5 Cute Butterfly Eyelashes Looks To Try This Spring

What better way to make your eyes stand out than with butterfly eyelashes? A pair of lash extensions will always make your eyes look bigger and sexier.  But when it comes to the perfect spring makeup look, it doesn’t get much more fun than butterfly eyelashes.

These gorgeous butterfly lashes are eye-catching and flirty, making them ideal for springtime activities with any makeup look.

Here are five butterfly lash styles guaranteed to make you feel fabulous.

butterfly eyelashes

Look #1: let the lashes steal the show with subtle makeup

If you’re into makeup, there’s nothing that can add more drama to your look than gorgeous, fluttery lashes. Here are ways to show off your lashes using subtle makeup with options for every budget.

Enhance them with mascara

Mascara is a quick and easy way to emphasize your lashes and protect against lash breakage, just one coat of mascara can make them stand out.

Go easy on the foundation

Foundation can be a real game-changer when it comes to opening up your eyes and emphasizing your lashes.

But going overboard with foundation can weigh down your lashes and ultimately make them look less prominent.

Use a light-colored eyeliner

If you want to show off your lashes, use light eyeliner on your bottom lid and skip using mascara. You can also skip eye shadow entirely, allowing your eyeliner and lash line to stand out even more.

butterfly eyelashes

Look #2: bold eyeshadows for nights out

If you’re planning on hitting the town to celebrate the weekend or grab drinks with friends, then you’ll want your makeup to look great in those dimly lit clubs and bars.

Pick two or three shades of eye shadow that match your colors and swirl them together with a brush for a quick and easy look. Dark and bold eyeshadows are perfect for this. 

Don’t overdo it on blending. As fun as it can be to go all-out on a smoky eye or a pop of color, too much blending can make your look appear muted. To keep things bright and crisp, apply shadows with a light hand and avoid over-blending.

Use bright or matte colors

Try layering different eyeshadow colors in bright or matte shades. Bold lash colors can help your eyes pop in photos as well as make them stand out at night.

butterfly eyelashes

Look #3: emphasize eyebrows for maximum effect

An essential part of butterfly lashes is getting your eyebrows into shape and making sure they blend seamlessly into your eyeshadow.

To get your lashes in place, trim any longer hairs that might be sticking out of your eyebrows.

Next, you use an eyebrow pencil and fill in any sparse areas that might seem obvious once you put those new butterfly eyelashes on. As a bonus, use some concealer under your eyebrows and between them for extra fullness.

Look #4: spice things up with crystals & glitter

Make your eyes pop with eyelash crystals or glitter. Crystals come in various colors, so you can wear them any way you want.

If you’re going to add some sparkle to your look, you may opt for glitter-drenched lashes. They’re always in style and bring a new element to your overall makeup look. 

These sparkly beauty accessories will add a sense of playfulness to your eyes while making a bold statement all at once.

butterfly eyelashes

Look #5: add matching accessories

Eyelashes are essential for any makeup look, but finding the right pair can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a lot of accessories that complement these lashes beautifully that you’ll love. Some of them include:

Statement necklace

If you’re going for a more edgy look, wear a statement necklace (like big hoops or pendants). But keep it simple if you want your butterfly lashes to be the main attraction.

Denim jacket

Who doesn’t love a good denim jacket? This outerwear staple pairs with your butterfly lashes and is usually worn as part of a casual outfit or as a statement piece for an elegant event.

Takeaways on butterfly eyelashes

It is easy to see why many people have become attracted to butterfly lashes from the list above. These lashes are perfect for adding fun to everyday wear as well as any special occasion. 

With so many ideas to choose from, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to create an eye-catching look for any occasion.