Fun Birthday Nails & Design Ideas For Your Best Birthday Yet!

My birthday is right around the corner, so I’ve been on the hunt for some birthday nails that are going to be the star of the show.

I love finding fun designs that are like nothing I’ve done before—something with a little sparkle that I can do at home. It’s pretty easy to recreate salon-quality looks if you have the right tools. Check out some of these gems I found.

1. All-out glam coffin birthday nails

Your birthday is a time to celebrate, so why not go with all-out glam? Celebrate your birthday with sparkling nails that draw all the attention to you. These long, glamorous nails feature a classic French manicure framed with gems. A large center gem flanked on either side by smaller stones makes this manicure special. Treat yourself to something flashy on your birthday; you deserve it. It is your birthday, after all.

2. Pearly and girly pink birthday nails

If you’re looking for more subtle glamor, this pearly manicure should be the go-to. These nails feature a pale pink base that creates a soft yet neutral background. Thin black lines frame the coffin shape and cross the nails for a little bit of delicate sensuality. Then the manicure is dotted with delicate pearls for a pretty feminine touch.

Be sure to use flat-back nail pearls so there is more surface for them to attach to.

3. Icing on the cake short birthday nails

It’s not a birthday without a sweet treat. And let’s be honest, the best part is the icing. This fun manicure screams manicure with a bit of icing dropping down the nail. The pretty pink looks so good you want to taste it; maybe strawberry or raspberry.

Also included are two nails that show off the rainbow sprinkles, which can be created with small nail brushes. This nail art is the perfect way to celebrate a sweet birthday.

4. What’s your sign galaxy nails

Boast your astrological sign right on your manicure. Paired with celestial motifs, this manicure is equally dreamy and mystical. This manicure dresses up French tip nails in a cool, modern way.

The gold accents add a fun touch. The moons and stars add a stellar element, especially when paired with the Gemini zodiac sign. Of course, you can swap in your sign for a personalized manicure. And the little pearl details add a lovely delicate touch.

5. Marvelous metallic long birthday nails

For your birthday, you should have the prettiest nails. And this metallic French manicure is the perfect option. This set is ideal for anyone who wants something subtly flashy.

It takes the classic French tip and adds a delicate pink with a rose gold tip. They’re fun and simple but still unique enough to draw all the attention to you. Plus, this updated classic design will pair well with any birthday outfit you have planned.

6. Marble magic coffin birthday nails

Classy and fun, these marble nails are a timeless option to celebrate a birthday. The two fully marble nails also have a slight transparent element to them that keeps this set on-trend. The split nails with the gold foiling as a bit of shine to the manicure. And the gems around the cuticle line on the other nails add some well-deserved birthday glamor. Overall, this nail art that’s simple and elegant will have eyes turning to you on your special day.

7. Funfetti short birthday nails

What’s a birthday without a little bit of confetti? The accent nails on this set feature lots of glitter on one and fun confetti shapes on the other. Plus the other nails feature their own festive design that resembles streamers.

The bright, abstract shapes are boldly on-trend while still allowing the accent nail to shine. No other manicure will part you in the party mood like these will.

8. Amazing aura ombre nails

For your birthday, you should have nails that no one else will. And you can guarantee that you’ll be the only one at the party, club, or restaurant with these unique nails.

This manicure feels like it’s glowing, like your aura is coming through right on your fingers. Use an ombre technique to create the oral and iridescent nail powder to give the auro an extra glow. 

9. Rock your birth year birthday nails with numbers

If you’re proud of the year you’re born, why not show it off in your manicure? There’s no better way to celebrate another year around the sun than recognizing where it all started. Plus, these nails are jam-packed with lots of detail to make some truly show-stopping nails.

The flower and butterflies in translucent nails add an unexpected accent. And the gems and gold foiling add some glamor. But it’s the 95 that’s the true eye-catching element.

10. Piece of (birthday) cake birthday nail ideas

Who doesn’t love cake and ice cream on their birthday? Now let everyone know it’s your birthday by carrying around a little piece of cake with you wherever you go, on your nails, of course.

This manicure is one of the most fun on the list, though it may look simple. On the pretty solid coral background are a piece of cake and an ice cream pop. These 3D charms are made from acrylic, which shows the true artistry behind them.

11. Colorful streamers French tips

It’s not a birthday with decorations and these nails bring the party with them. These brightly colored squiggles are reminiscent of streamers hanging from the ceiling, and what’s more festive than that?

The extra-long length of the square nails really allows the streamers to shine. And the dark gray outline makes the lines look like they’re hanging off something. Plus, you can customize the colors for your own birthday look.

12. Gift-wrapped birthday nail ideas almond shape

These nails feel like the gift at the party with the prettiest wrapping paper. Not to mention, they’re one of the most unique nail designs, so you’re sure to have people gasping at your manicure.

The gold metallic background is shiny and eye-catching. But it’s the textured blue abstract shapes that make the mani. The nail artist used art dip powder to give the blobs their texture.

13. Put a bow on it gel birthday nails

Not only is it your birthday, so you should receive gifts, but you’re also a gift, so you should have a bow. Equally classy and fun, this manicure is the perfect one for celebrating a birthday. Light blue mixed with nude is a classic combination that makes these nails timeless.

But it’s the light blue bow on the accent nail that feels cute and fun at the same time. Plus the glitter and the gemstones, this manicure is truly showstopping.

14. Birthday blue birthday nails with rhinestones

Elegant, understated, and glamorous, these nails command attention. The all-blue manicure feels timeless but not stuffy. It’s the simple design and limited color palette that makes these nails have an understated sophistication, flashy in a different way. Translucent with dark blue borders, these nails almost feel like they’re glowing. And the addition of the gems makes these nails seem regal, exactly what a queen needs on her birthday.

15. Glitter in the air sparkly nails

Shower yourself in glitter to celebrate your birthday! These fun nails bring the sparkle to any party. This manicure mixes translucent and nude-colored nails to be the backdrop for this iridescent glitter. And it catches the light beautifully.

The addition of the gems on the nail and around the cuticle just makes this manicure even more blingy.

What are birthday nails? 

Birthday nails can be anything you want them to be, honestly!

The whole point is to do something unique that you love for your special day. So if there’s been a trend you’ve been wanting to try or a nail artist you’ve been wanting to go to, now’s the time to treat yourself to your wildest birthday manicure fantasies.

And don’t be afraid to go with fun colors, lots of bling, or other elements that you might not unusually get. It’s all about you, after all.

What color should I get for my birthday nails? 

Since these nails are all about you, you can opt for your favorite colors for your birthday nails. Take any of the above nail designs and apply the color scheme that you like the most.

But for many people, birthday nails are a chance to go over the top. Choose more colors than you usually would, opt for glitter, or add metallic and iridescent accents. Don’t be afraid to go all out.

How to do birthday nails on your own? 

There are plenty of nail designs that you can do on your own and in your own home as long as you get the right tools and supplies.

With nail art brushes, you can make thin, delicate lines. Using nail glue, you can attach charms and gemstones. And glitter sticks well to wet nail polish, but after it dries, sandwich it in with a clear top coat.

If you’re new to nail art, nail stickers can be a great way to add designs to your manicure. Doing your own nails takes practice, so work up to the more intricate designs.

How do you put decorations on your nails?

There are a few ways to attach decorations to your nails. One of the easiest ways is with nail glue. Place a little drop of nail glue where you want the decoration, attach it, then hold it down until it’s dry.

For something more secure or for heavier decorations, you can use builder gel and a UV light. Place the UV gel where you want the decoration, then place it under the UV light for 90 seconds to cure it. Using UV will help your decorations last much longer.

Which nail shape suits me?

Experts always recommend choosing a nail shape that elongates your fingers. Oval and almond shapes are universally flattering.

If you’re a fan of keeping your nails short, square and squoval nails are the best option. They look well-kept and are low maintenance.

But for longer lengths, coffin and stiletto shapes look very elegant.