very safe.

Any safety issues you come across will be user error. That is why it is so important to read lash technician reviews online before you book your appointment.

If you get a gut feeling, it is best not to go to that salon.

Some things that can happen if an inexperienced lash technician messes up are cysts and boils on your eyelids. These can be very painful and usually require antibiotics to clear them up and prevent infection.

Eyelid cysts from lash extensions occur because the pore where your natural eyelash comes out gets blocked and clogged, causing build-up.

I know this first hand because my mom had this catastrophe happen to her! She swore off lash extensions forever because it was so traumatizing.

But if you make sure to go to a reputable place, this should not happen to you.

Applying mega volume lash extensions

When your lash technician creates a mega volume lash look, they will refer to ‘mega volume lash fans’ or ‘mega volume fans.’

Your lash tech will create individual mega volume fans to apply to each of your lashes. These consist of eight to 15 lashes depending on whether they are using .03 or .05 sized lashes.

The technician will use specialized tweezers to pluck eight to 15 lashes from their board — their board has rows of new, individual, clean lashes — and pinch them with their clean fingers to create a fan.

The process is tedious, which is why mega volume lashes are more expensive than traditional lash extensions.

Using a different pair of tweezers while holding the new fan in the opposite hand with the first pair of tweezers, the technician will find and isolate one of your available natural lashes.

After the technician chooses and isolates a natural lash, they will dip the fan into their tiny dot of glue — which was placed on the board before they started — and directly place the glue-coated mega volume fan to your naked lash.

The technician will repeat this process one to two hundred times per eye, and many prefer to go back and forth between each eye to ensure they look even and properly spaced.

What an amazing process!

How long do mega lashes last?

How long your lash extensions last depends on how well you care for them. In general, mega volume lash extensions last between three and five weeks if you take good care of them.

One way to do this is to use an eyelash spoolie to gently brush your lash extensions daily.

I also recommend being very mindful while you remove makeup and wash your face — heavy friction can cause some lashes to fall out or even pull out your natural lash along with the fan.

mega lashes
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Get the look

You can get the mega volume lash extension look by going to your local lash technician.

Make sure you read the reviews! Mega volume lashes are more advanced than regular lashes, so it would be smart to go to a well-seasoned technician rather than someone in training.

On the other hand, you can get the mega volume lash look by using strip or banded lashes if you are looking to save some money.

Ardell carries a Mega Volume 4 Pack of strip lashes that directly mimics the look of mega volume lash extensions.

Make sure you don’t forget to buy lash glue! I recommend the Duo Brush-On Striplash Adhesive because it is affordable and super easy to work with.

If you’re nervous about applying strip lashes, remember that practice makes perfect! For a step-by-step check out “How to Apply Lashes.”

Also, let the glue set for 60 seconds on the strip of the lash before trying to stick it to your eye.

The tackiness achieved by waiting is the secret key to strip lash success.

Key takeaways on mega volume lashes

Mega volume lash extensions are the thickest style of lash extensions available. The style uses six to 15 lashes to create a mega volume fan. Each fan is applied to your natural lash about one to two hundred times per eye.

Mega volume lashes are very safe, but they can be expensive and take some extra care.

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