11 Classy Winter Nails That Are Timeless & Charming

Winter is coming, and while there’s not much to do about the changing weather, we are still keeping our nails fashionable with classy winter nails.

For classy winter nails, I found these manicures to be both fuss-free and easily replicable. There’s something for every taste.

 1. Winter ice blue nails

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Blueish shades are in all year long. In addition to being a hue that flatters nails of any length and shape, blue is also commonly linked with opulence. During winter, icy blue nails are particularly stunning.

Paint your nails with light blue nail polish alone for an understated and refined manicure, or mix it with pearl, silver, or rose quartz.

The ice blue nail polish might be glossy, matte, textured, or metallic. It’s all up to you and the aesthetic you choose.

2. Simple dark winter nails

simple dark winter nails
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Winter and dark colors go hand in hand. This is a perfect tandem since dark colors look chic on nails. For a classy manicure, you can opt for a deep black, an oxblood, or an icy brown.

To add some definition to the nails, decorate your base with motifs: dots, flames, or a simple and minimalist line.

Don’t forget to apply a base coat before applying the polish. Because dark colors are harder to remove, you’ll need an efficient nail polish remover.

3. Simple classy winter nails

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Sands, browns, and whites are notoriously easy to wear and lend themselves to several settings. Apply a solid coffee color or play with gradients from light to dark on each nail – trying this trend at home is as fun as watching your specialist do it.

After this step, draw zigzags from one color to another with a nail art brush or a dotting tool. The trick is to clean your equipment regularly to avoid depositing too much polish. My favorite shape for these simple classy winter nails is to do them on almond nails.

This natural palette will also balance your knits nicely. Complement your nails by dressing in neutral tones, or create a contrast by wearing something bold and bright. 

4. Short classy winter nails

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How often do you find yourself at a loss choosing your next manicure color? The good news is that you don’t have to pick a single favorite color! Make a statement with a mismatched gel manicure perfect for long and short nails.

Whether you use two tones of the same color, as seen above, or complementary colors, the effect will be pleasing to the eye. For a stylish winter look, opt for muted neutral tones and metallics.

This look is super easy to recreate at home and is especially durable in a gel manicure. Check out our favorite Best Gel Nail Polish for DIYers.

5. Cute winter nails

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This cute manicure will add individuality to your most classic looks. Thanks to the wide range of abstract nail art designs available, the choices are practically endless: rectangles or squares, straight or curved lines, little graphic dots, etc.

Besides, there are no set rules about color palettes. Instead, you’re free to combine whichever hues you like. The primary benefit of this manicure is that both seasoned professionals and beginners can pull it off.

Last, you will never have the same manicure as the neighbor.

To make an abstract nail easily at home, get regular nail polish and fine brushes or some nail polish in the form of a felt pen. This will help to draw thin lines.

6. Classy dark winter nails

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By pairing opposing finishes, you’ll create an easy-to-achieve super-textured dimension. Designs can be as simple as highlighted glossy tips or imaginative floral designs.

This glossy and matte trend works great on a classic French manicure. Choose your favorite shade as a matte base and a darker glossy shade for the tip, or vice versa. 

7. Winter nails ideas

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If you prefer realism over abstraction, you will be pleased with the next nail idea in this list: animal prints. Whether it’s tortoiseshell, zebra stripes, cow print, or something even more outlandish like a fawn fur print, take your pick.

 In addition to being much fun as a full-manicure design, wild prints can also be used as an accent or a dotting design.  

Applying an opaque base coat and then working on the patterns with additional colors and a specialized nail art brush allows you to recreate flawless looks. Depending on the complexity of the animal skin or pattern, you can typically get away with using anywhere from one to three colors.

8. Winter wonderland nails

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With the magic of the holidays, winter is a great time for glitter manicures.

After coating your nails with a base color, sprinkle them sparingly with glitter as if a rain of shimmer had grazed your nails. Gold and silver glitter, the most polished forms of glitter, are a fitting choice.

The winter wonderland inspired manicure is stylish and will convince even the glitter-averse to embrace shiny nail art. But glitter lovers need not worry;  it still leaves room for creativity.

9. Dark winter nail colors

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The ombré has become a mainstay in nail trends. This manicure is lovely and sticks out without being obnoxious. Ombré nails are achieved by varying the intensity of a single hue to produce a soft rainbow effect.

To set the mood for winter, use darker shades. For instance, nail polish in greens, metallics, or reds is a great choice.

If you’re feeling lazy, opt for ombre nail wraps. You might still have to cut them to fit your nail bed perfectly. 

10. Elegant classy winter nails

classy winter nails

There’s a reason why French manicures will never go out of style. It’s a polished look you can wear anywhere.

In its standard version, the two-tone French manicure takes advantage of a base color of your choice and mismatched tips. You can make the tip bigger or finer according to your preferences.

Bored with the regular version of French tip nails? Try the inverted one (with the white at the nail’s bottom), or switch the tip color.

For that extra sparkle, try a classic French manicure paired with tiny Swarovski crystals for a winter wonderland effect.

11. Chocolate glazed donut nails

classy winter nails
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And last but definately not least, one of my favorite trends of the season is shaping up to be the seasonal take on Hailey Bieber’s orignal glazed donut manicure, the chocolate glazed donut.

Also called brownie nails, chocolate glazed donut nails use a decadent chocolate brown nail polish as a base then coat it with a white chrome top coat to create the glazed effect. This particular set was created using O&J- Tip Your Barista, Pink Goldfish, and Nail Brightener.

For the full story, check out our article on Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails.

What are your favorite classy winter nails?

This winter is your opportunity to experiment and become your own nail artist.

Icy, dark, or neutral… which of these classy winter nails are your favorites? Will you hop on the cholate glazed donut nail trend?

Let us know in the comments below!

XOXO, BeautyStack