Want Mesmerizing Eyes? Try Getting Bottom Lash Extensions and Watch Them Stare

As a long-time makeup artist, I can personally attest to how bottom lash extensions can transform your entire face.

They’re far more effective than mascara, won’t come off in the water, and will give you a wide-eyed, lovely look that lasts a few weeks without retouching. 

If you’ve been on the fence about getting bottom lash extensions, you’re not alone. Many people wonder if they’re worth the cost and how to manage and make the most out of their bottom lash extensions.

This guide can help you make an educated decision about whether or not bottom lash extensions are right for you.

Can you get lash extensions on your bottom lashes?

Yes, you can get lash extensions on your bottom lashes. 

The process is exactly the same as it is for putting extensions on your upper lashes. When you go into your appointment, your technician will put tiny drops of strong adhesive on each extension and then carefully place them on your bottom lashes. 

When done correctly, you won’t even feel the lashes. Instead, you will be able to blink and move your eyes around the same as you did before the extensions. Bottom lashes tend to be a little less pronounced than upper lashes, so they never look fake or over-the-top.

How do bottom lash extensions work?

Some people think that eyelash extensions are only for your upper lashes, you can get them on your bottom lashes as well, with excellent results. Even those who have lush and lovely natural lashes can get a big beauty boost from upper and lower lash extensions. 

Your lash technician will apply your bottom lash extensions the same way that they apply your upper ones. It generally takes less than half an hour, and you won’t even notice that they’re there. The only difference is that your eyes will look more striking and enhanced.

Bottom lash extensions open up your eyes and make them look expressive, wider, and lovelier without the addition of mascara. 

In fact, it’s difficult to find any mascara that mimics the effects of bottom lash extensions. Even volume-enhancing mascaras will make your lower lashes look thicker, not longer. You also run the risk of getting clumpy lower lashes with mascara.

Who can get bottom lash extensions?

Virtually anyone can get bottom lash extensions, but they’re perfect for people who want a little extra volume on their lower lashes. 

If you already get upper lash extensions and want to boost their effect, bottom lash extensions could be right for you.

The key is to find a professional lash technician who understands what you’re going for and has experience applying bottom lashes. 

Be aware of the risks 

Although bottom lash extensions are great for most people, they aren’t suitable for people with very short lower lashes. 

If you have very sparse or short lashes, bottom lash extensions can make your lower lids look unnatural. Also, if you have very long bottom lashes, you run the risk of looking cartoonish or overly done.

Bottom lash extensions are best for people with moderately long lower lashes who are looking for a subtle way to brighten up their faces. 

How are bottom lash extensions applied?

First, you need to find a good lash tech that specializes in both upper and bottom lash extensions. 

For the best results, talk to them about the aesthetic that you’re going for prior to your appointment.

First, your upper lashes will be taped or secured down on your eyelid to keep them out of the way. Then, your tech will put a light-colored, comfortable pad underneath your lower eyelashes. This pad lets them see exactly what they’re doing and apply your lower lashes properly. 

Once the lashes are prepared, your technician will start in the corners, adhering tiny lashes to your lower lids just as they do for your upper lids. 

The entire process takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes and is totally painless. 

How long do bottom lash extensions last?

Everyone is different, but generally speaking, bottom lash extensions can last about two weeks without retouching. 

Bottom lash extensions tend to last for less time than upper lash extensions because your lower lids get a lot of wear and tear. 

When your eyes water or you rub your eyes, your bottom lashes tend to be most affected. If you want to prolong the amount of time that your bottom lash extensions last, you should try not to rub your eyes or put any undue stress on the lashes.

How much do bottom lash extensions cost?

The cost of your bottom lashes will vary depending on the technician and the type of lashes that you get. 

You can expect to pay about $2 per lash or about $50 for a complete set of bottom lashes. Talk to your lash technician about what you’re looking for to get a better idea of what you will really be spending. 

How do I choose the right lashes?

Once you’ve decided to get bottom lash extensions, it’s time to select the lashes that work best for your face. Your tech can give you a few recommendations based on your goals and aesthetic. 

One of the best ways to determine what lash extensions are right for you is to look at your eye shape.

How does your upper lid fall? Are your eyes naturally wide, or do they tend to be more hooded? Are your eyes close or wide-set? All of these factors contribute to what sort of bottom lash extensions would look best on you.

Next, think about what you want to achieve. 

For example, are you interested in volume, length, or both? If you can, find a picture of someone whose eyelashes you want to mimic. Your tech should be able to tell you how feasible your goal is and make recommendations. 

Are bottom lash extensions uncomfortable?

When correctly applied, bottom lash extensions are not uncomfortable at all. 

In fact, you shouldn’t even feel them. Most people are able to blink, move their eyes around, and engage in regular activities after their appointment with no problem.

If you’re experiencing any ongoing issues like itching or discomfort, talk to your technician. 

There might be some kind of issue with the adhesive. Your technician can generally advise you as to what the problem may be and solve it for you. Your lashes shouldn’t poke, tickle, or irritate you in any way.  

Can I wear makeup on bottom lash extensions?

Although you can wear makeup on your bottom lash extensions, you really don’t need to. 

One of the great things about getting this type of lashes is that you really don’t need additional makeup to enhance your eyes. They will look brighter and more beautiful with just the extensions themselves.

If you do decide to wear makeup, use water-based mascara that you won’t need to scrub off. 

Vigorous rubbing can damage your bottom lash extensions and shorten their lifespan. Try to avoid wearing mascara on your bottom lash extensions if possible, or only wear it for special occasions.  

How do I take care of bottom lash extensions?

Now that you have your beautiful new eyelashes, you’re going to want to know how to properly take care of them. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your eyelash extensions look lush and gorgeous for the long run.

  • First, make sure that your eyelashes are always clean. Clean them with a spoolie or small brush and make sure that you only brush in one direction. Brushing up and down can create friction and break your lashes off. 
  • Try to brush your lashes at least once every day. Only brush dry lashes. If your lashes get wet, gently blot them and wait for them to dry before doing anything else, as wet lashes are especially vulnerable.
  • Only use water-based mascara and remove any eye products with a gentle cleansing agent. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as that could cause major breakage. 
  • Get your eyelashes retouched regularly. This will keep your look fresh, and help you get even more used to having bottom lash extensions.

Takeaways on getting bottom lash extensions

Lash extensions aren’t just for your upper lashes. If your bottom lashes need a little love, consider getting subtle and beautiful bottom lash extensions. They can really open up your face, help your eyes to look wider and brighter, and eliminate the need to use mascara. When done right, bottom lash extensions can take less than 30 minutes to apply and look naturally beautiful.

For the best results, talk to your technician about the look that you want to achieve, and take your eye shape into account as well. Knowing what sort of look you want to achieve before going into your appointment will greatly increase the chances of success and will set your expectations properly. 

Make sure that you maintain your look by being gentle with your lashes, and wearing water-based mascara instead of an oil-based option. Getting regular touch-ups helps too.

Getting bottom lash extensions is a great way to subtly enhance your face without looking artificial. Talk to your local technician to find out more today, and discover a whole new you.