How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes Like a Pro

Magnetic eyelashes are the new thing for getting bigger, fuller lashes for any occasion. If you’ve never heard of them before, knowing how to apply magnetic eyelashes can be weird.

But applying these bad boys is easier than it sounds. Depending on what kind you have, either apply a line of magnetic eyeliner and set your eyelashes on top, or sandwich your real lashes between two magnetic ones. Magnetic lashes attract to their corresponding eyeliner or another row of lashes, and they use this attraction to sit perfectly on your lash line.

In my five years as a makeup artist, I personally have never seen anything I love quite so much as magnetic eyelashes. Hands down my favorites are the reusable magnetic lashes are from Glamnetics. They’re a lot less fussy than traditional glue-based falsies, with less mess, less of a learning curve, and more natural-looking lashes. 

In this article, I’ll cover how to apply magnetic eyelashes, how they work, whether or not they are safe to use, and basic care tips. By the end, you’ll know how to use magnetic lashes and be more comfortable trying them out too.

How do magnetic lashes work?

If you’re still new to the magnetic lash concept, you might wonder, “how do magnetic eyelashes work?” 

This is a worthwhile question to ask because knowing how they works can help you put your own lashes on properly. 

Two ways magnetic lashes stick to your real ones:

  • Magnetic eyeliner
  • Magnetic strips

With magnetic eyeliner, you apply this to your lid first, and it attracts the lash to keep it in place. 

Magnetic strips require two rows of lashes, one for either side of your real eyelashes. With one magnetic row on top and one on the bottom, these lashes attract together, sandwiching your real lashes between them. 

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Magnetic eyelashes are generally safe, as long as you don’t poke yourself in the eye while putting them on. 

When compared to traditional false lashes, they are safer to use around your eyes because they don’t use glue or other adhesives. If glue from your false eyelashes gets in your eye, it would be very painful and you would likely need to go to a doctor. 

Also, some skin is allergic to eyelash glue and some glues contain formaldehyde, a definite no-no.

Though there is still a risk to your eyes when applying magnetic eyelashes, as long as you are careful and precise, they should be perfectly safe.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

What is the trick to applying magnetic eyelashes?

Knowing the trick of how to apply magnetic eyelashes comes from practice. Most magnetic eyelash users say that putting on your magnetic eyelashes is similar to putting in contact lenses. 

As long as you concentrate on where you’re putting the lashes and practice taking them on and off, you can become a master at applying them.

If you’re squeamish about going near your eyes, you can use special tools to help you stick on your lashes. Some eyelash companies offer applicators along with their products, so you can get closer to your eye without the risk of poking yourself.

Rounded-end clamps will work better than normal tweezers because tweezers often have a square edge that can really hurt your eye if you poke yourself accidentally.

Before you start

When you’re discovering how to apply magnetic eyelashes, there are a couple of steps you should take before you put on your lashes. Test out your magnetic eyelashes to see how you will look with them beforehand by balancing them on top of your real lashes.

It’s best to apply your magnetic lashes on a clean, dry face. That said, it’s important to note that If you’re planning on wearing them out to the beach or waterpark, you might lose your falsies in the water. Try to save magnetic eyelashes for dry events. 

Put on mascara

Prepare your lashes first by adding mascara. Just like with any false eyelashes, mascara can help the magnetic lashes stay put and blend in. That way, it will be harder for someone to tell if you’re wearing false eyelashes.

Trim your magnetic eyelashes

Some magnetic lashes might be a little long for your lash line. You can test the length by holding up the lashes against your lid before trying to apply them. If they are long, you can trim off the edges or trim off one of the magnets. 

To trim, use a pair of scissors to take off one of the magnets from the inner corner of the lashes. 

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

How to put on magnetic eyeliner lashes

There are many different kinds of magnetic eyeliner and lashes, so be sure to follow your specific magnetic eyeliner instructions.

  1. Gently stir the applicator inside the bottle before use.
  2. Draw the magnetic eyeliner exactly like normal liquid eyeliner, hugging the lash line. You can even place the magnetic eyeliner over your usual eyeliner if you like.
  3. Let the magnetic eyeliner dry for at least one minute. Check your bottle for specific requirements on drying time. 
  4. Repeat. Add another layer and let dry.
  5. Use a clamp or your fingers to pick up the lash. 
  6. Apply the lash to the eyeliner, by placing the inner corner first.

If it doesn’t sit exactly where you want, you can wiggle the lashes to adjust how it sits. As soon as it’s on the eyeliner exactly how you want it, you’re good to go!

How to put on magnetic strip lashes

The following is a simple breakdown of how to put on magnetic eyelashes.

  1. First, make sure you know which row of lashes will be your bottom and your top. 
  2. Use your fingers or an applicator tool to gently balance your top row of lashes on top of your real eyelashes. 
  3. Pick up your bottom row of lashes. Use your finger to gently hold your top row of lashes in place while you lay the bottom row underneath your real eyelashes.

The magnetic strips should stick together once they are close enough, giving you a thicker and fuller eyelash.

How to take your magnetic lashes off

Taking your magnetic lashes off is just as simple as putting them on.

With magnetic strip lashes, simply wiggle them until you have the leverage to pry them off of each other. 

With magnetic eyeliner, gently pry the lashes off the eyeliner. If you do use a magnetic liner, be sure to clean your lashes after every use. The magnetic eyeliner can stick to the lashes and make it harder for you to put them on the next time.

To clean your lashes, you can use micellar water on the magnet to strip off any residual eyeliner. 

How to care for your lashes

Once cleaned, store your magnetic lashes in a magnet-lined container. Magnet-lined containers will make sure your lashes stay where you want them to, and makes it less likely that you might lose them. 

If you take good care of your lashes, you can use them up to twenty times. So, if you love looking extra glamorous, magnetic eyelashes are definitely worth checking out.

Key takeaways on using magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are safe to use and look great on your eyes.

Remember to trim them down if they’re too long for your lid by snipping off the inner magnet with scissors. Then, use your fingers or a rounded-end applicator to carefully place your lashes if they are magnetic strips. Or, apply two coats of magnetic eyeliner and set the lashes on top. 

When you need to take them off or adjust them, simply wiggle the lashes into place or until you can get enough leverage to gently lift them off.

Now you know how to apply lashes that are magnetic, so you can head on out and take them for a spin!