Does Coconut Oil Make Your Eyelashes Grow? 

Does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow? No, coconut oil won’t make your eyelashes grow longer or faster than usual.

It can help your lashes reach their maximum length and stay full and healthy. 

Coconut oil is derived from the meat and milk of coconuts. There are many coconut oil products designed for your hair or lashes. But it’s best to use pure virgin or refined coconut oil

In this article, I will explain the benefits of coconut oil for your lashes and clear up some misconceptions about what coconut oil can and can’t do.

I’ll talk about the safety of using coconut oil around your eyes. I will also discuss other oils you should consider using and explain how to apply coconut oil to your lashes for maximum benefit. 

Is coconut oil safe to use around the eyes?

Yes. Many people worry that using coconut oil on your eyelashes will harm your eyes, but that’s not the case.

As long as you apply the oil to your eyelashes carefully and avoid getting any in your eyes, you’ll be fine. Using the right tools to apply the oil is crucial. 

Dr. Rupa Wong recommends using an applicator brush to apply coconut oil to your eyes instead of a Q-tip. That’s because q-tips have tiny fibers that can potentially enter and irritate your eyes. 

Does coconut oil help eyelashes grow?

Now, on to the big question: Will coconut oil make your eyelashes grow longer or faster? If so, what is the scientific reasoning behind that? 

It’s important to understand that coconut oil is not a magic solution that will cause your lashes to grow to their full length overnight. Neither will it cause your lashes to grow twice as long as they usually do.

What it will do is ensure your lashes remain full, healthy, and moisturized so that they can grow to their full potential and maintain that length. 

For details on lash regrowth, check out our post on how long it takes for lashes to regrow on their own.

Coconut oil helps your lashes grow to their full potential

Coconut oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that are critical for hair health. There’s a reason many people use coconut oil on their hair, and your lashes are no different. 

If your eyelashes are lacking the nutrition and moisture they need, they may have trouble growing to their full length. They may fall out quickly, making it seem like your eyelashes are not growing fast enough. That can also make your lashes appear thinner than they are. 

Weak eyelashes can get damaged quicker when using styling tools like eyelash curlers or when lash extensions are inexpertly applied.

Using coconut oil can strengthen your lashes and give them the nourishment they need. 

Applying coconut oil to your lashes won’t instantly make them grow full and thick. But applying it consistently to your eyelashes will help them grow as much as they can, prevent them from getting damaged, and prevent the lashes from falling out. 

does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow

The benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes

Using coconut oil on your lashes daily will bring you a host of benefits. Even applying oil just a few times a week to your lashes will bring you long-lasting positive results.

Here is what will happen after applying coconut oil to your lashes every day:

Stronger and voluminous lashes 

Coconut oil will nourish and strengthen your lashes. It will add volume by hydrating your lashes and preventing them from becoming dry and brittle. 

Your stronger lashes won’t get damaged as easily. As a result, they will look thicker and longer. 

Softer and glossier lashes

I applied coconut oil to my lashes for one week and noticed they were significantly softer and gentler to the touch. Despite suffering from coarse eyelashes due to getting them permed, I was able to soften them up with one simple ingredient: coconut oil. 

My eyelashes became glossier. They not only felt better, but they looked better, too! You’ll enjoy the improved texture, and your eyelashes might even feel lighter. 

Protection against bacteria

Despite internet claims to the contrary, according to the School of Medicine Sciences at UNSW Sydney coconut oil doesn’t kill bacteria.

It can serve as a barrier against bacteria, fungi, and irritants that can damage your lashes. Those bacteria can also lead to hair loss. 

Using coconut oil on your lashes at night can be particularly effective. Your bed sheets and pillowcases can contain all sorts of irritants and bacteria that are harmful to eyelash health, especially if you don’t wash them often.

While you can use a hair cap to protect the hair on your head, coconut oil is the best solution to protect your lashes while rolling around all night. 

Prevents eyelashes from falling out

As I just mentioned, coconut oil can protect your lashes from bacteria that can cause them to fall out. However, coconut oil has long been studied for its hair loss prevention qualities. 

One study found that coconut oil prevented protein loss and, subsequently, hair loss more than other oils like sunflower and mineral oils. If your eyelashes are damaged due to bleaching, perming, or UV exposure, coconut oil can help. 

Which coconut oil should you use? 

It’s best to use an all-natural oil instead of coconut oil with added ingredients. If there is a long list of chemical additives in the ingredients section on the bottle, avoid it. You don’t know what those ingredients can do to your eyelashes or what will happen if they get into your eye. 

I like the Nutiva brand of cold-pressed unrefined USDA organic coconut oil.

Any pure coconut oil will do, whether it is refined or virgin coconut oil. Since virgin oil is less processed, it remains a slightly superior choice. You can get coconut oil in your local pharmacy or grocery store; even oil in the cooking section will work if it is pure. 

If the coconut oil seems solid, you’re probably keeping it in a place that is too cold. Once it warms up, it will become liquid again.

Coconut oil remains solid until 74 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep it at or slightly above room temperature. 

does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow

How to apply coconut oil on eyelashes

The first step is buying the right coconut oil – see above. You can add some aloe vera and mix it with the oil in a bowl before applying. Aloe vera can also hydrate and moisturize your lashes, but it’s optional. 

Before applying any coconut oil to your lashes, make sure they are clean. To enjoy the full benefits of coconut oil, they can’t be dirty or have mascara on them. 

Dip a soft makeup brush (or clean mascara spoolie) into the oil or mixture and apply it gently to your upper lashes. Clean the brush with water and repeat the process with your lower lashes. 

Use a soft tissue or clean brush to remove excess oil from your eyelashes, eyelids, and around your eye. 

When should you apply coconut oil to your lashes? 

The best time to put coconut oil on your lashes is at night. That way, the oil can hydrate and nourish your lashes all night, and you’ll wake up to soft, gentle lashes. It will also protect your lashes while you sleep. Clean your eyelashes every morning. 

If you put oil on in the morning, your eyelashes may appear greasy during the day. It will be easier for oil to get into your eyes; at night, your eyelids are closed and protect your eyes from the oil. 

does coconut oil make your eyelashes grow

Which oil is best for growing eyelashes?

Coconut oil

This is the best oil for your lashes, as it is made of lauric acid, which is easily absorbed into the hair. It is also very lightweight. Those two factors make coconut oil easy to apply and easily absorbable. 

Coconut oil also prevents hydro fatigue. This occurs when your hair or lashes get wet and dry quickly. It can happen when you shower often and then use a blowdryer to dry your lashes (yes, some people do that). 

MCT oil

MCT or medium-chain triglyceride oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. This oil is derived from coconut oil and is liquid at room temperature.

The benefit of using this form of coconut oil is that application with a spoolie is much easier than virgin coconut oil which is solid at room temperature.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil and other oils contain linoleic acid, which is heavier and will only coat your lashes without being absorbed as deeply.

Olive oil

Olive oil for eyelashes is a decent choice as it contains several anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, it may be too heavy for some.

Consider using a lighter oil, like putting castor oil on eyelashes, almond oil, or argan oil. All of those oils are excellent for the hair on your head, as well, so they are dual-purpose. 


Vaseline is not an oil but a petroleum by-product. Vaseline will not make your eyelashes grow back faster. It will create a moisture barrier between your lashes and your environment but it’s not the first choice for lash regrowth as it provides no nutritional benefit for your lashes. It is also not especially good for your skin, regardless of what TikTok says.

Key takeaways on using coconut oil for eyelashes

Coconut oil has massive benefits for your hair and eyelashes. It will nourish your lashes, serve as a barrier to protect them from bacteria, and help them grow as long and thick as possible. 

It’s best to apply coconut oil every night for optimal benefits. But, if you forget to do it one night, don’t worry.

Avoid applying it in the morning, as that can lead to greasy eyelashes during the day, but continue applying it the following nights.