The Best Eyelash Extension Glue That’s Safe for Your Eyes (Hint: It’s Not School Glue)

Nope, the best eyelash extension glue is NOT Elmers glue! The best eyelash extension glue IS long-lasting, safe to use on the sensitive skin around your eyes, and free from formaldehyde.

As a professional, I’ve learned that it’s important to keep the right supplies on hand, starting with eyelash extension glue. It took a few tries to find the best eyelash extension glue on the market. Here’s what I’ve learned about different products and some useful tips for choosing your new favorite eyelash extension glue.

What is eyelash extension glue?

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic or natural hair that you attach to a client’s lashes. Unlike temporary extensions that you attach to the lid, these extensions are semi-permanent. They stay on thanks to a strong adhesive.

Eyelash extension glue is a fast-drying adhesive. Most manufacturers use cyanoacrylate. It’s the same ingredient you can find in most fast-acting adhesives. However, the formula is non-irritating and waterproof to make the extensions last longer.

Eyelash extension glue is NOT intended to be used with strip lashes of any kind.

5 powerful eyelash extension glues

These eyelash extension glues are safe to use, easy to apply and can last up to two months.

Note that all these products are for professional use only, so please don’t use these products at home.

Best Overall: Stacy Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

This black glue adhesive blends in with natural lashes to create a seamless transition with the extensions. It lasts up to seven weeks and this fast-drying glue dries in less than a second.

The thin formula of this eyelash extension glue works to your advantage. Its low viscosity results in a lightweight application that can make the extensions last longer.

While there is a strong odor while the adhesive bonds, this glue is free from latex or formaldehyde, which is great for preventing allergic reactions and eye irritation.

The packaging of this glue does an excellent job of keeping the product fresh for up to two months.

Best Professional: Lonris Eyelash Glue

This eyelash glue is another popular option professionals use. It dries in less than two seconds and provides up to eight weeks of wear.

The strong bonding power of the adhesive allows for a fast application process and its thin formula means a little goes a long way. It’s a versatile eyelash glue that can also withstand temperatures of up to 80°F.

This adhesive works well to support classic and high-volume extensions. It’s great for clients who want a dramatic result or who want to add bolder, thicker extensions to sparse or thin lashes.

Free from formaldehyde and latex.

Best Budget: Lyon Lash Extension Glue

This product is the best eyelash extension glue for those shopping on a budget.

It’s an excellent option for clients with sensitive eyes and skin since it emits fewer fumes than other eyelash extension glues. Made from a cruelty-free and vegan formula, this glue lasts for up to eight weeks.

This adhesive has a thicker texture than most glues and it can make the application process easier if you’re new to eyelash extensions. Just remember you have to be careful not to weigh down the extensions by applying too much adhesive.

This formula is free from formaldehyde, latex, and petrochemicals.

Best for Sensitive Eyes: Stacy Lash Extension Glue

For clients who have sensitive eyes and skin, Stacy Lash is one of the best sensitive eyelash extension glues out there.

Compared to other products, this formaldehyde-free and latex-free eyelash glue has low fumes and poses less of a risk of developing an allergic reaction.

The adhesive is thick, which means you have to be careful with how much you use. This glue also has a longer drying speed, you’ll have to wait up to five seconds, which can result in a longer application time. You’ll also get a shorter retention period of five weeks.

On the plus side, it’s easy to apply, and the texture is very flexible.

Best Pre Treatment: MyBeautyEyes Lash Primer

While not a glue, lash primers will help prep your eyelashes ahead of time so that the adhesive can bond properly. This means removing natural oils from the skin and any makeup residues before getting started.

Ideally, you should use a lash shampoo and a lash primer. For maximum retention, I highly recommend MyBeautyEye’s lash primer. It does an excellent job of removing these oils and residues. It’s a gentle non-irritating formula with a liquidy easy to apply texture. It’s one of the best primers for sensitive skin and eyes.

Eyelash extension glue buyers guide

Every beauty professional has their own favorite lash glue. You need to find a product you’re comfortable using. It means you might have to test different options before finding the best lash glue for extensions. Use these tips when you’re shopping and comparing brands.

Check the ingredients

I meticulously compared all the ingredients of all the glues in my list to make sure that they are free from formaldehyde and latex.

You should always check the list of ingredients before trying any new lash extension glue. The more chemicals an adhesive uses, the higher the risks of running into allergic reactions.

The good news is that plenty of manufacturers offer products that don’t contain latex, petrochemicals, or formaldehyde, which are ingredients that are known to cause eye irritation and allergic reactions.

Be sure to check the fumes level to know which products to avoid in case you or a client has sensitive eyes.

Consistency is important

The viscosity of the extension glue you use matters. A thin consistency means the product will be lightweight, which can make the extensions last longer.

A product with higher viscosity can be easier to apply, especially if you lack experience, however, it might not dry as quickly, and you have to be careful not to use too much glue.

The activation process

After you apply extension glue, the product will activate and form a secure bond between your existing lashes and the extensions. The adhesive needs the presence of humidity in the air to do its magic. For this reason, it’s essential to check the recommended temperature and humidity level before selecting an eyelash glue.

Most lash extension glues require humidity levels between 50 and 70% and temperatures in the 60 to 80°F range. In hot or dry climates, some products might not work correctly.

What eyelash glue lasts the longest?

In my experience, Lonris Eyelash Glue is the product that lasts the longest. Clients can typically keep their extensions for two months with this glue.

But, the retention period varies.

You can make your extensions last longer if you use lightweight lashes and match the natural shape of the client’s eyelashes. Use an eyelash sealer to protect the glue and tell them they can further the life of their lashes by avoiding using cosmetics and skincare products that could break down the adhesive.

Want more info on how long lash extensions last and how to extend their life? Visit our post: How Long Do Lash Extensions Last

How often should you replace eyelash extension glue?

Eyelash extension glue typically doesn’t last more than two months once you open it.

During the application process, you’ll have to replace your glue drop every fifteen minutes or so.

What kind of eyelash glue do professionals use?

Professionals use fast-acting adhesives that often contain cyanoacrylate. This is an industrial-strength adhesive that’s a known ingredient in products like Super Glue. It has mild toxicity so there are special precautions to take when working with this type of glue.

When using cyanoacrylate-based glues you should always protect the client’s eyes with patches and ask them to keep their eyes closed during the application process.

How to know if eyelash extension glue has gone bad

It’s easy to tell if eyelash extension glue has gone bad, or expired. It often has a dry or stringy texture.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to throw away any bottle that you opened more than two months ago. That way, you can avoid accidentally causing an eye infection or worse.

Sensitivity to eyelash extension glue

Some clients are allergic to ingredients in eyelash extension glue, like latex or formaldehyde. You can prevent allergic reactions by choosing an eyelash extension glue that doesn’t use these troubling ingredients.

However, even if you avoid these additives it’s still possible to get an allergic reaction from other lash glue ingredients like benzoic acid.

The fumes from the adhesive bonding can also irritate the eyes and skin.

Common sensitivity or allergy symptoms include watery eyes, itchiness, or headaches. Clients can use antihistamines or hydrocortisone as a topical treatment, and applying a cold compress over the eyes can also help reduce redness and pain.

Before applying extensions always ask if a client has had allergic reactions in the past and always do a skin patch test.

Advise against getting lash extensions if they have experienced severe symptoms before. If they haven’t but are still concerned, perform a patch test by applying a small amount of the glue behind their ear and waiting for 24-48 hours to make sure that your client doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the product you’re using.

Ensuring that your client doesn’t have an adverse reaction to a product is extremely important, particularly when it involves an area as sensitive as the eyes.


Stacy Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue is one of the best professional eyelash extension glues out there. The lightweight texture of this product and its packaging ensures that it lasts longer than typical glues and extends the life of eyelash extensions. With its gentle formula and fast drying action, this is an excellent go-to for clients with sensitive eyes and skin.

When you add this glue to your beauty arsenal get ready to take your clients’ lashes to new heights!