58 French Tip Nails | Swoonworthy Designs & Inspiration

The French manicure is a look that is as chic as it is timeless. Nothing says sophistication like having a set of classy french tip nails. From the elegance of a classic french manicure to colorful pastel tips, this manicure is the nail equivalent of the little black dress.

The French manicure was originally created for Hollywood starlets in the 1970s needing a manicure that would transition seamlessly from scene to scene without the need for a polish change. And it worked! The natural flesh tone polish paired with white tips was a near-instant success.

Fast forward to today and the French manicure is still one of America’s most popular manicures because it can be worn just about everywhere, from work to a night out on the town.

Read on to check out some of my favorite modern takes on this classic style.

1. Classic French Manicure

french tip nails

THE little black dress of manicures is without a doubt the classic French manicure. This traditional manicure is created by applying a soft pink base coat and then adding a crisp white smile line and finishing with white tips. The classic French manicure can just as easily be worn to a wedding as it can to a board room.

2. French Manicure With Cherries

french tip nails

If you’re wanting to experiment with a classic French manicure you can always opt to try different colored tips. Try breaking up the white tips with some fun red tips and adding some stamped nail art for a more customized look.

3. Colored French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Unexpected colored French tip nails are popping up all over. From neon tips, to warm cummer colors to rainbow nails. You can create a fun twist on the classic French manicure by using punchy colors to make a statement. Try using different applicator tools like makeup sponges to dab various colors onto your tips, creating a soft multi-colored painted effect. Love how this nail artist @cutenailstudio added a metallic gold smile line to accentuate the transition between the tips and sheer pink polish of the base coat. The possibilities for playing with colored French tips are endless and a fun way to let your unique creativity shine through.

4. Black and White French Tip Nails

french tip nails

For a fun twist on the classic French mani, try alternating between white tips and black. You can add in an accent nail (or two!) for an added visual element. Ring fingers and thumbs are both great choices for accent nails since they are two of our most commonly decorated fingers. Love the lace pattern used here as a backdrop on both thumb and ring finger then accentuated with little black pearls.

5. Reverse French Manicure

french tip nails

Reverse french tips are a variation of the traditional French mani where you paint the nailbed with a crescent shape instead of the tips of your nails. In other words, you flip your tips to the bottom of your nails. This nail artist did both, emerald green French tips plus an inverted French manicure using gold polish. The look is outstanding and completely original.

6. Floral French Tip Nail Art

french tip nails

For an extra feminine look, consider adding some floral elements to your French mani. The perfect look for a bridal luncheon, spring picnic, or Easter celebration. Floral nail art can be created using a nail stamping kit, by hand painting the designs using a fine-tipped nail brush, or by using nail stickers. Some nail artists will even embed dried flowers directly onto your nails, sealing them in with a clear gel top coat for a floating flower look.

7. Thin French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Also called a skinny French manicure, thin French tip nails mimic the look of natural nails, especially on short nails. This look is perfect for those looking for a simple, minimalist manicure. The trick to getting the perfect skinny French manicure lies in the brush used to get the white lines super-fine. This chic look is perfect for everyday wear.

8. Square French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Square nails are one of the most common nail shapes you’ll see with a French or American manicure. This is because square French tips can easily be worn with short to medium-length nails. You don’t have to have long nails to achieve a classy look with square tip nails. Be warned that this look can be hard to pull off if you have shorter, thicker fingers. If this is the case, it’s best to stick with an almond-shaped nail or wait until your nails grow out before getting a square French manicure.

9. Tortoise Shell French Manicure

french tip nails

Tortoiseshell or tortie French tip nails are an exotic spin on a classic. The high sheen polish used to create this gorgeous manicure gives these nails an extra bit of added depth and dimension. I love seeing nail artists get creative with different variations on the French manicure. If you’re feeling especially courageous or want to take a walk on the wild side, try creating French tips with either a zebra or cheetah pattern.

10. Neon French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Colorful nails are the perfect accessory for summer. They symbolize fun, sun, and a breezy effortless cool that says you’re not afraid to stand apart from the crowd. Nails in bright yellow, fluoro orange, hot pink, and neon green make for a bold manicure. Especially when your base color is a sheer nude or matte pink. To make this manicure pop, pair it with an outfit that lets the neon colors shine, like neutrals and whites.

11. Cobalt Blue French Manicure

french tip nails

In color theory, cobalt blue is a calming and soothing color that symbolized enlightenment and ingenuity. As the color of the third-eye chakra, cobalt blue is also related to communication and self-expression. If you’re struggling to express your feelings and articulate your desires, try bringing this shade of blue into your life with a cobalt blue French manicure. You can wear this color with neutral tones, white and other blues.

12. Mountain Peak French Tip Nails

french tip nails

For a gentler take on stiletto nails, try a mountain peak shape with your French tip nails. Mountain peek nails have a wider base, smoothed edges, and a rounded-out tip. They are also usually worn shorter, making them a unique alternative shape for a French manicure.

13. Royal Blue Stiletto French Manicure

french tip nails

Royal blue is a calming color similar to cobalt blue that evokes feelings of peacefulness. Royal blue is also associated with trust, self-confidence, and authority. It gets its name from its historical association with the British royal family. Pair royal blue French tips with tans, other cool blues, and whites. For an edgier look, try this color with a set of stiletto French tips.

14. Tie Dye French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Get groovy French tips with a tie-dye-inspired manicure. There are so many possibilities with a tie-dye manicure because you can create a variety of multi-colored combinations. Using a fine-tipped brush you can swirl or pull polish horizontally or vertically for different effects depending on the angle you choose. One of my favorite color combos is your classic rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Especially to show your pride during Pride month.

15. Blue French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Kate Hudson brought this shade of baby blue into the spotlight with her Fashion Week mani. There are so many ways to get creative with this shade of glacial blue, like adding starbursts to create the look of a night filled with twinkling stars. You could also have your nail artist paint on ocean waves for a beachy vibe or go classic with solid-colored blue French tips.

16. French Tip Coffin Nails

french tip nails

For a longer nail style, try French tip coffin nails. Coffin tip nails are a long nail shape, like stiletto nails but with the tips squared off. This nail shape works well because it keeps the squared-off tip similar to what you’d get with a classic French manicure. Add some hand-painted pastel flowers and you’ve got the perfect warm-weather look that goes flawlessly with any summer dress.

17. Beige & Brown Line Art French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Love simplicity? Then a think French tip manicure style may be the best choice for you. This manicure is very subtle and it will give you an understated classy look that works great with short nails. This understated look is perfect for any occasion.

18. Purple Ballerina French Tip Nails

frech tip nails

You’ve probably seen violet nails trending all over Instagram and TikTok. And while purple nails are undoubtedly this season’s hottest color, nothing says understated-classic like a set of pristine violet ballerina French tips. 

Grown-up ballerinas will be ready to plié with joy when rocking this look at the club or indulging in a posh brunch on the shores of a real-life Swan Lake. We love how the understated purple combines with an extended length to bring a dainty-yet-powerful effect.

19. Glittery French Tips With Feature Nail & Gems

french tip nails

Words of inspiration never go out of style. And we all know that having the right mindset can make all the difference in our confidence. For a little daily reminder, try painting you’re personal positive affirmation onto a feature nail in your French manicure. Other short and sweet uplifting phrases might include:

  • “Good Vibes, Good Life.”
  • “No Mud, No Lotus.”
  • “My presence is my power.”
  • “I am worthy.”
  • “Do Good, Look Good.”
  • “I am fierce.”

20. Coffin French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Feeling super posh? These Burberry-inspired coffin French tips will land you solidly in Victoria Beckham territory (and hasn’t that always been the dream?) With a British luxury feel and a ton of attitude, these coffin French tips will exude high-class fashion. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a spot of tea or cruising down the streets proclaiming your girl power, these nails will stop onlookers in their tracks. It’s a posh spice personality at the tip of your fingers. If only it were always that easy (*sigh*).

21. French Tip Nails in Fall Shades

french tip nails

Earth tones like beige, brown, chocolate and colors like burnt orange and ochre are favorites of the fall and winter months. These warm tones bring about a sense of grounding that reflects a feeling of calm as we slow down after the activity of summer. Other popular fall shades include burgundy, wine reds, and deep purples. For extra glam, add in some gold accent beads to make this unique manicure holiday ready.

22. Ombre French Tips

french tip nails

Ombre nails are the second most popular manicure style out there so why not combine them with french tip nails for a completely unique look?

23. White French Tip Nails

french tip nails

If you are the type of person that enjoys mixing traditional and modern styles together, try this contemporary French manicure.

24. Color Block Tip Nail Art

french tip nails

Fans of famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian will love this color-blocking take on the classic French manicure. Whether you stick to the endlessly versatile black and white or add a splash of color (and extra drama), this manicure is perfect for any occasion. This manicure will leave you feeling at home at an art museum or a cocktail party. Effortlessly chic. Endlessly adaptable. This look is always a winner.

25. French Manicure with Louis Vuitton Logo

french tip nails

Share your personality and passions by adding a logo to your French manicure. I’ve seen Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Commes des Garcons on manicures popping up all over social media. Putting a logo on your nails is a subtle clue to your friends about where your interests lie and can be a fun way to express your identity. Branding your nails with the Chanel logo is an easy (and affordable!) way to give an extra sense of luxury to your manicure. And while you might not be carrying a Louie, you’ll still be sporting the latest fashion-forward accessory!

26. Pink and Red French Tip Nails

french tip nails

These pink and red French tip nails give off major Strawberry-Shortcake vibes. Channel that ‘90s nostalgia into this unique look. Combining a classic pink with the abstract line of red gives this look a modern and fun twist. It’s sweet. Totally strawberry. And just a little bit spicy. Your ten-year-old self would be proud. (It’s just too bad these nails don’t come scented.)

27. Black French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Attention goth goddesses! This look is for you. These Black French Tip nails offer drama for days. The square tips give this a modern yet tough feel, perfect for rocker chicks or punk girls. Not your scene? These nails can also add an extra level of drama to an elegant evening look. Pair it with pearls and you’re guaranteed to be mistaken for a rich, misunderstood heiress.

28. Green Stiletto French Manicure

french tip nails

This stiletto French manicure is leaving us green with envy. Whether you’re busting ghosts or haunting the club, the vibrant color and sharp point will definitely make a statement. The rings add a totally unique accent to this look. The vibe? Evil genie, vengeful spirit, alien royalty, I’m-totally-crazy-but-in-a-good-way-I-promise. Ready to party? Your wish is their command.

29. Pink French Tip Nails

french tip manicure

Are you a Barbie Girl? Or are you simply living in a Barbie World? These pink French tip nails are perfect for relaxing by the pool in your Dream House or a night on the town with Ken. This manicure is great for those yearning to find their prince! The square tip makes this look elegant and modern while embracing the pretty in pink vibes.

30. Short French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Purple is in. The ‘90s are back. Wild experimentation with shapes and color is happening daily. What a time to be alive! Try these short French tip nails with all the colors or lean into the violet mania with this manicure. 

In my opinion, short nails look just as classy with a French manicure as medium and long nails. I’d argue that they might look even more classy. Short French tip nails are the definition of versatility since you can just as easily wear them with a casual outfit or formal attire.

The short, squared tips allow for a ton of innovation. The sky is the limit. Add some floral accents or a spot of white. Experiment with shapes. This look has it all. Make it your own.

31. Modern Marble French Manicure

french tip nails

Riddle me this! Are you looking to embrace your inner hypnotist? This link won’t leave anyone feeling sleepy. We recommend this modern marble French manicure. With a fun, modern feel, these tips are a gorgeous and updated take on ‘60s glam. Is green not your color? No worries – this technique can be used with any shade to match your style or occasion. Consider a red and white combo for a sexy twist on peppermint swirls over the holidays.

32. V-Shaped Mint and Gold French Manicure

french manicure

What happens when someone takes a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie and makes it fashion? This V-shaped mint and gold French manicure is the perfectly adorable result. The gold stripe adds a level of glam that offsets the subtle mint color, and the diagonal lines add dramatic sophistication. This look is delicately overlaid with a ton of attitude and sparkle. Scout’s honor, we swear

33. Nail Art on French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Still a kid at heart? Do you miss the simplicity of childhood, stick-on nail appliques, and field trips to the zoo? Animal lovers, manic pixie dream girls, or anyone with a playful spirit will enjoy this quirky nail art on French tip nails. 

This look allows you to express yourself and embrace your inner artist. Sunshine and rainbows not really your thing? No worries – Take this look darker with storm clouds and lightning bolts, ghosts, and goblins. The options are endless, but the look is always on point.

34. Bright Yellow Classic French Manicure

french tip nails

Purple might be trending, but yellow will always be in. The sun will surely come out with this bright yellow classic French manicure, which brings sunshine to your fingertips. This bold color is perfect for making a statement, particularly when paired with more muted colors. 

Bring a splash of color on a cloudy day or cheer yourself up by embracing the bright yellow vibes. This great look for summer parties will ensure you have fun in the sun.

34. Indigo Outline French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Who says space is the final frontier? These daring, indigo outline French tip nails would make even a Vulcan emotional. Whether you’re a Trekkie or just into bold and spacey looks, these nails are 100% astronaut chic. With muted undertones, the sharp outline brings a ton of drama and high-class energy to the look, perfect for making a statement.

Not a fan of indigo? Not a problem. You can use any bright color for this look. Whichever shade you choose, this look will be out of this world.

35. Spring Vibes French Tip Nails

french tip nails

April showers bring May flowers, but these spring vibes French tip nails are an even better way to add flowers to your look. By focusing on one of two nails, you can up the drama levels to new heights. A central color on the tips brings cohesiveness to this floral design. 

Not into pastels? Repurpose this look to fit your personality, whether you’re into Monet’s water lilies or wish it were Christmas year-round. There’s a color and a flower for everyone, and this technique is a great option for any flower child.

36. Metallic French Manicure

french tip nails

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. This metallic French manicure is a bold and futuristic option perfect for making a dramatic statement. The shiny silver tips are a fresh take on the classic French look, and we are 1000% here for it. Show off your best robot dance moves at the club or spice up your black-tie event with this sharp and exciting look. People will be begging to know your secret.

37. Classic French Manicure with Crystals

types of manicures

We’ve looked at a ton of modern and striking French manicure options, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the classic French manicure with crystals. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to bring a subtle sparkle to the always-elegant look. 

This manicure is ideal for those looking for a muted glam or to add just a hint of glamor to your routine. We know that you’re already the star of the show – these crystal accents just add a little something extra.

38. Oval Mint French Tip Nails

french tip nails

These oval mint French tip nails give off strong mermaid vibes. The wavy and subdued tones would be perfect for any sea goddess or siren washed up to shore. If you’re looking for a refreshing twist on the classic French tip, this look is definitely a day at the beach. Braid some shells into your hair and elevate your beach bum look to mermaid chic. Tom Hanks just might come calling.

39. Holographic French Tip Nails

French tip nails

Calling all Millenials and Gen Z fashionistas – If you’re looking for a blast from the past, try out these holographic French tip nails. This flashy look is reminiscent of the choose-your-scare Goosebumps books from our childhood. Whether you decide to go bold or subtle, these holographic nails allow you to choose-your-own vibe. Feeling adventurous? There are plenty of online tutorials to learn how to achieve this look on your own at home.

40. Different Color French Tip Nails

french tip nails

One of the most popular nail-art looks of 2022 is different color French tips. Achieve this look by coloring both the tip of the nail and the lunula. Mix and match or go monochromatic, but this will give you a Modern Candyland feel with minimal effort. One thing’s for certain, with its versatility, this look is here to stay.

41. Comme des Garcons French Manicure

french tip nails

Get a little haute couture on your French tip nails. Comme des Garçons is a Parisian fashion brand (we’d go so far as to say fashion movement) that specializes in disruptive, avant-garde looks. This French manicure embraces the radical and surprising nature of this style. 

It’s perfect for experimental types looking to stand out. Take a risk with this haute couture take on a classic French manicure. Better yet – combine the radical nature of this look for a Miyazaki-inspired manicure. 

42. French Tip Dip Powder Nails

french tip dip nails

If you’re looking for yet another way to experiment with French tip techniques, French tip dip powder nails are a great option for aspiring or veteran nail artists. The dip-tip technique draws from both acrylic and classic manicures. After the base coat is applied, the tips of the nails are dipped into a colored powder. Dip Powder nails generally last for much longer than acrylics or classic manicures. 

43. Ombre French Tips

ombre french tip nails

Ombre nails are the second-most popular manicure style taking the manicure world by storm.  Combining this winning style with French tips for a completely unique look? Truly inspired.

Ombre is achieved by having tones of color fade into each other. This popular design usually fades from lighter to darker tones for a truly dramatic design. Pairing the ombre technique with French tips will leave you doubly trendy. For summer ombre nails vibe, opt for saturated colors like deep lavender or sherbert.

44. Swirl French Nail Tips

french tip nails

For a modern twist on French tips, try out this contemporary swirl. Embrace the Picasso vibes by mixing bright, dramatic colors in interesting and unexpected ways to achieve a high-fashion and modern-art-inspired look. Alluring and mysterious, this nail art is an amazing way to keep everyone guessing. For a dreamier feel, consider using pastels to create a cotton-candy wonderland. 

45. White French Tip Nails

white french tip nails

If you are the type of person that enjoys mixing traditional and modern styles, try this contemporary French manicure. Endlessly elegant and always-in-style, updating the classic white tip recognizing tradition while modernizing the look. By taking a more abstract approach to the classic white tips, this look will show that you’re a trailblazer. Adding white shapes at the base of the nail further compliments this look and adds a Mod-vibe. 

46. Gradient French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Whether you’re a graphic design student or an artist looking to represent your creativity on the fashion front, gradient nails might be for you. This look takes one color and slowly transitions it to another as it progresses from one nail to another. Think of it like a rainbow, but with more similar colors. We love this look because you can truly make it your own. Pastel. Electric. Vibrant. Metallic. Embrace the versatility! 

47. Short Stiletto French Tip Nails

french tip nails

If you want to try out the stiletto look but aren’t ready to commit to taking it to dramatic heights, the short stiletto look is for you. It combines the striking point of the stiletto tip and shortens it to a moderate length. This pointed look elongates your fingers, creating an elegant and sleek feel. You get all the attitude at half the length. What a deal!

48. V French Nails

V french tip nails

Channel the dark mystique of Catwoman with these V French nails. The sharp angles and dark color create an elegant feline feel perfect for a night on the town. Feeling more kitten-ish than Catwoman? Pair this modern design with soft lace or pastels. Whether you’re making a statement with black or considering a pop of color, this look is perfect for a dramatic and unique take on V French nails. 

49. Oval French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Oval French tip nails are super on-trend. A blend between the classic French tip and stiletto, the oblong look is contemporary and gives you the extra space to make your nail art truly your own. The oval tip gives a more classic feel while allowing you to go a bit longer. This is an excellent option for anyone easing themselves into a stiletto French tip or trying to elevate the feel of a longer nail. 

50. Gold Almond French Tip Nails

french tip nails

Is it time to party? Try these gold almond French tips. By keeping the glitter at the tip of the nail, this look allows for a more subtle use of sparkle while maintaining celebratory vibes. This is a great option if you’re looking for a sophisticated take on confetti. Try out this look for New Year’s Eve and you’ll sparkle your way into a new year. 

51. Short French Tip Nails

french tip nails

These ain’t your mother’s French tips. Short French tip nails combine the elegance of a typical French tip manicure with a more youthful look. The sliver of color on the nail tip is just enough to set off a more muted look. This is an excellent option for those who are looking for a way to enhance the drama of your nail art while avoiding more traditional salon styles. Also, it lets you get a bit creative. We love this abstract splatter look for summer. 

52. Red French Tip Nails

red french tip nails

Va va voom! These red French tip nails will let you embrace your inner Jessica Rabbit. These nails might not be bad, but these dramatic lines are certainly painted that way. Exude passion with a bright red color. Whether you’re walking the red carpet or sashaying into the boardroom, this look encapsulates fiery passion, perfect for making a powerful statement. 

53. Gold Square French Tip Nails

gold french tip nails

Do you know those movies where cat burglars break into a vault containing solid gold bars? That accompanying feeling of suspense? Excitement? These gold square French tip nails ooze the same sense of luxury and drama. The fluid line and gentle shimmer give the feel of being painted with molten gold. You’ve just struck gold.

54. Long French Tip Nails

linch french tip nails

For ladies looking for a way to express the sheer size of their personality, long French tip nails might be the answer. These nails aren’t for the faint of heart. This is for a lady ready who never allows herself to be on the sidelines. These nails are art. They’re architecture. Long French tip nails make a truly unforgettable statement. 

55. Blue Square French Tip Nails

blue french tip nails

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking? Even Derek Zoolander would approve of these blue square French tip nails. This look is giving straight-up Blue Steel vibes. Electric and bright, these nails are a perfect combo of deep blue with a little edge. 

56. Brown French Tip Nails

Brown french tip nails

Brown French tip nails bring an earthy and understated elegance to the French manicure. We love the energy these brown tones add to any look. Whether you’re working with a gradient style or doubling up on caramels, brown is an unexpected and unique answer to a white French tip. Ready to draw someone in? These brown French tip nails are alluring without the noise. 

57. Baby Blue French Manicure

baby blue french tip nails

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. This baby blue French manicure is a great way to bring a splash of “something blue” to your wedding look. Welcoming a baby boy? These nails are a stylish touch to a baby shower. Are you a boss babe too busy for any of that? Baby blue remains a classic. We recommend this manicure style for every lifestyle. 

58. Gingham Style French Tip Nails

french tip nails

There’s no place like home and no nails quite like these. Follow these gingham French tip nails down the Yellow Brick Road and turn those cobblestones into a red carpet. This unique design would leave Dorothy wishing for these nails instead of returning to Kansas, and we totally get it. This look can be dressed up for rustic chic or add a pinch of glamor to your mid-afternoon picnic. Or, go retro and get your Gangnam-style moves on!

French Tip Nails FAQ

What is a French tip nail?

A French tip is when a line of nail polish is applied to the tips of your nail. In a classic French manicure, the lacquer used for tips is pure white and has a traditional curved smile line, though it can be created using V-shaped lines and other shapes. French tips give nails a look that is flattering on everyone and at any age. They are the perfect classic manicure for a wide range of settings and events.

Are French nails out of style?

The reason traditional French manicure will never go out of style is that it is a classic style that keeps evolving. New French tip nail styles are being created using pastels, and bold color choices, giving it a modern look that will keep this manicure forever fashionable.

What is the difference between French tip and American tip nails?

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between Frech tip and American tip nails. Both have white tips but in a French manicure, the white stripe on the tip of the nails is a pure snow white, while in an American manicure the tip is a more subtle cream color. 

The other main difference between these two looks is that the base coat of a French manicure is usually a sheer baby pink or clear coat. In an American manicure, the base coat is a nude or soft cream color. 

American manicures tend to be more subtle and look more natural making this the perfect everyday manicured look. Your hands will look naturally feminine and classy without it being too overt.

French ManicureAmerican Manicure
Base Coat ColorClear, Sheer PinkNude, Soft Cream
Tip ColorsWhiteCream
Nail ShapeSquare, AlmondSquare, Squoval
French VS American Manicure

How much does a French manicure cost?

Prices of a French Manicure range from $ 25 to $55. Because of its simplicity and popularity, French manicures run the same as most other simple style manicures. The biggest differentiator in price point with be determined based on where you live.

How to do your own French tips at home

Doing your own French tip nails is super easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do your own French tip nails.

Step 1 – Clean your nails

Remove any old nail lacquer using an acetone-free nail polish remover. Next, wash your hands with warm soapy water and a nail scrub brush. 

Step 2 – Shape your nails

Decide what nail shape you want, rounded, oval, almond, square, and using a 180 grit file. French tips look best on almond, square, or squoval nails. 

Step 3 – Buff

Lightly buff your nails using a 240 grit buffer.

Step 4 – Dehydrate your nails

Before applying your base coat wipe each nail down with a cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol. You can also use acetone. This is so you remove any oil on your nail that could interfere with your base coat adhesion.

Step 5 – Apply your base coat

Apply a thin layer of either a clear or natural-colored base coat. Allow to dry and then apply a second coat.

Step 6 – Paint on your tips

Using a fine-tipped size 10 brush paint your smile line in pure white. I like Orly’s Classic French White for this. If you have shaky hands, you can either use scotch take to block off your nail tips, get half-moon nail guides, or get a silicone nail stamper to get the perfect French tips.

Step 7 – Apply the top coat

When you’re done, use a fast-drying top coat like OPI’s Top Coat polish.

Step 8 – Moisturize cuticles

When dry, finish off with a quality cuticle oil.

Can you have French tip nails in the Army?

Up until recently, French tip nails went against the Army’s grooming appearance standard. You can now have French tip nails in the Army and you are allowed to get a French manicure as long as your nails are kept short and neat.

Extreme colors like neons, purples, greens, etc. as well as shapes, coffin, ballerina, and stiletto are expressly prohibited when on duty.

How long do French tip nails last?

A French mani created using regular nail polish will last up to 7 days. If you get gel French tips your manicure will last much longer, up to three weeks depending on how rough you are on your hands.

What do French tip nails say about you?

Your manicure hints that you are a class act, with sophistication to spare. It lets people know you take care of your appearance and value cleanliness. After all, what’s more, put together than an outfit that’s paired with an understated French manicure?

Can you fill French tip nails?

Yes, you can infill a French mani just like you would any other set of acrylics. Be sure to talk to your nail tech about your nail goals so you can come up with a filling schedule that works for you.

Why do French tip nails turn yellow?

If your French tips are turning yellow chemicals are the most likely culprit. Household cleaning products, hair care products, skin care products, and makeup calls all lead to discoloration of white nail polish. These same chemicals will also make your polish chip faster and your gel nails peel sooner.

That’s why it’s important to wear gloves to protect your manicure while doing household chores or if your job has you regularly exposing your nails to chemicals, like in the case of hairdressers and nurses.

Are French tips bad for your nails?

A French manicure should not damage your nails if expertly applied and removed. If you get frequent manicures be sure to give your natural nails a break every few weeks. This is especially true if you get gel manicures, dip powder nails, or acrylic extensions.