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Breathwork for the Heart

hosted by Nora Logan

About this event

In this group, we will focus on the heart. What does your heart need these days? How can you soften into yourself to find out what you need? What makes you shut down your heart? What allows you to keep it open? It’s a timely workshop and no matter who you are it’s always worth it to notice and pay attention to your heart. Breathwork (pranayama) is a powerful active meditation technique, extremely effective for connecting to your emotions, tapping into your creativity, cultivating intuition and feeling into the heart. This technique is used to safely release buried emotional energy and build a connection to the self, bringing clarity of mind and connecting you to your body.  Please wear comfortable clothes to lie down in. You can also bring an eye cover and a journal with you if you would like. You’ll need a computer/tablet/phone and have Zoom downloaded in order to participate. No previous breathwork experience necessary. This group will be held on Zoom and will be from 6-715 pm GMT on Saturday 13 Feb, 2020. * A recording will be sent to you after the class.
 * The link to join the group will be emailed to you by 8pm the night before.


Nora Logan is a breathwork guide, yoga + meditation teacher and health coach. She is passionate about the incredible power that the combination of movement, breath and food has to heal. She has spent years obsessed with the most replenishing and gentle ways to nourish herself and heal from her own medical conditions. A lifelong yoga practitioner, Nora had to stop everything in 2015 due to a serious illness and subsequent liver transplant. It was a deeply humbling lesson in trauma, grief and healing and has led her to becoming a healer herself. She has since created a breathwork, movement and food as medicine practice as a way to support others.


This workshop will include a short talk at the beginning followed by some movement, journalling and breath work.

What to bring

A quiet place to lie down, a pillow and a pen and paper to write with.

Breathwork for the Heart

hosted by Nora Logan

Sat, 13 Feb 21

23:00 - 00:15 UTC


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