Fresh Blue Ombre Nails | Fun Designs and Manicure Ideas

Nothing cures the blues like a set of blue ombre nails. A cool blue manicure is sure to garner compliments and makes the perfect accessory to almost any outfit, especially in warmer months.

For the best outcome, get your ombre manicure on a set of acrylic nails with traditional polish, or ask your manicurist for dip powder nails.

What are ombre nails?

Ombre comes from the French verb “ombrer” meaning “to shade.” When talking about an ombre manicure, your nail tech will take 2+ tones of color and blend, or shade, them into each other, creating a gradual gradient from light to dark.

Can you get an ombre dip powder nails manicure?

Yes! You can definitely get dip powder nails to create an ombre effect on nails, it just takes some practice if you are doing your own nails to get the gradients seamlessly transitioning one to the other.

Any skilled manicurist worth their salt can create a set of ombre claws with dip powder. Ask to see their Instagram feed so you can get an idea of their skill level.

For additional design elements, try adding detail over ombre with traditional nail polish, gel color, crystals, and nail stickers. See some ideas below.

1. Royal blue crystal blue ombre nails

For a splash of royalty check out these sapphire encrusted two-toned dip blue nails. Be prepared for doors to be held open upon your arrival.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsby.jeni

2. Wavy post-modern white and blue ombre nails

For a more conceptual ombre vibe, these subtle pink-to-blue ombre nails are tipped with a modern white wave pattern.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nails_byzoe

3. Blue swirl ombre nails

Another lovely pink fade to blue ombre manicure. Tips are an ombre swirl effect and the blue monarch butterflies stickers add a whimsical touch.

Blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @glammer

4. Blue ombre skyscape mani

Fluffy cotton candy clouds on a pale blue ombre skyscape studded with tiny Swarovski crystals are a dream come true. This ombre manicure is simply magical.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @baddlilthingz

5. Mariposa blue ombre nails

Inspired by the majestic Monarch butterfly these creative blue ombre butterfly wing nails are enchanting indeed. Check out the brushwork details on these original ombre nails!

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailzbymarley

6. Pink to robin’s egg blue ombre

Trendy delicate pale pink ombre nails fade to a light robin’s egg blue nail tips. Subtle and daring all at the same time.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @jcbeauty

7. Indigo ombre tips on XL square nails

As an indigo girl myself, this color speaks to my soul. Part blue, part violet, indigo is as captivating a color as it is mysterious. Customize with some bespoke initials, or better yet, your favorite astrological signs, and let the compliments roll in!

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @westcoast.claws

8. Blue wave effect ombre nails

A 1970s vibe take on ombre, these blue wave effect nails are just in time for music festival season. That or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream with a single spoon, you get me right?

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nails_byzoe_

9. Ultraviolet blue ombre coffin nails

Soft, feminine, and demure, these lovely ultraviolet nails calm the spirit and will put a smile on any girl’s face. Also, ultra-violet goes well with any skin tone and looks kick-a** with a pair of Levi’s 501.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsbypham

10. Blue demin ombre fade

Part rock n roll, part lady, this beige to blue ombre fade will look just as rad with a concert T-shirt of your favorite heavy metal band as it will with a floral print sundress on the way to a bridal luncheon.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @radkov_nailbar

11. Horizontal blue ombre

For a fresh take on ombre, choose a pale blue color and increase in saturation from one nail to the next for a modern horizontal blue ombre mani. This mani says cool and collected.

blue ombre nails
Image Via Instagram @toni_simone_nail_artist_2

The versatility of an ombre manicure is endless. They can be dressed down or up in an infinite number of ways. For more ombre nail design ideas and inspo, check out my other post: Ombre Nail Ideas and Inspiration, or for more fun summertime ombre colors and designs, check out more summer ombre nails.