How to Grow Back Eyelashes That Have Been Damaged or Broken

Have you ever made a wish on a fallen eyelash? This practice can be fun when you are a child, but as you age, you know just how valuable each of those lashes is, and you regret not making more wishes for hardy lashes. You probably want to know how to grow back eyelashes.

As someone who has been in the beauty space for years, I know just how common it is for lash loss to increase as we age. I also know that there are many different variables to consider when improving your eyelash growth and retention. 

A key to maintaining beautiful lashes is knowing which products to use and avoid. Consider the impact of your health on your eyelashes. It is also a good idea to consider how natural a remedy you want to employ. 

In this article, we will answer all of your questions, including:

  • Can eyelashes grow back?
  • What is the fastest way to grow back eyelashes?
  • How can I grow my eyelashes back naturally?

Can eyelashes grow back?

If you are experiencing eyelash loss, you may feel like your eyelashes will never grow again.

You may also wonder, “Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out from the root?” Luckily, this is very unlikely. Certain conditions, like alopecia areata, can cause long-term hair loss. But you have loads of options if you simply want to improve fullness. 

Determining what is behind the eyelash loss is the first step when getting your lashes to grow back. Stress, irritation from eyelash treatments or other products, excessive eye-touching, or hormonal changes can all lead to eyelash loss. There is also the disorder Trichotillomania which can cause the urge to pull out your eyelashes.

What is the fastest way to grow back eyelashes?

The fastest way to grow back your lashes will depend on your particular circumstances.

Often, I need a combination of solutions. These solutions can include supplements, lash growth serum, castor oil, avoiding stress, and cleaning the lashes regularly.

On average, each eyelash exists for between 4 and 11 months. During this time, each lash goes through an eyelash growth cycle before falling off.

While in the one to two-month growth phase, each eyelash grows about .13 millimeters per day. For comparison, head hair follicles typically have a hair follicles growth phase of 2 to 4 years. 

The next phase is the catagen phase. This phase is when hair growth stops, and the follicle starts shrinking. The last phase is the resting phase, when the lash rests and, eventually, eyelashes fall out.  

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How to Grow Back Eyelashes

How can I grow my eyelashes back naturally?

While some people swear by lash growth serum, others seek more natural methods.

Aiming for natural eyelashes can avoid some side effects brought about by lash serums. Some natural ways to encourage eyelash growth include putting castor oil on eyelashes, supplements, diet changes, and stress avoidance. 

Many of these methods have not been scientifically explored so there is no data to back up the claims. But it does not hurt to try and see if making these changes helps. Anecdotally, I can say that adding more iron-rich and high-protein foods to my diet has seemed to help my eyelashes. 

Try these steps to get better lashes

On your journey towards full lashes, it is a good idea to try some of these steps to see if they improve your eyelashes.  

Remove your makeup gently

While your eye makeup may aim to improve the look of your lashes, it can sometimes just make things worse.

Removing your eye makeup at the end of the day with a good makeup remover is vital for your skin and eye health. Avoid rubbing your eyes too aggressively, you risk accidentally removing your eyelashes. 

The eye makeup you use in the first place is also crucial. Sometimes eyelash loss can come from allergies to non-hypoallergenic makeup or irritation caused by old makeup.

Switch out your makeup regularly and try out some hypoallergenic makeup. 

How to Grow Back Eyelashes

Try using a lash serum

Place a small amount of lash serum near your lash line to increase the length and thickness of your lashes. There are several brands out there that have this product, including Grande Cosmetics LashMD

These products can be truly effective. However, it is good to know the possible side effects before trying these products. They can cause irritation, skin darkening, and darkening of the iris. 

Skip your eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers can sometimes do more harm than good, even as you use them to make your lashes look bigger.

Anything that puts pressure on your eyelashes can contribute to eyelash loss. This issue is especially true if you use an eyelash curler incorrectly. 

Your lashes will be particularly vulnerable to breakage if you curl them after putting makeup on. It is also vital that you start with a high-quality eyelash curler, and you clean it and change the pad regularly.

If you are actively trying to regrow your lashes, it is best to avoid the lash curler altogether. 

Take a break from lash extensions

Having a skilled lash technician is vital to the health of your lashes. Poorly done eyelash extensions will almost certainly damage your natural eyelashes. It is best to avoid lash extensions if you are trying to encourage the growth of your natural lashes. 

If you must get lash extensions, go to a licensed expert for your lashes. You should also get the lashes professionally removed by that same specialist. Any lash extension that puts too much weight on your natural lashes can adversely impact your lash health.  

Pay attention to diet and stress

Do lashes grow back after making lifestyle changes? Diet and stress are two areas that can affect your eyelash growth without you even knowing it. Anxiety can sometimes cause up to tug or pull at our eyelashes, and stress can affect your body in several ways. 

How to grow eyelashes back often comes down to small changes. A lack of proper nutrition can also negatively impact your lash growth. Finding ways to reduce stress and eat healthier can improve more than just your eyelashes. 

Look for foods with plenty of iron, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids. Include nuts, avocados, salmon, eggs, mushrooms, lentils, and spinach in your meals.

Reduce stress by meditating, talking to a therapist, taking up hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. 

How to Grow Back Eyelashes That Have Been Damaged or Broken

Consider home remedies

Many people ask me if I know of any home remedies that can help eyelashes regrow.

Beyond embracing a healthy diet and being gentler on your eyelashes, there are quite a few simple things you can try at home to improve the robustness of your lashes. 

There are certain oils you can apply to your lashes for lash growth support.

Try castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil or MCT oil, and extra virgin olive oil. My personal favorite is argan and MCT oils because both are light and nourishing. 

Avoid vaseline as it will not help your lashes grow back faster.

You can also apply aloe vera overnight to protect and nourish your lashes. Make sure to clean your lashes in the morning.

Using a warm compress over your eyes can keep your lashes clean which encourages growth.   

Key takeaways on how to regrow eyelashes

While you can use serums to grow back your lashes, often all you need to do is make a few changes in your daily routine. Keep your lashes clean and away from any old makeup. Eat well and try to reduce stress.

I like to do a mix of these methods rather than only picking one. Have fun designing your strategy. By making these simple changes, you can significantly improve your eyelash growth. 

If you want to learn more about how to make eyelashes grow back, take a look at our lashes advice page!