Fall’s Trendy Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

Yes, TikTok has been abuzz all year with Hailey Bieber’s pearlescent glazed donut nails. But it’s fall now and we want something fresh from the donut shop, like chocolate glazed donut nails!

Like its forerunner, chocolate glazed donut nails are a shimmery manicure created using softly shaded chrome polish. This time in shades of chocolatey browns. Expect to see a lot more of these gorgeous manicures this season.

Feast your eyes on these lovely manicures and be sure to save the photos to your phone so you can share them with your nail artist next time you visit the salon.

@tabithaswatosh chocolate glazed donut nails

Instagram @mreads.nails

Thank you for the inspo Tabitha, aka @tabithaswatosh on TikTok. In our book you were the first to launch the chocolate glazed donut nail trend, not Hailey Bieber. Sorry Haily.

And I am totally obsessed with this look! This polish will look amazing with any fall outfit. The white chromepowder, or in this case, violet chrome powder, on top of the chocolate brown gel polish says your playful but adaptable to any social engagement.

Madam Glam’s chocolate glazed donut nails

Source: Instagram @madam_glam

OK so there’s some debate on timeline here but as far as hashtags are concerned, these #chocolateglazeddonutnails by @Madam_Glam deserve some serious credit for this innovative spin on the now chocolate glazed donut manicure trend. Published July 2022 on Instagram, I’d say @Madam_Glam had a head start on this trend.

With a luscious fall appropriate shimmery brown, these nails elevate the original Hailey Bieber look to a whole new level proving that certain trends can thrive thru different seasons.

Cappucino glazed donut nails

For a more neutral look, this shimmery set of cappuccino-colored nails is a great everyday manicure. Wear this look to the office or ladies’ luncheon and let the compliments roll in.

Espresso & chocolate donut nails

For a rich autumnal brown, opt for these darker saturated chocolate glazed donut nails with a professional shimmery nail lacquer by Zoya.

Chocolate glazed brownie nails

Instagram @gaby_polish

As an alternative to the chocolate glazed donut manicure, I tried the glazed brownie nails. So gorgeous. Loving this chocolate glaze, so perfect! Such an easy mani to create at home since the effect is created in just a couple of coats of this polish! No burnishing needed.

Dark chocolate glazed donut nails

Instagram @mreads.nails

Can’t get enough of this rich chocolatey brown polish from Orly called “Stop The Clock.” This luscious brown is perfect for your autumnal wardrobe and will pair nicely with the changing leaves.

The original glazed donut manicure

And just so you can compare these new looks to the original, feast your eyes on this perfect glazed donut manicure by the talented @madam_glam. So pretty, so sophisticated. Like icing on a, ahem.. donut!

And here’s my little experiment with chocolate glazed donut nails. What do you think?