22 Top Trending Black French Tip Nails

Personally, there’s no better time of year to rock moody black French tip nails than in winter. But let’s get real, edgy black tipped nails of every design never truly go out of style, or out of season.

From a modern day Wednesday Addams on Netflix to a rock n roll New Year’s bash, you can’t go wrong with any of these creative black French tip nails. These are my absolute favoite designs to get your inner rebel inspired.

1. Classic French manicure with black tips

The French manicure is a classic style that shows the natural nail color of your nail beds. The tips are rounded and white, and a clear top coat gives the nails a glamorous shine. It’s a simple yet elegant look for any occasion. 

Put an edgy twist on a classic look by changing the color scheme. Use black-tipped nails instead of white for your French manicure. 

black french tip nails

2. Short ballerina black French tip nails

Ballerina nails are the same shape as coffin nails but shorter. They taper toward the end like a stiletto nail but have a squared tip instead of coming to a point. 

These Ballerina nails take a classic French mani and add V-shaped color on the tip instead of a slight curve. A thin line of color below the tips adds a bit more elegance.

This is a great option if you like your nails short. Trading in the usual white for black tips and stripes adds a fierce flourish to ballerina nails.

black french tip nails

3. Short square black French tip nails

Some ladies mistakenly think they have to have long nails to rock a French tip mani. The color section will be smaller on your short square black French tip nails. You can still sport bold black tips.

Here is a gorgeous twist on a classic French mani with perfectly squared tips. They are functional and beautiful.

black french tip nails

4. Coffin French tip nails with accents

Coffin nails are long versions of ballerina nails. 

You can make a bold statement with these edgy black coffin French tip nails. Long tapering nails with a square tip give you the coffin shape. Deep black tips carry the color from the edge down the sides of your nails stopping at the cuticles. Those black coffin tips are the perfect canvas for a gold accent nail.

black french tip nails

5. Flourish accented black and silver French tips

Add some glamor and interest with this red-carpet-worthy look. This style trades in the classic white tips. It has elegant silver, and a flourish design painted over the tips and extending into the main part of the nail. This lighter look is perfect for Semi season and the holidays. 

There are two ways to get the lovely, delicate flourish on a manicure like this. The first is hand-painted by the stylist. Another way to do it is with nail stamp plates.

black french tip nails

6. Micro black tips

Micro-black tips are perfect for long or short nails. In a classic French manicure, the color on the tip covers the part of the nail that extends beyond the nail bed. 

If your nails are short, sometimes the color goes a little deeper. Micro tips flip the script with a thin, bold line of black along the tips. Using a sparkling neutral color for the rest of the nail adds some interest to this look.

Love this micro French tip look in almost any color, especially on red French tip nails because it’s so unexpected!

black french tip nails

7. Square nails with embellished black tips

Do you feel like a French manicure seems too plain? Embellishment levels up your look perfectly.

Here you see a classic French mani with black tips and a cross charm gracing one nail. Embellishing one nail on each hand lets you personalize your manicure. Express your unique taste while using a classic mani as a base.

black french tip nails

8. V-shape black tips with gold

These nails scream girl-boss and translate perfectly to an evening out on the town. The color in a V-shaped manicure covers the nail that extends past the bed. The point of the v faces the edge of the nail. This mani uses black tips with a thin stripe of gold.

black french tip nails

9. Gold & black extra-long coffin nails

Bold, edgy, and incredible describe this look with black coffin nails. With so much space to fill on those extra-long coffin nails, a mixed mani adds variety. Some nails have black tips with pink nail beds. Others have diagonal sections and a brilliant line of gold between the black and pink sections. 

Extra long nail enhancements are something you might need to grow into. But over time you could be rocking this look with no problem.

black french tip nails

10. Nude ballerina nails with black V tips

Ballerina nails are a beautiful compromise between long and short. You get the bold statement of long nails and don’t have to use your hands differently in your everyday life. 

Black v-tip ballerina nails are the perfect combination of evening elegance and workday style. The nude nails accented by black v-tips that taper to a squared edge are wearable everywhere and anywhere manicure.

For longer wear, I’d recommend getting this mani as a gel manicure, simply because the tips are where most of impact on the nails will be and gel nail polish will last longer and not chip as quickly as regular nail laquer.

black french tip nails

11. Simple elegant accent black tip

A mixed mani is an excellent way to sport black nails. You don’t have to paint all your nails black to get the edgy yet elegant effect of black polish. 

In this look, we see neatly squared nails with light glitter polish. Solid black and simple elegant accents are on black tips. The accent nails feature black tips that spread down into the nail bed mixed with gold and silver sparkles.

black french tip nails

12. Almond black tip nails

Almond-shaped nails are another fantastic way to enjoy medium-length nails. They are slightly more pointed than rounded tips but not as dramatic as stiletto nails. 

Here is a classic French tip manicure with black tips on almond nails. The shiny top coat on natural nail beds gives this look the perfect mix of elegance and drama.

To flip this classic concept on its head try a white French tip nails mani, you can steal some inspo in our White Gel Nails article. 😉

black french tip nails

13. Modern short black & white tips

Modern art can have many meanings, but bold contrasts and definite lines are two things that set it apart from other forms. You see both features in this manicure.

Pink nail beds with two-toned tips form a slight V shape. The hint of black and white on squared tips adds an alluring design. The sharp lines where each color section meets make this short manicure eye-catching and exquisite.

black french tip nails

14. French manicure in black with silver stripes

The French manicure is a perfect base for making a unique manicure. This mani trades in the traditional neutral nail bed and white tips for bold black and graceful embellishment.

Pearlescent nail beds and black tips form the foundation of this look. Swoops of silvery strips begin in the corner of the tip and fan downward into the nail bed to pull the style together.

black french tip nails

15. Wavy black tips

You can throw out the manicure rule book with this style. Who says your nail tips need a razor-sharp line between colors? Get lively and whimsical with wavy black tips instead.

Here we have almond nails with a light pink base all over. Then wavy shapes in black and white are painted on the tips and near the cuticle in playful patterns. The color scheme makes it sincere enough for the office but fanciful enough for the weekend.

black french tip nails

16. Simple elegant black tips

A simple, straightforward manicure can be the crowning jewel of any put-together look. Simple black-tipped nails like this next mani go with everything in your closet for every occasion. 

Short, square tips are fresh and functional. They are the perfect base for light pink polish on nail beds completed with a deep V-shaped black tip. The bottom of the V nearly touches the edge of the nails for a clear, deliberate line.

This design can also be super fun in as a colored french tip nails manicure.

black french tip nails

17. Double French tips

A double French manicure features two delicately painted lines along the tips of your nails. Combining different shapes and techniques gives you limitless possibilities. Typically, double French tips use colors other than the traditional pink and white.

This style is on stiletto nails with a neutral base for fanciful and fashionable lines painted differently on each nail. The pinkie shows a classic double French tip while the other nails have unique lines and ovals. Long stiletto nails are a great base for the elongated, dramatic lines in this style.

black french tip nails

18. Black dots on French manicure

Going back to basics and then adding a simple feature to expand the look of a manicure provides sleek, eye-catching elegance.

For all you ladies who love your nails short but want to rock edgy black-tipped nails, this manicure hits the spot. These short, round nails have a bold, shiny black tip and natural nail beds. A bold, black dot placed just above the cuticle adds a smart effect.

black french tip nails

19. Black on black high gloss black tips

Most French manicures involve a base coat that covers the whole nail unless you want natural nail beds. After the base dries, the stylist adds color to the tips. It creates a lovely two-color effect that is neat and eye-catching. 

Here we have a dramatic monochrome look with black matte nail beds and black high gloss tips. This is a long, square-tip mani, but this black-on-black polish would look incredible on coffin nails as well.

black french tip nails

20. Tiny white hearts on black tips

Adding some cute personal touches is one of the best parts of nail art. If you can think of it, you can get it painted on your nails. Simple shapes are easy for beginners doing self-manis and a less expensive option for embellishment at the salon.

Here we have deeply black-tipped coffin nails with a natural nail bed. The black extends down the sides to nearly meet the cuticles. The look is finished off with romantic little white hearts floating fancifully around and a glossy topcoat.

black french tip nails

21. Cow-print black tips

Black and white cow print is a hot trend for cheerful and exceptional nail art. When you want to have a special pattern like cow-print black tips, having lots of space on your nail tips to work with is best. 

Here we see long stiletto nails with natural nail beds with a delightful black and white dairy cow design on the tips. Long square nails or coffin nails will work for this mani as well. The point is to have medium to long nails so you can fit lots of fun cow spots on those tips.

black french tip nails

22. Crystals on black tips

A sure way to add glamor to your manicure is to add crystal embellishments all over. Crystals also give you a three-dimensional captivating look for all your holiday parties. Definately a favorite over here at BeatyStack!

Including crystals in your manicure can add extra time and cost to a salon manicure, but worth this show-stopping style. To DIY, you can attach crystals with a little dab of top coat under each gem. 

Here we see deeply black-tipped nails with crystals in semi-regular patterns placed all over. The black extends halfway down the sides of the nail beds for a dramatic deep tip. These squared-off nails are long to give plenty of space for all those brilliant crystals.

I’ve seen a similar version done on pink French tip nails and it’s crazy cute. Seeing is believing.

black french tip nails