How to Keep Eyelashes Curled From Day to Night

When it comes to the everyday beauty routine, most people can expect the following: foundation, contour, blush, brows, eye shadow, and lashes.  

That’s how things have been since the beginning of beauty history. 

But the world of lash care, maintenance, and appearance has exploded over the last couple of years. Not only have makeup lovers continued to search for the perfect mascara, but they’ve also invested in fake lashes, lash extensions, tinting, and lengthening treatments alike.

Needless to say, lashes are important. 

But whether you apply a “blackest black” from Maybelline, opt for falsies, or go all-natural, one thought remains to all who rock an enhanced lash, and that’s how to keep eyelashes curled all day and all night. 

In short, there are a few tips you can use to keep your lashes curled and looking fabulous:

  • The hairdryer method
  • Mechanical curlers
  • Heated curler
  • Lash combs
  • Regular care and maintenance

As someone who works in the beauty industry, I know how hard people try to get the perfect lush, curled lashes. I also know how to make those beauties stay in place. Trial and error, along with professional training and research, has taught me a few tricks that I’m going to share with you. 

Why are my eyelashes not staying curled?

For most people, the reason their eyelashes do not stay curled for very long is that they are not using the right techniques. Using the wrong technique when curling your lashes would be like nailing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day but not locking the style in with hairspray.

It just doesn’t make sense, and even more so, it doesn’t work! 

A few other mistakes that a lot of people make when attempting to curl their eyelashes include:

  • Not using waterproof mascara
  • Failing to wipe excess mascara from your application wand
  • Not using a quality heated eyelash curler

That last one is important, so we’ll get into more detail about it below. Keep in mind that you may also have naturally straight eyelashes, which can make it more difficult to keep curled – just like those with naturally straight hair. 

how to keep eyelashes curled

Tricks to keep eyelashes curled

This is the real reason you came here today: to get some answers about how to keep your eyelashes curled from day to night. Keep reading for three awesome tricks that actually work. 

Trick #1: Use a hairdryer + mechanical curler

I bet you never thought of using your hairdryer as a tool for styling your eyelashes. But it turns out, this trick really does work wonders! 

There are two ways you can approach the hairdryer method. One is to use your hairdryer directly on your eyelashes, applying the combination of forced air and heat to physically push them upwards. 

This method may work for you, but there are some risks involved, such as applying hot air to your eye, which I don’t recommend. If you want to try this method, check out this video, and remember to keep your hairdryer on the lowest setting. 

The second method is safe and arguably more effective. Use your hairdryer to heat a mechanical lash curler. Because these traditional curlers are made of metal, they hold heat well. 

Take your hairdryer and blow it directly on your mechanical curler for just a few seconds. Your curler does not need to be hot, just warm. Making your curler too hot can be extremely dangerous to the sensitive skin around your eye.

Rule of thumb: if it’s too hot for your finger to touch, it’s too hot for your lashes. 

After warming up your curler, curl your lashes as usual and finish with an application of your favorite mascara (waterproof works best!).

Trick #2: Use waterproof mascara before regular mascara

Speaking of waterproof mascara, applying a waterproof coat before your regular mascara can help keep your curled lashes solid in place.

After you curl your eyelashes, apply a waterproof version of your favorite mascara – or any waterproof mascara will do. Top this layer with your favorite mascara. 

The waterproof layer will lock in that curled shape for a lash look that lasts all day and night.  

Trick #3: Use a lash comb

We’ve all been in the same situation where you’ve applied your mascara and went for that extra layer for added length and body, but you just can’t seem to get it right. All that mascara clumps together, but you still need to work on that curl.

What’s a girl to do?

Once you’ve applied your mascara and want to get an extra lift, don’t apply more mascara; use a lash comb instead. Lash combs are precisely what they sound like: tiny little combs used to style your lashes. 

Your lash comb can not only help you push your lashes up into place for a nice curl, but it can also help you separate any lashes that got stuck together during the mascara application process. 

Keep your lash comb nice and clean, and it will become your best friend for daily styling. If you’re in pinch you can always sub a lash comb for a clean spoolie. (Available for free at any makeup counter worth its salt.)

how to keep eyelashes curled

Trick #4: Use a heated lash curler

Whenever we style our hair, we reach for heated tools.

Why? Because heat temporarily alters the texture of each hair strand, causing it to take the shape we desire – whether that’s curly or straight. 

Since our eyelashes are also made up of hairs, it makes sense that applying heat to them would have a similar effect.

Try using a heated lash curler if you want your eyelashes to stay curled for longer. Check out our list of “The Best Heated Eyelash Curlers.” There are several electric heated lash curlers on the market that allow you to safely apply heat to your lashes, making it easier to curl them.

More eyelash curling tips

The three hacks above are my top choices for the best eyelash curl results, but there are still plenty of other tips you can consider that can help amp up your routine and give you better results. 

Take a look! 

Take care of your lashes + tools

Just like your skin, hair, and nails, your lashes will always look their best when they’re properly cared for. The techniques and products you use on your eyelashes are just as important as your daily care and maintenance.

For starters, the golden rule of lash care is always to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Leaving mascara on overnight is not only a bad look, but it can make your lashes dry and brittle – and ultimately, harder to curl. 

If you’re rocking eyelash extensions I highly recommend going the extra mile and cleansing with a specially formulated eyelash extension cleanser.

The same thing goes for your lash tools – and all of your beauty tools, for that matter. Hygiene is super important. Anything that’s on your tools will get on your skin, hair, eyes, and body and can have damaging impacts. 

Use your eyelash curler gently

We’ve all heard horror stories about people slipping up and pulling out almost all of their eyelashes while using a lash curler.

So, let me leave you with a word of caution: just be gentle! 

As long as you’re using your eyelash curler properly, there’s no reason to fear this tool – which, admittedly, could resemble some medieval torture device to those unfamiliar with its use. 

Always aim to position your curler at the roots of your lashes and not on the skin of your eyelid. Be sure to release the curler completely before pulling it away from your eye.

Remember that you don’t need to squeeze as hard as you can to get results; a firm press will do the trick. 😉

If you’re still skittish about using an eyelash curler, please read our how-to on “How to Curl Your Eyelashes.”

Curl close to the roots

The closer you curl to the roots, the bigger a curl you will get.

Think about it: if you curl at the tips of your eyelashes, you’re only going to see a very small length of your lashes directed upwards. 

Curling close to the roots allows almost the entire length of your lashes to get pushed up and away from their bottoms, which gives you a much fuller look. Just be careful when you get close to the very bottom of the roots, as there’s little room for error. Pinching your eyelid is not fun. 

Don’t curl after applying mascara

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when curling their lashes is waiting until after they’ve applied mascara to do so.

You don’t curl your hair after you’ve applied hairspray, so why would you do the same with mascara?

Always curl your lashes first, then apply your mascara. Your mascara will help you maintain the shape that you’ve already created using the curler. 

Key points on keeping your eyelashes curled

Despite the rising popularity of fake lashes and professional lash studios, there will always be those of us who choose to take care of our beauty routines ourselves at home.

There’s nothing wrong with either option, but the latter may need some extra tips and tricks. 

Remember, use waterproof mascara for a better hold, apply heat to your lashes, and use tools like combs and hairdryers (with caution!) for an extra boost. 

What was your favorite curled eyelashes hack today? Try these tips and let us know in the comment section below which one works best for you. And remember! Always take good care of your lashes and styling tools.