Does Vaseline Make Your Eyelashes Grow Or is It a Bad Idea?

Vaseline has a long history as a moisturizing beauty product for the delicate skin around the eye and promotes longer, thicker eyelashes. But is this reputation based in reality, does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow? What exactly is Vaseline made of and how does it affect the skin and eyelashes?

Does Vaseline make your eyelashes grow?

Unfortunately, no, Vaseline will not make your eyelashes grow.

The chemicals that make up Vaseline are known for their ability to seal in moisture and create a barrier on the skin that keeps out bacteria and other impurities leaving many to ask, does Vaseline grow your eyelashes?

While Vaseline will protect the outer layer of skin when you suffer a cut or scrape and the skin is broken, the ingredients in Vaseline will not make your eyelashes grow any faster or thicker. 

does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow

How does Vaseline work?

Some background may help in understanding how to grow eyelashes with Vaseline. The substance is made of petrolatum or petroleum jelly, a byproduct of crude oil production. The substance was first discovered in the 1860s by oil rig workers who noticed the constant buildup of the thick jelly-like residue on oil refinery equipment and at the bottom of used oil barrels. 

Eventually, these workers began applying the substance to cuts and other skin abrasions and noted its soothing, sealant effects on the skin. The compound was later refined and sold as Vaseline in 1870. 

The majority of topical chemicals use a process known as dermal absorption to enter the body through the skin. But Vaseline’s reaction to the skin is slightly different because it doesn’t absorb into the skin. Vaseline sits on top of the skin, forming a moisture barrier. 

This moisture barrier can protect the skin as it heals from a cut or an abrasion by keeping dirt and other contaminants out of the wound. Studies show that Vaseline is equally effective as an ointment in treating and promoting healing for noninfected injuries. 

Vaseline also works well for scar reduction and prevention due to the protection provided by petroleum jelly’s moisture barrier that does not support the growth of bacteria. While Vaseline is not an antibiotic, it works well to protect wounds and injuries from harmful bacteria. 

Is Vaseline good for your eyelashes?

Vaseline’s eyelash benefits are tied to its moisture barrier qualities and purification procedures. While Vaseline on eyelashes will not make them grow, it does have benefits for the skin.

However, be careful if you use Vaseline on the delicate skin surrounding the eye. Vaseline will sit outside the eyeball, causing temporary blurred vision. Carefully remove with a soft towel to avoid scratching the outside of the eyeball. 

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?

Moisture retention is an essential element in promoting eyelash growth. Moisture keeps the hair root system healthy and keeps the hair follicle drying out.

Vaseline will not help eyelashes grow, but due to its moisture barrier properties on the skin, does vaseline make your eyelashes grow by maintaining a healthy environment? Yes, it does. 

does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow

What helps your eyelashes grow?

While Vaseline is a poor choice for promoting eyelash growth, there are several options to try out to find the one that works best for you.

Eyelash enhancing serums are on the market at varying price points, but many of the items on this list are inexpensive, and you may have some of them in your medicine cabinet right now. One of my favorites is Grande LashMD serum.

Vitamin E oil

Hair loss is one of the main reasons for the lack of noticeable growth with eyelashes. Vitamin E reduces this damage and promotes healthy skin and hair follicles. Vitamin E also locks in moisture and conditions thin, brittle lashes making them thicker and softer.

Coconut oil

Unrefined, organic coconut oil is safe for the delicate skin around the eye and penetrates the hair shaft, improving hydration and delivering valuable nutrients.

Coconut oil is an excellent source of lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that protects and nourishes the roots of the hair shaft.  

For more on coconut oil read “Does Coconut Oil Make Your Eyelashes Grow.”


Biotin is a B complex vitamin that assists the body in using fats and glucose for energy. As a water-soluble vitamin, the body does not store biotin.

The B vitamins are involved in several body processes, including cell turnover in the skin, fingernails, and hair, and daily consumption is necessary for long-term eyelash growth.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil taken from pressed castor beans and is an excellent source of ricinoleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid. Ricinoleic acid has strong antifungal properties that keep the hair shaft of eyelashes healthy and resistant to fungal infection, a risk factor in any damp environment. Castor oil on eyelashes for lash growth is an effective at-home beauty treatment.

Green tea

Green tea is a rich source of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol that stimulates hair growth. Green tea also contains a significant amount of caffeine that may strengthen the eyelash growing effects of the EGCG. 

Does vaseline make your eyelashes grow

Proper eyelash grooming and hygiene

Contrary to a common belief, trimming or cutting your eyelashes will not make them grow longer!

Your genes determine the maximum length of your eyelashes, but there are ways to help your lashes reach their full size. A gentle five-minute massage using one of the oils listed above will increase blood flow to the area. 

Remove all mascara and other eye makeup at the end of the day as this will help keep your eyelashes stay healthy and eliminate excess bacteria and germs.

Washing your eyelid area twice a day also maintains the oil glands of the lashes. Clean oil glands are more efficient at keeping the lashes lubricated. 

Key takeaways on using Vaseline on eyelashes

Though Vaseline is a remarkable substance that builds a moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated and protected without promoting bacterial growth, it won’t make your lashes grow longer. 

Caring for your eyelashes is an integral part of eye care. Your lashes have an important job; they keep dust, lint, and other tiny particles away from the eyeball. Eyelashes are positioned to keep sweat from the forehead and other debris out of the eye so take good care of them!