How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions | 9 Tips For Long Lasting Lashes

You just came back from getting your first set of luscious eyelash extensions. You’ve got the lashes of your dreams and now you’re wondering, how to shower with eyelash extensions without ruining your new look. After all how long eyelash extensions last depends on how well you care for them!

How to shower with eyelash extensions

Here’s how to shower with eyelash extensions safely while ensuring they’ll stay put and look great for as long as possible. Follow these tips and you will help your eyelash extensions stay put and look great for weeks.

1. Wait for your lashes to fully set

Avoid getting your newly applied extensions wet for 24-48 hours after getting them applied. This gives the lash glue used to apply your eyelash extensions enough time to set properly and bond securely to your natural lashes.

After 48 hours, handle your lashes with care when showering. Don’t rub your eyes or pull on your extensions because this can loosen them and make them fall off. 

2. Shower with lukewarm water

Avoid showering with hot water and opt for lukewarm water instead.

Hot water can loosen the glue used to attach your extensions and make them fall out. It also dries out your natural lashes which can lead to breakage and brittle fragile lashes. This can lead to poor lash retention.

How to shower with eyelash extensions

3. Wear protective eyeglasses or swim goggles

Wear swim goggles or a snorkel mask while you shower to protect your extensions. You can also use a set of clear plastic protective eyewear.

There are even lash protectors called lash shields that you can wear over your eyes while showering to help keep the water off your face and help with eyelash retention.

4. Watch out for steam

Steam exposure, like hot water, can loosen lash glue and make your eyelash extensions less secure.

If you can’t live without your hot shower, keep your head out of the spray and try opening a window to help the hot steam escape from your bathroom.

5. Keep water pressure low

Keep your shower head pointed away from your face. If you have to get your face under the spray adjust the water pressure to be super low. High water pressure will literally wash your extension off your face so avoid any high-pressure jets or sprays.

6. Avoid using harsh products

Try to avoid using exfoliants or facial scrubs while you shower as these can weaken the glue on your eyelashes, causing the glue to break down and lead to your lash extensions falling out.

If you can, cleanse your face out of the shower so you can more easily control where your cleanser goes and keep it away from lashes.

7. Use oil-free products

Choose oil-free cleansers and skincare products for your face and opt for oil-free makeup and makeup remover around your eyes.

Oil of any kind can weaken the bonds in cyanoacrylate, the active adhesive ingredient in lash glue.

how to shower with eyelash extensions

8. Use a lash shampoo

Shampoo your extensions daily. Use the best eyelash extension cleanser you can. Make sure it’s a gentle foaming lash shampoo specifically designed for lash extensions and is safe to use around your eyes.

9. Dry your lashes with care

Carefully pat eyelashes dry with a clean tightly woven washcloth after showering. You can also use tissue paper to pat them dry. This will help dry up excess water and keep the lash glue from getting too wet. 

Avoid towels or washcloths with loose weaves like super plush or luxury towels as these can snag your eyelashes and pull out your extensions. Opt for lint-free towels.

You can also use an air fan or hair dryer on the low cool mode bar to carefully dry your extensions. Or better yet, let them air dry before brushing them out and fluffing them.

Don’t use a hair dryer on warm or hot to dry your extensions. Besides loosening the glue on your lashes the heat can melt your extensions or worse, burn your eyes!

By following these easy tips while you shower, you’ll help boost your eyelash retention and keep your eyes healthy.

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