How to Get Super Foxy Fox Eye Lashes

For centuries, humans have been using cosmetics to enhance their eyes, like the ancient Egyptians who used kohl around their eyes. Fox eye lashes are a style meant to shape your eye similar to a fox’s eyes. The eyelash map uses lashes of different lengths to give a more almond and upturned shape to the eye.

Below, I’ll explain a little more about the style of fox eyelashes and how to achieve them and care for them.

What are fox eyelash extensions?

You’ve probably seen the fox eyelash look on celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Meghan Fox. Fox eyelashes make eyes appear more almond-shaped and slightly lifted.

To achieve this look, place longer lashes on the outer corner of the eye to elongate the eye’s shape. 

Lash mapping for “fox eyes”

When mapping extensions for the fox eyes style, place the shortest lashes on the innermost corner of your eyes. Gradually increase the length so that the longest lashes are on the outer corner of your eyes.

While the actual length will vary depending on your usual eyelash length, the mapping for fox eyes looks like this:

fox eye lashes

Best lash types for the fox eye look

Because fox eyelashes begin shorter and end with the longest, use lashes that already follow a similar shape. Look for lashes with a winged or cat-eye look that already have that gradual increase to them. Use wispy lashes, as heavier ones can weigh your eye down.

If you are looking to try out the fox eye look with false eyelashes, these NewcallyFaux Mink Lashes are wispy to give you that lifted look. The cat-eye style builds the lashes in length, creating the fox eye look.

If you prefer individual extensions, try these silk eyelash extensions from Amazon. This set comes in many sizes to gradually build the length to create the fox eye style.

Best curl types for fox eyelashes

When getting eyelash extensions, not only are there different styles of lashes, but also different styles of curl. The basic curl styles include the J-curl, B-curl, C-curl, D-curl, and L-curl.

For fox eyelashes, the best type of curl is the L-Curl. The shape of the L-Curl gives the perfect lift for the fox eye look.

But if you want something more natural, you can also achieve the fox eye look with the C-Curl and even B-Curl. 

fox eye lashes
Image Via Instagram @beautybossacdmy

What eye shapes are best suited for fox eyelash extensions?

There are several eye shapes, and the shape you have will determine what eye makeup and eyelash extensions look best on you. 

  • Almond eyes: Those who already have an almond shape to their eyes can still pull off the fox eye look! Depending on how almond your eyes are, be careful not to lengthen the eyes too much.
  • Round eyes: This is the ideal shape if you’re looking to create a full fox lash look. You can use more length with round eyes to elongate them and create a more almond shape.
  • Upturned or downturned: Both styles of eyes can have the fox eyelashes look. Upturned eyes are already lifted, but eyelash extensions can enhance the shape. For downturned eyes, don’t go quite as heavy on the length at the outer corner so as not to weigh them down.
  • Close-set: Close-set eyes handle the fox eye look well. Because the shorter lashes are in the innermost corner, this helps open the eyes up.
  • Protruding: If you have protruding eyes, you can pull off the fox eye look just as easily as round eyes. 

A few eye shapes don’t do well with fox eyelashes:

  • Wide-set: If you have wide-set eyes, you’re going to want to stay away from the fox eye look. Because the inner corners of the eyes are opened up with this look, it can cause your eyes to look farther set apart.
  • Deep-set: Deep-set eyes don’t do well with the fox eye trend because it can cause them to look even more closed off. Instead, look for a lash style with more length toward the middle to open your eyes up.
  • Monolid or hooded eyes: Fox eyelashes are too much for hooded eyes. For the best lashes for hooded eyes use longer lashes in the center of your lash line to open your eyes up.
fox eye lashes

How to achieve the fox eye look with extensions?

To use extensions to create the fox eye look, place the shortest lashes in the inner corners of the eye and gradually increase in length, so the longest lashes are on the outer corner of the eye.

How to achieve the fox eye look with makeup?

The fox eye look is similar to cat eyelash extensions in many ways.

The goal here is to create a more upturned eye. This video by Roxette Arisa offers a tutorial for a gorgeous and easy fox eye look.

Fox eyelash extensions care

No one wants to go through the work of creating gorgeous eyelashes only to have them ruined by mistake. 

To properly maintain your eyelashes and make them last do not get them wet for at least 48 hours after application. Avoid messing with or touching your lashes. 

While some makeup is okay to use with false lashes, avoid anything waterproof, and don’t use a lash curler. The work required to remove waterproof makeup could quickly destroy your lashes. Stay away from using oil-based products on or near your eyes, as the oil will cause your lashes to come off. 

Use a lash extension cleanser or micellar water a few times a week to clean your extensions.

Key takeaways on fox eye lashes

The fox eyelash trend has become increasingly popular over the years. The best lashes for the fox eye look are wispy ones that are winged or cat-eye style. An L-Curve is best suited for this style, but you can use less dramatic curls as well.

Many eye shapes do well with the fox eye trend, but those with wide-set eyes, deep-set eyes, or a hooded lid or monolid should avoid it.

You can create the fox eye look at home with makeup or false eyelash sets. If you want a longer-lasting solution, visit a professional lash tech. Not sure if lash extensions are for you? Learn more!