How to Apply Lashes: A Beginner’s Guide to Perfectly Placed Falsies

If you’re wondering how to apply lashes for beginners, start with the basics, here’s how:

Start by preparing your natural lashes. Fake eyelashes should be the last step in your eye-makeup routine. Once your eyelashes are curled and painted with mascara, you can get into the fake lashes. Place your lash glue onto your chosen lashes, and let it dry slightly before placing it on your upper eyelid. The easiest way to put on fake lashes is using tweezers.

If you applied eyeliner as part of your makeup routine, follow that as a guide when applying the flash lashes. Again, I use tweezers when applying the lashes to my eyelids for maximum accuracy.

If you’re new to applying false lashes, it can seem daunting. When I first started using fake eyelashes with my makeup, I didn’t realize how much work it can be to get the perfect lash. The before and after applying fake eyelashes is certainly worth it though!

I’ve shared a step-by-step tutorial below to help you learn how to apply fake lashes. 

Before you start

While the steps above show you the basic process of applying false lashes, there are some factors you should consider before purchasing and applying your falsies.

Know your eye shape

Everybody’s eye shape is unique, however, there are a few general eye shape types that you can review to determine which matches yours the closest.

Falsies will look different on each eye shape, so finding a pair that complements yours is ideal. Common eye shapes include monolid eyes, hooded eyes, upturned vs. downturned eyes, and round eyes vs. almond eyes.

Close-set or wide-set eyes

Having close-set eyes or wide-set eyes changes which lash type works best with your eye shape. Not sure which set of eyes you have?

Typically, people with close-set eyes have less than one eye width between their eyes. Those with wide-set eyes have more than one eye width between their eyes. 

how to apply lashes

How do you apply eyelashes step by step?

Below is an easy-to-follow guide on how to apply your lashes.

Prepare supplies

You’ll need a few things on your bathroom counter (or bedroom floor in front of your mirror, we don’t judge) before putting on your lashes.

Naturally, you’ll need your set of eyelashes, as well as lash adhesive/glue. We have a compilation of some of our top choices for glue here for you to peruse.

You’ll also need tweezers, small scissors, mascara, and cotton swabs.

Trim the lashes to size

Here’s where the small scissors come into play. False lashes are typically manufactured longer than necessary for average eye shapes. This means you will have to trim them to match your eyes.

To size, the lash, hold one end to the corner of your inner eye using tweezers, then snip where your natural lash line ends.

Lashes that are too long will begin to lift much sooner than wanted and can be more painful to take off at the end of the day.

Apply the glue properly

This is where things can get messy if you’re not careful! When applying the lash glue, do not try to squeeze the glue directly onto the false lashes.

This can leave you with a goopy lash that is impossible to adhere to your eyelid. Instead, squeeze the tube so that a small portion of glue is available, and then run the lash along the visible glue. This gives you more control overall.

Less is more when applying the glue!

You can always add more glue if the lash is not adhering properly. It’s much more difficult to take off excess glue if you apply too much.

how to apply lashes

Do you apply false lashes to skin or lashes?

Please apply your false lashes to the skin of your eyelid and not your natural lashes!

You do not want any lash glue in your eyes, nor do you want to pull out your natural lashes when removing the falsies. 

Apply your false lashes to your eyelid just above your natural lash line. When it all comes together in the end, discerning which lashes are real and which are not will be nearly impossible. 

Press the strip lash

Grab your cotton swab, you’ll be needing it next! Using your tweezers, place the false lash on your eyelid following your natural lash line. As you’re placing the lashes on your lid, use a cotton swab in your other hand to press the tacky glue down, securing everything into place. You can use the swab to gently move around the lash if needed before the glue dries as well.

Start from the inner corner of your eye and tap down the lash, wiping away any excess glue at the same time. Move along the length of the lash until you’ve pressed down the entire line. 

Use eyeliner to hide the strip’s band

If you’re using white/clear eyelash glue, the substance should dry clear. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you notice that your eyeshadow has been affected by the glue or you can see the lash glue on your lid, use dark eyeliner to cover it up. You can find lash glue in black to avoid white spots in your eyeshadow look.

More tips on how to apply fake eyelashes

If you’re still worried about applying fake lashes or want to experiment a bit, keep reading for some extra tips on applying fake lashes.

DIY lash extensions

If you are wanting falsies that last longer than your typical strip lash, up to 7 days, try a set of at-home lash extensions that you can apply yourself.

Note that these lashes, like the ones from Falscara, are applied to the underside of your lashes.

Try different lengths

The most common method of applying fake lashes means cutting the lash to your natural eye shape, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only method.

One of my favorite looks uses half-lashes rather than full lashes. Half-lashes give me volume on the outer corner of my eyes and makes a cat eyelash extensions effect. It is the perfect “oomph” for a sleek look.

Re-curl post application

After you’ve applied your falsies, it’s important to re-curl them into your natural lashes. You can also add another swipe of mascara to mix everything together, making the false lashes look natural. If your lash line appears uneven, consider using single lashes to fill in any empty spots for a full look.

For a list of our favorite curlers check out “Best Heated Eyelash Curlers For All Eyes Shapes.”

how to apply lashes

Check the band

Eyelashes come in different band sizes. Thicker band sizes will begin to peel sooner than thin bands, so most falsie users gravitate towards a thinner or invisible band.

Before applying your eyelashes, it’s also important to give them a bit of curl to make placing them on your eyelid easier.

You can use the glue that keeps them on their packaging to stick them around a makeup brush while you do your eye makeup.

Research glue and fake eyelash brands

On rare occasions, people can have allergic reactions to eyelash glue or false eyelashes. If you have any allergies or even sensitive skin, it is imperative to check the ingredients that make up the eyelash glue and eyelashes themselves.

Birdy Lashes and Nikkilash sells lash glue for sensitive skin, as does True Glue for a more affordable price.

If you wear falsies often and do not take proper care of your eyes after removing them, you can develop an allergy to the lash glue.

Always be sure to remove your lashes using eyelash glue remover, and wash your face to remove any stubborn pieces of glue. 

Removing fake lashes

As mentioned above, please use a proper makeup remover when taking off your falsies. Although I’m guilty of ripping them off before bed, I usually wake up with itchy and dry eyes the next day.

Using makeup or eyelash glue remover will also keep your falsies fresh longer. It doesn’t take long either, just apply some remover to a cotton swab and run it along the eyelash band until it begins to fall off.

Make sure to moisturize around your eyes after removing your lashes to avoid dry skin. If you keep applying lashes to dry eyes, you’re more likely to develop a sensitivity to the glue. Check out our favorite eye creams here “The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles.”

You’ll also want to clean your lashes of any extra lash glue to keep them fresh for the next wear.

Key takeaways on how to apply lashes

Hopefully, the steps above eased any anxiety you have when it comes to applying false lashes, but if not here are the key takeaways.

Do your eye makeup before applying your lashes because it will be nearly impossible to add eyeshadow after you’ve added your falsies. Be sure to trim the lashes to best fit your eye shape. Use less eyelash glue than you think you’ll need, and add more if necessary. Finally, use eyeliner to both guide your lash application before applying, and to cover any excess lash glue afterward.

Adding false lashes to your makeup look is a fun way to add a bit of glam to your everyday routine without committing to professional eyelash extensions.

There are plenty of eyelash brands and styles that are made simply to enhance your natural lashes, so if you’re not looking for a dramatic look those are your best options. Otherwise, if you’re like my mother-in-law, there are so many wild lashes out there to try. You better get started as soon as possible!