Before and After Eyelash Extensions Amazing Transformations

Eyelash extensions can create excellent results for those who get them. There are risks involved with anything, but the payoff is fantastic. Just look at these eye-popping before and after eyelash extensions transformations!

In my experience, women tend to say phrases like “I wish my lashes were fuller,” “I wish I had your long lashes,” or other similar things. With eyelash extensions, those wishes can come true. 

But before going to get the extensions, you should look at the various types and decide what will look best with your eye shape. Of course, stylists trained in lash extensions will be able to help you decide what style will be best. 

Below are just a few examples of some before and after eyelash extensions inspiration. 

Transformation #1: Fuller, voluminous lashes for a natural, everyday look 

This look is an example of the classic eyelash extensions style.

These lashes are perfect for everyday wear because they are not overly dramatic or distracting. A classic eyelash extension look is ideal for people who have a lot of eyelashes but want more length with just a little extra discreet volume.

This natural eyelash extension before and after is an excellent example of how to make your lashes look fabulous every day. Wear them to work, wear them to lunch and wear them to dinner.

before and after eyelash extensions

Transformation #2: Add definition with longer lashes toward the outer corners 

This style will help to elongate your eye’s natural shape, and it can also help to accentuate your natural features.

This look is also an excellent style for people who like the cat-eye look or want to create the appearance of wider set eyes.

before and after eyelash extensions

Transformation #3: Longer lashes at the center work great for hooded or almond eyes

Applying lash extensions to this part of the eye is called doll-eye eyelash extensions.

It gives the person who has it a look of being more awake and alert. It also brightens the eyes, making them stand out more and appear wide open.

before and after eyelash extensions

Transformation #4: Complement the luscious lashes with an eyeliner 

Most people wonder, can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions? The answer is yes! 

It is a common misconception that you should not wear makeup with lash extensions. You can wear makeup, including eyeliner, with lash extensions as long as there are no waxy substances or oil ingredients.

Using water-based, liquid, powder, and cake-based eyeliners will make extensions look more natural and keep them from breaking. 

before and after eyelash extensions

Transformation #5: Add extra curl for the cat-eye look

Curling your eyelashes with extensions on is doable, but only in certain situations and only with specific extensions.

Make sure you are only curling at the base of your lashes using a quality heated eyelash curler or mechanical eyelash curler. Do not curl the virtual extensions or you will risk them breaking or falling off prematurely.

Please note that not all extensions styles can be curled! Avoid curling volume sets to preserve the longevity of your natural lashes and your extensions.

Takeaways on before and after lash extensions

We hope you enjoyed the list of before and after lash extensions. There are some great examples of what eyelash extensions can do for people. 

As always, do your homework and find a reputable lash tech so you can avoid damage to your natural lash.

A good lash technician will be able to recommend what extensions will work best for your personal eye shape. You can also do some research and have an idea of what you want.

Or, if you want to experiment on your own, try some at-home eyelash extensions for instant gratification minus the time commitment!