Here’s How to Rock Cat Eyelash Extensions

Cat eyelash extensions create a sexy and alluring look. They’re a great way to elongate and bring attention to your eyes.

Cat eyelash extensions create a natural lengthening to your eye shape, so it’s the perfect way to frame the windows to your soul. 😉

The cat-eye look is my personal favorite, and before doing it with lashes, I was doing it with eyeliner. While you could do that too, lash extensions (unlike eyeliner) have the benefits of lasting for weeks and appearing natural if applied correctly. 

I’m going to try to answer all the questions you may have about achieving perfect cat eyelash extensions and walk you through the most important things to know before getting started.

What are cat eye lash extensions?

Cat eye lash extensions are a type of lash extension that emulates the long lines and almond shape of a cat’s eyes. The lashes are thickest towards the outer edges of the eyelid, making your whole eye look longer and thinner. 

You can get eyelash extensions for a few different reasons. You might find that you’re losing your natural eyelashes, or maybe they weren’t very thick initially. By having extensions applied, you can walk around with thick, completely natural-looking eyelashes for weeks at a time. 

You can also get eyelash extensions purely for personal aesthetic preferences. You may have naturally thick lashes but want to achieve a unique or new (to you) look. 

Cat’s eyelashes are just one of many eyelash styles. You could go for classic eyelash extensions, a mega volume look, or a hybrid of two styles. 

Cat eyelash extensions

Lash mapping for cat eye look

Lash mapping is your plan of attack for applying cat eyelash extensions. You can plan out which lengths, curls, and thickness of eyelashes will be placed on your eyelid and where they will go. 

If you love a dramatic over a subtle look, you may want to add volume in places someone else may go lighter, which is why you shouldn’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

In addition to personal preferences, everyone has different eye shapes. For example, if your eyes are naturally round, you may want longer lashes at the corners than someone who already has naturally long eyes since the cat-eye look will emphasize length even more.  

The general outline for lash mapping the cat-eye look is to have your shortest lash extensions from the inner corner to the middle of your eye. The longest extensions go from the center to almost the outer corner of your eyes to get that distinctive shape. 

Cat eyelash extensions

Who should wear cat eye volume lashes?

Anyone can rock the cat eyelash extensions, but some eye types will see the most dramatic change. 

If you have round eyes, you can get the illusion of a very different eye shape with the cat-eye look. People with deep-set or hooded eyes will also see a big change. The volume and shape of the cat’s eye look will make their eyes pop more than usual. 

If you already have thick lashes, then applying a cat eye will give you a bold or glamorous look. The combination of high volume and the unique shape will make your face pop. 

This look doesn’t tend to look great on people with wide-set eyes. Because it creates such a strong shape it tends to make wide-apart or uniquely shaped eyes look off.

If you find you don’t love your extensions you can always make an appointment with your lash tech to have them removed or you can try to remove your lash extensions yourself

Types of lashes to use for cat eye look

You can use lots of different eyelash extension types to create a cat eyelash extensions look. Types of lash extensions include silk lashes, mink lashes, cashmere lashes, and synthetic lashes.

You’re going to want to use different curl types (probably C and CC) to get a truly dynamic yet natural look. 

You’ll want the curl types to be mixed along the eyelid instead of having all the extremely curly lashes at the “point” of the cat’s eye.

This effect makes it look more like real eyelashes, which aren’t perfectly uniform and tend to have a mix of length and curliness. 

Cat eyelash extension methods

The cat eyelash extension is challenging to apply and easy to mess up. If it isn’t well-applied, the shape will look wrong. 

Usually, people who want this look ask a stylist to exaggerate the shape to be very visible. They don’t want it to look too natural, but they don’t want it to look like clown makeup, either. 

You should work carefully with an experienced stylist at a well-reviewed salon to make the perfect cat eye map for your face.

If you’re an experienced lash enthusiast, you can try applying this look yourself with some easy Falscara lashes. For tips on DIY lash extensions check out our post on “How to Do At Home Lash Extensions.”

The general rules for applying lash extensions are:

  • Start with cleansed skin. 
  • Apply eye pads to the lower eyelid so the lids don’t stick together. 
  • For cat eyes, the shortest extensions are glued to the lashes at the inner corner of the eye. The lengths of the eyelash extensions get longer close to the outer corner, then sharply decrease at the outermost corner.
  • Remove the pads, make final adjustments, and comb through the lashes using a spoolie. 
cat eyelash extensions
Image Via Instagram @beautybyvea

How to care for cat eye volume lashes

It’s crucial to take good care of your eyelash extensions. You don’t want them to fall off due to natural gunk buildup.

Extensions are an investment so you’ll want to properly care for your lash extensions

There are cleansers made specifically for lash extensions that won’t damage the adhesive bond between your natural lashes and extensions. Use a spoolie to brush your lashes and keep them happy. 

I would not recommend curling your extensions, but if you must please read “Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions” for tips on how to do it the right way.

Avoid the spa or other places with a lot of steam. When you’re washing your face you should use a washcloth rather than splashing water on your face. Use the cloth everywhere except your lashes.  

After 48 hrs of applying your lashes, it should be safe to shower.

I don’t recommend swimming with your lashes or putting your face right under a jet of water. 

Should I do cat-eye or doll eye?

Doll eye eyelash extensions are similar to cat’s eyes since they both create long lines toward the outer point of the eye. A Doll’s eye is like a rounded cat-eye. 

Cat eyes tend to have a distinct shape and are associated with glamor and edginess. Doll eyes are what you want if you’re going for a wide-eyed waif. It’s a small change in shape that creates very different looks. 

Depending on volume and length a doll eye can look a bit more natural than a cat eye since the cat eye has an exaggerated point. If you want a rounder rather than a longer look, the doll eye is the way to go.

Remember, lash extensions, though they last a long time, aren’t permanent. You can always choose to try out different looks when it’s time to reapply your lashes.  

Key takeaways on cat eyelash extensions

Cat eyelash extensions can be subtle or statement-making. You can plan out your perfect application by working with a stylist on the mapping process. 

Make sure you go into your salon with a plan or reference photo of your favorite cat-eye look, and you’re sure to leave with what feels like a brand new face. 

For the full rundown on eyelash extensions, including care, types, and tips check out “Everything You Need To Know About Lash Extensions.”