Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions? 

Can you curl eyelash extensions? The concise answer is yes as long as you are curling at the base of your lashline. To curl eyelash extensions use a special heated eyelash curler (like the TOUCHBeauty Upgraded Heated Eyelash Curler) or mechanical curlers.

As a beauty technician, eyelash extensions are one of my favorite go-to beauty treatments for clients wanting the convenience of fabulous lashes all day long. They give eyelashes more definition, volume, length, and shape. And they enhance any makeup look without having to deal with the hassle of applying false lashes. 

But be warned, not all extension types do well being curled and many don’t need extra curling since the extensions themselves come pre-curled.

If you’re planning on getting lash extensions or you are assisting someone, I’m here to help answer all your questions about curling lash extensions: 

  • Should you curl eyelash extensions? 
  • Can you curl and put mascara on eyelash extensions?
  • Mechanical curlers versus heated curlers
  • How to use a heated curler with eyelash extensions
  • How do you keep eyelash extensions curled?
  • Can you get a lash perm with eyelash extensions?

Should you curl your eyelash extensions?

You can curl your natural lashes while wearing extensions by re-curling the natural eyelashes to which the extensions are applied. Never curl the extensions anywhere above your lash line.

When placing the extensions, technicians use a specific preset curl to create the final shape. 

If you try to curl the upper part of your extensions, you risk changing the preset curl too much, which could cause breaking, your extensions falling out, and ruining the shape of the extension. 

Although you can curl your extensions, talk to your lash tech to make sure it won’t cause any structural damage.

Can you curl and put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Following the idea of curling your lash extensions, you can curl and put mascara on eyelash extensions

But, not every type of lash extension can handle mascara. 

Classic extensions are the only type of eyelashes that should have mascara applied. For hybrid, volume, and mega volume lashes, avoid mascara. These could cause the extension to look chunky or change shape. 

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions

Mechanical curlers vs. heated curlers

  • Heated eyelash curlers are a type of curler that uses heat to help shape the eyelashes. Usually, they work similarly to hair curlers by heating and shaping hair follicles. 
  • Mechanical eyelash curlers are best avoided entirely if you have extensions because they can ruin your extensions. They are metal and silicon pincher-like tools that use pressure to curl the lash. 

The best option if you have eyelash extensions is to use a heated curler since they shape the natural lash without damaging your lash extensions. 

How to use a heated eyelash curler with eyelash extensions

When using a heated curler with lash extensions, it’s essential to follow some general steps:

  1. Properly clean and brush your false lashes and natural lashes. Make sure that your eyelashes are completely dry before using the curler! 
  2. Begin heating the eyelash curler. Think of how you’d like to curl your lashes compared to your eye shape.
  3. Once the curler is warm, begin curling at the lash line. Do this by making soft movements from the eyelash base and curling up to the tips.
  4. While it’s still hot, hold and guide the eyelashes into the shape you desire. Keep holding them in that position until they’re completely cooled (this will help keep the form). 
  5. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times for the best results.
Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions

How do you keep eyelash extensions curled?

To keep your extensions curled, use a clean mascara brush to separate the fan and re-curl them.

Do this only a couple of times a day, usually in the morning and at night so you don’t displace or loosen the extensions. 

If you’re unsure about how often to re-curl your extensions, stick to the easy schedule of doing it once in the morning and once at night.

Can you get a lash perm with eyelash extensions?

No. Under no circumstance should you get a lash perm with lash extensions.

The chemicals used in a perm or lash lift could affect the bond between the lash and the lash extensions. The extensions would have a weaker bond. It would be harder for them to stay in place or attached to the natural lash at all. 

If you are looking for any form of perm or lash lift, it’s recommended to get it before your lash extensions. Once done, give about two days for the perm to set before attaching any form of extensions.

To learn more read our article on lash lift and tint. And, if you want to learn more about the differences between the two, visit lash lift vs lash extensions.

Let your lash technician know that you’re natural lashes have been permed before they start working.  

Key takeaways on curling your eyelash extensions

You can curl your natural lashes while wearing extensions. Just follow our tips and the heated curler steps carefully for the best eyelash curling practices.

Extensions don’t work well with a mechanical eyelash curler. Heated curlers are the best for extensions, as they don’t damage the extensions.

Classic eyelash extensions are the only type of eyelash extension that you can add mascara to. Don’t use mascara with any other kind, as it may mess up the shape and form. Use a clean mascara wand in the morning and night to clean and shape the extensions. 

Do not get a lash perm or lash lift with extensions, as it could affect how long the extensions will last.

When looking over proper care of your lash extensions, please do your research to keep your eyes healthy and your lashes looking their best.