How to Get the Stunning Wide Open Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions Look

Doll eye eyelash extensions make your eyes look bigger, wide-open, and expressive.

Often referred to as open eye eyelash extensions, the doll lash trend has gained popularity, especially for monolid, hooded, and almond eyes mostly since they create a flattering opened-up appearance.

What are doll eye eyelash extensions?

Doll lashes are a unique trend that was first made popular by British models like the famously wide-eyed Twiggy from the 1960s.

As the name suggests, doll lashes resemble the eyelashes found on baby dolls. They are intentionally clustered together into sections and some can be enhanced with a generous application of mascara. 

doll eye eyelash extensions

Lash mapping for doll eyelash extensions

A doll eyelash map lets you design an entirely distinct appearance. To achieve a clean flawless look, it’s essential to use premium eyelash extensions. 

While mapping doll eyelashes, it’s important to sketch out your zones on a set of eye pads. The entire procedure starts from the inner corner of the eye and moves towards the outer corner.

The eyelash will moderately rise to the middle of the eye. For best results, the length of the lashes should range between 8 mm to 12 mm. 

To the middle of the eye, the length of the lashes should rise to approximately 12 mm. The length of the lash extensions always relies on the real eyelashes. 

The last part is very crucial for clean work. You should use a similar size as in the inside corner, with a minimum length being 8 mm. A smooth transition in lash lengths should give the lash line a more intrinsically natural look and gorgeous appearance. 

When you’re done make sure you have a clean eyelash row that increases in length towards the middle of the eye and gets smaller toward the margins. 

doll eye eyelash extensions

Who should get doll eyes eyelash extensions?

Doll lashes extension puts all their attention on the center of the eye. When designing them, the longer ends are positioned in the middle of the eyes, and the length moderately recedes toward the corners. 

With this type of eyelash extension the depth and the angles of your eyes matter. These eyelash extensions are ideal for the following eye shapes:

  • People with wide-set eyes: doll eyes extensions make eyes appear gorgeously large
  • Almond-shaped eyes: a doll eye look on almond eyes will make your eyes appear that much bigger but if your eyes are close together avoid these lashes as they may make your eyes too big
  • Monolids: if you have hooded eyes or monolids these are the ideal eyelashes for you
  • Narrow eyes: doll lashes help widen narrow eyes and bring out a symmetrical appearance
  • Special event: doll eyelash extensions will make your eyes pop for parties and special occasions

Lash types to use for doll eyes

Using the right tools and materials for doll eyes eyelash extension look is essential. The lash materials should provide a natural, expressive, and fluffy effect.

Here are three solid choices for lash types to use in creating the perfect doll eyelash map:

  • Silk lashes: these have a natural sheen, which gives lashes a distinct depth and shine
  • Mink lashes: these are light and smooth and most closely resemble natural lashes. They impart structure and density to lashes
  • Cashmere lashes: a solid choice for doll eyes as they are 60% lighter than mink lashes and have excellent curl retention

Doll eyelashes are designed using artificial fibers since natural materials are highly susceptible to allergies.

doll eye eyelash extensions

Doll eye eyelash extension methods

Several different techniques can be used to design eyelash extensions. It all depends on your preference and what your natural lashes look like. 

1. Classic doll eyelash extensions

This technique is the same method used for making any set of classic lash extensions. It’s created using a 1:1 ratio. In other words, one extension gets attached to each natural lash.

2. 2D volume lashes

Doll eye volume eyelash extensions are the best option for a fuller but still a natural-looking set of extensions. This technique attaches two lashes to one natural eyelash, resulting in a 2:1 ratio.

If your lashes are thin and weak, stick with classic doll eyelash extensions. 

3. 3D volume eyelashes

This technique is quite prevalent. With this technique, three extensions are glued to one extension resulting in a 3:1 ratio.

Before you opt for this dramatic look, evaluate the strength and density of your natural lashes. Since 3D volume eyelashes have a very high ratio of extension to natural lashes, these can be heavy and compromise the structural integrity of your lashes leading to breakage and pre-mature lash shedding.

doll eye eyelash extensions

Benefits of doll eyelashes

Advantages of doll eyes eyelash extensions:

  • Classic baby doll lashes give your lash line a fuller look without extra weight
  • You can adjust certain eye shapes
  • If you have small eyes, these lashes will make your eyes appear bigger and rounder

Caring for doll eyes eyelash extensions

After investing in new gorgeous lashes, you’ll want to take proper care of them so they last as long as possible.

The best way to do this is by: 

Takeaways on doll eye eyelash extensions

Doll lashes aim to attract attention to your eyes and eyelashes. If you think you can pull off the doll eyes eyelash extensions, find a qualified lash artist today.