How Do You Sleep With Eyelash Extensions Without Messing Them Up?

Eyelash extensions may look amazing, but how do you sleep with eyelash extensions without damaging them? The short answer is that they need some maintenance and care to ensure they stay looking great as long as possible. 

I’ve tried all these tips I’m about to mention, and believe me when I say that my eyelash extensions have never looked better when I wake up! 

Sleeping with eyelash extensions can be challenging. But you can sleep in comfort with your eyelash extensions still looking great in the morning with the proper preparation. 

The importance of lash-friendly sleeping habits

If you ever wake up in the morning and find that your lashes have shed overnight, you might be losing your eyelashes prematurely. 

Friction due to heavy rubbing is a massive culprit for eyelash shedding. While it’s normal to lose one or two lashes when you wash your face, if you experience excessive shedding, chances are it relates to poor sleeping habits.

How do you sleep with eyelash extensions

How do you sleep with eyelash extensions?

Your eye extensions will lose their shape and curl if you sleep on your face. Worse, the friction from your pillow may cause your extensions to fall off prematurely.

Sleeping on your back or propped up by a pillow is essential. From tossing and turning to rubbing your eyes before bed, you may wonder if your beauty sleep comes at the expense of your lashes. 

Choose the right pillow

Hypoallergenic pillowcases help to reduce the risk of infection as they are less likely to harbor contaminants. The impurities include dirt, dust, and other pollutants that can clog pores and cause breakouts. 

The best way to determine whether your pillow is hypoallergenic is to check what filling it has. Hypoallergenic pillows come from materials like buckwheat hulls or shredded latex (or a combination of both). They are both cool and breathable and tend to be more durable than standard pillow fillings.

A quality pillow is an excellent investment, so choose one that suits your needs. I like this Down Illusion pillow from Serta. If a pillow doesn’t feel quite right after two weeks of use, don’t be afraid to replace it. It may not be suitable for your particular head and neck alignment. 

What about eye masks?

An eye mask can help block out light throughout your rest. Blocking out light helps you to fall asleep faster and reduces any disruptions throughout your night of sleep. 

Overnight, your eyelashes can be under tremendous stress. Eye masks help protect your lashes. This inexpensive 3D eye mask from REEBENT has a large contoured area that should keep your lashes safe while you sleep. Sleeping with an eye mask on also helps keep your eyes clean. This aspect is vital because dirt that falls into your eyes will most likely adhere to your extensions and result in damage. 

Eye masks are beneficial for those who toss and turn in bed as this places added stress when sleeping with eyelash extensions. This stress can loosen them up enough for them to fall out before their time.

Night time skincare routine

It’s important to consider the steps you can take before bed that will help you look after your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Ultimately, you want to ensure that they remain healthy, strong, and shiny without getting damaged at night.

A proper nighttime skincare routine will make your eyelashes look great. Follow these steps to minimize the risk of dryness, redness, or even loss of hair. 

The first and most crucial part of your eyelash extension care routine is to clean them with an eyelash extension cleanser. Then, pat them dry with a clean towel. Gently brush through your eyelashes with a clean mascara brush to remove any leftover oils or face products. If you wear contacts, take them out and give your eyes a good flush with water before wiping off any makeup. 

Serums and oils are great to encourage thicker lashes. However, avoid oil-based products that may stain your pillowcase or cause eye irritation. If you’re using a serum, apply after washing your face at night before bed. And always use a lash growth enhancer before any lash extensions, as it will give them a healthy base from which to grow.

Key takeaways on sleeping with eyelash extensions

So, how do you sleep with eyelash extensions? Although eyelash extensions are a glamorous addition to your look, they can pose some challenges while you’re sleeping. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy long lashes and a comfortable night’s rest in one fell swoop. 

Try using eye patches at night or wearing a soft cloth across your eyes before bed. Sleeping on your back will keep you from rubbing your lashes and keep them in place overnight.

Remember to select the right pillow for your eyelashes and skin and use a face mask when sleeping. Lastly, follow the nighttime skincare routine to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes.