10 Stunning Colored Lash Extensions That Will Make Your Eyes Green With Envy

You may have noticed the popularity of eyelash extensions over the past few years. I have become a fan of this fun beauty trend, especially when it comes to colored lash extensions!!! This look has become so popular, it’s been seen everywhere from Vogue to Youtube. 

And now influencers everywhere are mixing things up with different extension colors and lengths. Let’s take a look at some stunning colored lash extensions you will be ready to run out and try as soon as you can.

1. Salt N Pepper Lashes

Not only can we rock stunning salt n pepper hair, but black and white eyelash extensions can also be just as cool. So go ahead and give your eyelashes a look Cruella Deville would envy.

Source Instagram @lashedxtatii

2. Pink Glitter Lashes

Why not provide some accent color and glitter on a few lashes at a time. This stunning pink glitter adornment can channel festive fun lashes perfect for a dance party or holiday celebration. I would certainly wear these babies to a Lady Gaga concert.

Source Instagram @cateyelashtrap

3. Red Hot Lashes

If you are ready to cause a scene and turn heads with your eyelashes, consider red lashes for fun. These colored lash extensions will especially make gray or blue eyes stand out. What better way to coordinate a look for Valentine’s Day.

Image Via Instagram @marvorista

 4. Pink & Black Eyelash Extensions

Highlight your stunning black eyelash extensions with a splash of pink in the corner. This unique look is lovely for a bold accent. This style can be the first step to a full-colored bold look down the road.

Source Instagram @senselashes_manufacturer

5. Bold Blue Lashes

Compliment your blue eyes or make your brown eyes stand out with a set of cool, blue eyelashes. This is also great for a bold rock and roll look.

colored lash extensions
Source Instagram @nenaxlashes

6. Deep Purple Extensions

These purple-colored lash extensions layered with blue ones give a subtle amount of color. As people get closer to you, they will be amazed as they notice the purple on your lashes coming through. This surprising look will mesmerize those brave enough to stare into your eyes.

Source Instagram @alvb.lashes

7. Lucky Green Eyelash Extensions

Whether you want to celebrate Saint Patrick Day or truly stand out in a crowd, give green eyelash extensions a try. This look especially compliments brown eyes. But if you have green eyes, then you’ll get double the luck with green lashes.

colored lash extensions
Image Via Instagram @luxury.lashes.by.v.

8. Golden Brown Eyelash Extensions

If you don’t click with bright or loud colors on your eyelashes, try some subtle brown tones. This color choice can still supply beautiful highlights to your eyes. If you have black hair, you can stand out with brown eyelashes without looking too extreme, check out brown lashes.

colored lash extensions
Source Instagram @luxury.lashes.by.v

9. Rainbow Eyelashes

If you want to have colorful eyelash extensions but you can’t choose a color, don’t worry. An easy solution is to choose all the colors and just go with rainbow eyelash extensions! What a great way to show off your bold personality and enhance any eye color. These insanely original lashes will make you truly stand out in a crowd, give rainbow eyelash extensions a try.

colored lash extensions
Source Instagram @makeupandmystery

10. Pin-Up Blonde Lashes

If you have ever thought of going blond, you could take the first step by getting blond eyelash extensions. Give yourself a pin-up look, starting with your eyes. These light lashes can compliment several eye colors.

colored eyelash extensions
Source Instagram @katazee

If you’re not quite ready to hop on the colored lash extensions trend and want a more subdued look, check out our guide to everything you need to know about getting lash extensions.

I hope you had fun reading this list and are ready to give your eyelashes a splash of fun. Feel free to let us know what you think about this article in our comments section and please share this article with your friends. Have fun with your lashes!