What’s the Best Nail Shape for Fat Fingers? [Plus Manicures That Make Fingers Look Longer]

Thick fingers? You’re probably looking for the best nail shape for fat fingers since you’ll want to lengthen your fingers and bring the focus onto your nails.

Luckily, many nail shapes can help you make your fingers look longer and more gorgeous than they already do.

What shape nails make fingers give length to shorter digits?

In this list, I will cover the best nail shapes, designs, and styles for sexy fat fingers. 

The best nail shapes for fat fingers

Here’s a quick look at the best nail shape for fat fingers and how you can achieve them.

Almond nails

almond nails
Almond nails

Almond nail shapes taper into rounded tips and slimmer sides. They are the perfect choice for thicker or shorter fingers because of their thinner sides. The shape of these nails creates the illusion of slender and long fingers, which will benefit you since you want to give your fingers length.

Almond-shaped nails are also trendy. Apart from making your fingers thinner and elongated, you’ll also look stylish and on-trend.

To use this solution, file the sides of your nails inwards. This action allows you to taper the nails on either side. After that, use an arc shape to soften the edges while gently filing the nails in one direction until you achieve a round, even tip.


  • They are feminine.
  • They are trendy.
  • The nail shape looks natural.


Round nails

best nail shape for fat fingers

Round-shaped nails are classic and can still work if you have fat fingers. They follow the contour of your fingertips. They are also the perfect choice for individuals who don’t want to spend countless hours at the salon. The nails are easy to achieve and maintain.  

The round shape will also give you the extra length you need to make your fingers look slender. With their low maintenance, you can be sure to keep these nails for weeks, even after the mani.

To start, file the sides of your nails in one direction. Then you’ll file the nails in an arc shape, following your natural finger contour. And soften the edges once done.


  • It makes nails with wide beds appear slender.
  • They offer a clean look.
  • They are a strong nail shape.


  • The round-shaped nails may not look good on longer nails.

Ballerina  nails

Ballerina nails
Ballerina nails

Ballerina nails are ideal for long nails with narrow nail beds. These have a square tip instead of a pointed one. Just as the name suggests, the nails resemble the shape of a ballerina’s shoe.

Pair these nails with an excellent design or color that will make your fat fingers look slimmer.

To achieve ballerina nails, file the nails toward the tip in a tapered way on the sides of the nails. Make sure all the sides have an even look.

Once done, file the end to achieve the correct width that works for you.


  • They are feminine and sophisticated.
  • Look neat and evenly shaped.


  • You can only do it on long and strong nails.
  • Filing the sides of the nails could weaken them.


Oval nails

If you’re tired of the usually rounded tip nails, the oval-shaped nail can give you more flare and help to make your fat fingers look more slender. These nails are similar to round nails but have a more definitive top. The tips are blunter and softer. Their long and tapered look tends to make your fingers appear slimmer.

To achieve this shape, gently file the nails toward the tip. Ensure the sides are straight and even. After that, file in a curved motion, smoothly from one end to the other. Confirm that the front and ends are evenly shaped.


  • Oval-shaped nails are flattering.
  • They are delicate and elegant.
  • It makes nails look longer and slimmer.


  • They have a weak structure.

Best manicure types for fat fingers

Apart from the top four recommended nail shape options above, you can also choose from the following manicure types to give your fingers an elegant and slimmer look.

Italian manicure

best nail shape for fat fingers

While all nails are beautiful, there’s always that desire to make your nails appear longer. This is especially true for individuals with short nail beds.

The Italian manicure may intrigue you. Essentially, it’s a nail-painting technique where the nail polish gives your nails a long look.

The painting process involves getting close to the cuticles but avoiding touching the skin on the sides of your nails which makes the nails appear longer.

The Italian manicure is best for people with busy lifestyles or those working in environments where having long nails may be impractical. The good thing about the Italian manicure is that it can be achieved using any type of polish. In this case, regular nail polish or gel will work.


  • It makes your nails look longer.
  • It can last up to four weeks.
  • It has a more natural look.


  • Painting to the sides may look unfinished.

French tip nails

gold french tip nails

If you had to choose a classic manicure for your fat fingers, French tip nails are the right choice.

Besides making your chubby finers look slimmer, these nails are outstanding and will suit any occasion.

The neutral color at the base of the design provides a seamless transition from your fingers to your nails without cutting the fingers off. The best part is the white tip that adds some details to the design, giving it a more natural look and feel.

Quick French tip nails tutorial

The French tip nails are clean and trendy. The simplicity of the design also makes your fingers look healthy. However, you should be careful with the white tip. The tip shouldn’t be too thin or too thick since it will make the overall design look unnatural.

To get the French tip nails for the first time, you’ll need a towel, bowl of warm water, top coat, base coat, and soft baby pink nail polish. There are four simple steps to achieve French tip nails. 

  1. First, you must prep your nails, file, and buff to taste
  2. Apply a quality base coat
  3. Use white polish on the tip of your nails, nail guards, or Scotch Tape work for this
  4. Finally, apply the transparent top coat for a glossy, beautiful finish


  • They are clean and trendy.
  • It can last for more than two weeks.
  • It gives the impression of slender and longer nails.


  • It might require an extra layer of polish to make it last longer.

Double French manicure

french tip nails

While French manicures have been popular for quite some time, the double French manicure is one of the latest trends.

The trend features two French manicure lines that have been painted on the tip of your nails. It combines multiple designs, including the deep French, the neon French twist, and the slanted variation.

You can customize the double French manicure to meet your aesthetic needs. For instance, the two lines can be close together or have some space in between them. The best way to do the double French manicure is to keep it simple.

To do the double French manicure, follow the French tip nails procedure and paint the second line just below the tip color. Ensure the white tip is evenly spaced from the second line on your nails.


  • They are elegant and sophisticated.
  • It will make your nails look longer.
  • They are trendy.
  • It can be customized to suit your beauty needs.


  • It will only last for 1-2 weeks.

Solid red manicure

best nail shape for fat fingers

Solid red manicure is ideal for natural, acrylic, shellac, and gel nails. The solid red color is a great choice when you aren’t sure of the best color to use on your nails.

This nail art is simple and elegant and will leave your fingers looking classy.


  • It is a classic look for your nails.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It suits every mood, every moment.


  • None.

Metallic or chrome manicure

metallic nails

Metallic and chrome manicures are quite trendy and are considered the way to go to get “cool-girl nails.” These nail forms also come in various types, including SNS, gel, or acrylic.

You also have some flexibility if you want to get a chrome nail finish with stick-on nails, nail polish, or powder form application.


  • It is very trendy and delivers a modern feel.
  • It has a smooth glossy mirror finish.


  • It may only last for three weeks or less.

Nail shapes to avoid if you have short or fat fingers

While trying to make your fingers look slimmer and longer, you should be aware of the specific nail shapes to avoid to ensure you achieve your desired look.

Here’s a look at the nail shapes to avoid if you have short or fat fingers.

Square nails

squoval nails
Square nails

Square nails may appear shorter and will require less maintenance. But with short or fat fingers, they will even appear chubbier. Plus, the nails aren’t that flattering.

Stick to almond, round, ballerina, and oval nail shapes.

So, do long nails make your fingers look thinner? Yes. Longer nails create an illusion of longer and narrower fingers. 


  • Square nails are strong.


  • Sharp edges can be uncomfortable and could scratch things.
  • They may make your fingers look chubbier. 


squoval nails
Squoval nails

Squoval nails combine the square and oval shapes to form the squoval shape. Like square nails, they don’t suit short or fat fingers. These nail types are ideal for someone unfussy and practical.


  • The nails are strong and elegant.


  • The oval shape may not be desirable for people with short fingers. 

Tips and tricks for making your fingers look longer

What nails look best on short stubby fingers? You may be thinking of hand-model status here as you strive to make your fingers look slimmer and longer. There are three main things you should focus on here, including the cuticles, shape and length, and color.


Push the cuticles back. Once the cuticles are softened, you’ll get some extra length from the end of the nail. Not too hard with the process. You can always soften the cuticles using a cuticle remover.

Shape and length

It’s not surprising that the length of your nails is a determining factor in making your fingers look longer. If you have short fingernails, it’s time to grow them just above your fingertip. You can then file the nails to achieve an almond shape, which helps you fake the length.


Your color choice will make a huge difference. What you want to do here is to avoid colors that reveal the red of your skin tone. The best colors should complement your undertones. For individuals with warm, golden undertones, steer clear of gray and purple colors. You may opt for corals instead. For cooler undertones, a solid red manicure can work well.

Takeaways on the best nail shape for fat fingers

You now have an idea of the best nail shape for fat fingers. Whether you want to try almond, round, ballerina, or oval-shaped nails, you can be confident that your nails will look longer and prettier. The good thing about these nail shapes is that they are trendy and could continue to intrigue many for months. 

Choosing the best manicure for your fat fingers shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know the nail shapes to avoid. The last thing you need is to have your nails done only to remove the nail shapes after a few days. Treat yourself to the self-care you deserve by ensuring you choose only the best nail shapes that suit your fingers. 

Avoid square and squoval nails if you really want your fingers to look slimmer, and longer. Before trying out the different shapes discussed here, consider pushing your cuticles back, growing your nails, and choosing the best color that suits your undertone.