How to Tint Eyelashes at Home Safely and Affordably

If you’re wondering how to tint eyelashes, it’s simple! Buy the right dye, protect your skin, and let the tint sit on your lashes for a few minutes after applying the dye before you wash and reveal dark flirty lashes.

As a makeup artist for over seven years, I can confirm that one of the most popular requests is for gorgeous lashes that pop. While mascara and falsies can create a great final look, there’s nothing that beats waking up in the morning to already-tinted lashes. No makeup needed!

I’m going to share the step-by-step method you need to learn how to tint eyelashes so you can get the look safely at home on your own. Let’s get started so you can upgrade your lashes with ease.

Can you dye your own eyelashes?

You can absolutely dye your own eyelashes, but it’s a process that involves some strong dyes and chemicals that can be harmful if not used properly.

Since you’re using the products so close to the eye, and these areas are so sensitive, it’s necessary to follow the instructions of whatever dye product you’re using to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Typically, the safest and best way to do it is with henna, which isn’t packed with chemicals the way some other dyes are. You can also buy other lash dyeing kits that utilize vegetable dyes.

How do people tint eyelashes?

The dye process usually looks something like this:

  • First, you’ll want to test the dye on a different area of your skin to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. 
  • Then, you’ll apply a petroleum jelly product like Vaseline on the eyelid and around the bottom of the eye to prevent the dye from staining the surrounding skin.
  • Then, you’ll brush through your lashes and apply the dye to them.
  • You’ll need to wait a bit for the dye to take hold of the lashes.
  • After that, you’ll rinse the dye from your eyes and remove the Vaseline surrounding them to reveal your darkened lashes.

Now that you have an overview of the process, I’ll get into the details of it.

What you’ll need

You will need a bathroom and a hand towel to rinse your eyes once finished.

You’ll also want to get:

  • Petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline)
  • Q-Tip or lash brush to apply the dye
  • Henna dye or other lash dye kit
  • Optional: adhesive eye patches to protect the skin below the eye

Other than that, you just need a few minutes of your time to spare and the ability to keep your eyes closed while the dye settles.

Do a patch test first

Before you apply dye to your lashes, which is an extremely sensitive area due to the proximity to your eye and how delicate the skin is, you should first test the dye by using a small amount of it on a different area of skin that’s not readily visible to others. 

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends picking a quarter-sized spot on your skin where you won’t accidentally rub or wash it away, such as the bend of your elbow or the underside of your forearm.

Once you have patch tested the product and have confirmed no allergic reaction, you can clean the dye off that area and move on to cleaning your lashes.

Clean your lashes

Applying dye to clean lashes is key. Otherwise, any dust or debris may absorb the dye and keep it from adhering to the lashes.

You can clean them by using a clean lash spoolie, combing them through, then wet the spoolie and re-combing them through again before you use a lint-free cloth to finish drying them.

Use Vaseline to prevent stains

Using Vaseline is the best way to prevent the dye from staining areas beyond your lashes.

Apply it with a finger or Q-tip along the entire eyelid, the side area of the eye, the side of the nose, and the entire under-eye area on both eyes.

How to tint eyelashes

Apply tint thoroughly 

Next, you will apply the tint thoroughly to the lashes, making sure not to miss any spots, and apply it evenly.

The dye kit you purchased may include an applicator brush, or you may opt to use another spoolie or a q-tip for the application, which is totally up to you and whatever you think produces the best results

Wait for the tint to settle

Now comes the patience. You need to be willing to wait long enough for the dye to really take. 

Trust me. I learned this the hard way when I was trying it on myself and rinsed it off after just a few minutes because I was anxious to see the result. It didn’t dye my lashes as dark as I needed them to be, so I had to repeat the process.

Follow the instructions on your dye package. It will tell you how long to leave the dye on for ideal results.

Rinse and clean gently

Once the timer has gone off, rinse off the dye from your lashes.

The petroleum jelly should keep the dye from getting on your skin, but you may need to use a stronger product to get that off, like a makeup remover that can handle oily products and occlusives like Vaseline.

How to tint eyelashes

How long does an eyelash tint last?

Eyelash tint usually lasts about 20 days, but that also depends on how often you wash your lashes and how much lash shedding you experience.

If your lashes fall out quickly, you’ll lose that bold dyed look faster, and washing them too often can cause the same undesired effect.

Key takeaways on tinting eyelashes

In short, if you want dark and flirty lashes, you should try to do it at home!

As long as you’re following the instructions that your dye provides and take the necessary precautions beforehand, it’s easy to get the look on your own.

When done correctly and cared for properly, you can enjoy these naturally dark lashes for up to 20 days. As a makeup artist, I can confirm that it’s the perfect way to look glam with minimal effort.

Use these instructions and get started with your own eyelash makeover at home!