33 Ways Baby Blue Nails Will Make Your Manicure Next Level Gorgeous

There’s a reason that blue is everyone’s favorite color; it’s versatile and flattering on everyone. You have so many options to make baby blue nails stand out from the crowd.

I love baby blue nails because the color goes with everything. I think of light blue as basically a neutral shade. Blue is a great option if you want a manicure that will go with all your outfit but want a little more color than a typical neutral provides.

1. Baby blue nails with glitter

Baby Blue Nails
Image Via Instagram @damariscavazos

Give your blue manicure a little bit of glam by creating baby blue nails with a lot of glitter. This manicure features two nails covered in silver glitter and light blue polish underneath. And to add even more glam, the pointer and pinky fingers have blue gemstones around the cuticle.

2. Baby blue nail ideas

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @thebeautyroom.ss

If you’re looking for a baby blue nail idea that you’ve never seen before, this manicure is a stunning option. Solid baby blue nails show off this gorgeous color, but the design on the pointer and middle fingers add something interesting. Light blue abstract shapes painted on natural nails make the blue stand out. But it’s the black dots on top that give these nails an artistic edge.

3. Coffin light blue nails

baby blue nails
Instagram Via @nailsbykirstenchanel

Coffin nails are elegant, so what better way to highlight the shape than with a chic light blue? These nails are simple, but that’s where the beauty lies. And this pretty light blue is pretty enough to stand on its own. The shade of baby blue is ideal for pastels in the spring as well as icy winters.

4. Cute blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @monika__nails

Dainty little florals make these cute blue nails the perfect feminine manicure. The rounded shape compliments the design, only adding to the adorable design. A modern play on the classic French manicure, the thumb, pointer, and pinky all show off light blue tips. The middle and ring fingers replace the crescent shape with tiny blue and white flowers.

5. Light blue nails

Baby Blue Nails
Image Via @majchymg

If you’re looking for a graceful manicure, light blue nails are the stylish option. These combine two shades of light blue into one design. The addition of silver foil down the center of the split nails makes them a little more elegant and refined. Show off the color with a fun embellishment that adds something unique.

6. Baby blue nails design

baby blue nails
Image Via @mada_nails_

This baby blue nails design has been trending on social media. They’re called optical illusion ombre and mix an ombre gradient with an optical illusion. The nails use two shades of light blue in a soft gradient then reverse it on the tip for a unique French manicure. It’s fun and trippy and a great way to create an eye-catching design on ombre nails.

7. Matte baby blue nails

Baby Blue Nails
Image Via @zsanib_nails

A solid manicure will always be a stylish option. But if you want something that’s a little trendier or more modern, opt for a matte finish over a glossy one. A matte finish can make even the boldest colors softer. So, when paired with a light blue, it adds a unique softness. Matte looks good whether it’s the entire nail or an accent.

8. Coffin baby blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via @jasminenails_southampton

Coffin nails are equally edgy and elegant. Pairing a shade of light blue with fun elements like glitter really highlights this trendy shape. The long tapered shape can take on a simple look as well as a maximalist one. These glitter nails fall somewhere in the middle. But this shape is the perfect canvas to show off a design, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

Considering doing this design with ballerina nails and aren’t sure how they’d look different? Check out our article on “Coffin vs Ballerina Nails” to get a better idea of the similarities between these two nail shapes.

9. Blue acrylic nails

baby blue nails
Image Via @nailedxthalia

Acrylic nails help enhance the length of your nails. The nails are applied and shaped from a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. They’re then painted with nail polish in the desired color.

Acrylic nails are best when you want long lengths or even three-dimensional flowers like in this manicure. With a longer shape, you can maximize the design with rhinestones.

10. Baby blue gel nails

baby blue nails
Image Via @nail.coutoure

Gel nails look more natural, but also have the durability of acrylic nails because they’re cured under UV light. Gel polish is also very versatile because you can build on it, creating a sheer, opaque, and anything in between. This gel manicure features various shades of blue that compliment the baby blue on the pointer and pinky nails.

11. Light blue nails with design

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @fabrykapazurkow

You don’t always have to opt for solid blue nails. Light blue nails with a design can be much more fun. This manicure features light blue on the pinky and thumb and a neutral pointer finger so the two accent designs stand out. The blue and white botanical print is elegant and the blue watercolor swirls add something unique.

12. Baby blue nails with white tips

baby blue nails
Image Via @paris.rome.75

These nails create a fun twist on the classic French manicure by swapping in blue where the traditional pink or neutral will be. It modernizes the look even further by opting for an ombre effect over the distinct line that a French manicure has. The softer ombre allows these colors to blend into each other creating a soft and delicate design.

13. Baby blue nails with flowers

baby blue nails
Image Via www.instagram.com/p/Cdi2LonLXR9/

Delicate and feminine, these light blue nails are perfect for spring. This pretty sky blue is the perfect backdrop for these dotty daisies. Complimented by the soft shape of these oval nails, these nails are simple but impactful. And the flowers are easy to recreate with a nail dotter tool.

14. Baby blue nails with rhinestones

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @herprettysets

Blue can look pretty in a simple and solid manicure. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feature some fun embellishments.

These nails take it to the max with plenty of charms, gemstones, and pearls. A manicure like this is not for the faint of heart; it’s definitely for someone who loves attention. And with nails like these, you’re sure to get all of it.

15. Baby blue nails with butterflies

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @nailzbymermaiden

Butterflies are loved by both girlie girls and anyone with an edge. They can soften fierce designs and nail shapes, like these long coffin nails. The light blue backdrop also helps add softness while the glitter adds some glamor. Butterflies in shades of blue all over the nails add some whimsy to the manicure.

16. Baby blue nails with hearts

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @les_femmes.dabord

These hearts really pop in this manicure. The naturally colored nails with the swoops of different shades of blue add subtle pops across the nails.

Mixing light, medium, and dark blue, these cute hearts are sure to stand out from the crowd. If you can’t decide on the shade of blue, these colors perfectly complement baby blue. 

17. Orange and baby blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @nailsby_katy_

Orange and light blue pair well together because they’re opposite of each other on the color wheel. And using light blue as the backdrop allows these orange swirls to pop on the nails.

Orange has been a trending color recently, especially as the 70s aesthetic continues to trend. These orange swirls are reminiscent of that era in a fun way. 

18. Baby blue nails with swirls

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @eszterevelin_nails

Swirls across the nail have been a trend and they definitely seem like they’re going to continue. They’re a simple design, so even beginners can tackle this manicure. Paired with solid blue nails, these swirls really pop. The blue also pairs nicely with the pinkish nude to create a classy manicure with a fun twist.

19. Baby blue nails three-dimensional embellishments

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @minea.nails

There’s no rule that says your nails have to stay flat. In fact, adding three-dimensional charms can make your nails more eye-catching. These nails combine blue and neutral ombre with blue French manicure and solid blue nails all featuring stunning butterfly and flower charms across the nails.

20. Mix design baby blue nails

Image Via Instagram @magdula.es

Combine your favorite parts of multiple manicures with a mix-and-match design. These nails feature French manicures and solid nails, this nail art is simple and elegant. And one of the solid nails features an iridescent light blue that glimmers in the sunlight. This unique combination can be customized with your favorite designs to create a bespoke manicure.

21. Baby blue flame nails

Image Via Instagram @enevanailart

What better way to compliment a fierce coffin-shaped name than with a blue flame? Mix fun and edgy with a classic French tip for a manicure with lots of personality. This vibrant light blue really pops against the nude background and the glossy finish makes these nails sleek and stunning. These are a great set of nude nails with french tips.

22. Split blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @enhance_beauty_salon

A light baby blue pairs beautifully with a deep royal blue shade. This manicure is split down the center with light blue on one side and navy on the other. The middle fingers serve as the divide between the other nails. And the silvery line adds a subtle pop of glamor throughout the entire manicure.

23. Dotty baby blue nails

Image Via Instagram @wynwoodsalon

French manicures are classy and never go out of style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a modern touch on the design. This manicure puts blue where white would traditionally go.

These pretty shades of blue pop, however, this manicure takes it a step further. Lines of little white dots create a pop art effect that creates something truly unique on these French tip nails.

24. Drippy baby blue nails

Image Via Instagram @thenailbarbstore

Take the swirl trend to the next level by making them look like they’re dripping. These nails have graphic swirls on the edge and curve down like liquid drips.

A nude backdrop allows these cartoonish drips to pop. And the darker blue on the edges of the lighter blue really highlights the design.

25. Shades of blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @rico_nailss

If you can’t decide on one shade of blue, you’ll have to choose multiple colors. The light shades of blue are complimented by a stylish teal and gray blue. These nails are reminiscent of the ocean, perfect for a sunny summer day. And the glossy finish adds a sleek touch to the soft blue shades.

26. Iridescent blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @jasminenails_southampton

Iridescent nails have been trending recently. It started with white and white gel nails, but many artists and nail fans have begun pairing the iridescent effect with plenty of other colors.

Paired with a light blue, these nails look like a gemstone. Though they’re simple, you’ll love watching these nails glimmer in the sunlight.

27. Simple blue nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @nasforyou

Sometimes the simple look can go a long way. These short oval nails and solid light blue polish are ideal for anyone who wants a low-maintenance manicure that doesn’t give up style. The subtle glossy finish is the icing on top of the cake. It makes these nails sleek, classy, and timeless.

28. Blue skies and celestial nails

Image Via Instagram @ohlalanails

Bringing all the beauty of the sky right to your nails. These nails use pale and light blue ombre as the base to mimic the sky above with all the details. Fluffy white clouds float across these nails with gold glittery details creating sun, moons, and stars. This dreamy manicure with its amazing nail art is a show stopper.

29. Blue bee nails

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @jeealee

I love this short nail design. These nails take on a French manicure in a refreshing way. Buzzing little bees and their delicate flight path replace the edge of the French tip. And vibrant light blue mimics the sky in this adorable nail design. Delicate flowers with a gold bead as the center decorate the cuticle.

30. Blue nails with stars

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @pegi_nails

Show how you’re the star of the show with a starry manicure. These light blue nails are pretty on their own, but add glittery and rhinestone accents and you have a gorgeous glamorous design. But it’s the stars on the ring finger that take centerstage. And filled in with glitter, they tie the whole manicure together.

31. Cloud blue nails

Image Via Instagram @_myas_masterpieces_

If you want to take a nice day with you, these nails show off perfect party cloudy weather. The light blue perfectly mimics the sky and these delicate clouds look like they’re lightly gliding across the sky. The little celestial stars marked with tiny gemstones add just a subtle touch of glamor.

32. Blue nails with gold foil

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @nessachavez_

Blue and gold pair so well together and these nails prove it. The oval shape adds a delicate feminine touch to this glamorous manicure. This pastel blue with bits of gold foil combination looks like it’s inspired by a gemstone. With a subtle glossy finish, it doesn’t add too much shine, so you’re able to see all the textured details.

33. Baby blue nails with pearls

baby blue nails
Image Via Instagram @jazzyjay_x30

Pearls always add a bit of instant classiness to a manicure; the detail is timeless. Pearls paired with this modern twist on the French manicure with a pretty light blue on the tip are never going out of style. Adorned with flat back pearls scattered on a long square shape, these nails perfectly mix elegance and edge.

Light blue nails tutorial

The thing with light blue nails is that the color can be sheer sometimes. This can make the polish look streaky and uneven.

There are a few ways to make your color stronger.

  1. First, you’re going to want to start with a base coat so that your nails are smooth and the blue colors stick to the nail.
  2. Then apply a thin layer of light blue polish, starting at the cuticle and brushing towards the end of the nail.
  3. Allow the layer to dry completely before adding another. If a polish is thin or sheer, you may need as many as three or four coats for the light blue to develop. But most nail polishes that aren’t sheer will only need two coats for strong color.
  4. Finish the manicure with two coats of top coat, drying the layers in between, to protect your polish from chipping.

One of my favorite baby blue colors is It’s a Boy! by OPI. You can achieve an opaque light blue in 2-3 coats with this polish. Especially if you first use an undercoat of nail primer.

Are light blue nails trendy? 

Blue nails are timeless, so they’ll always be on-trend. Blue is a color that looks good with a variety of colors, lengths, and styles, so it’s going to be a long-lasting option for manicures. But light blue has been trending recently on social media thanks to nail influencers. Blue is chic, playful, and elegant so you can bet on blue to be a stylish option.

What do baby blue nails mean? 

Baby blue refers to a pale shade of blue. Because it’s a light and soft shade, it’s often used for babies, which is suspected to be how the color got its name. Baby blue nails are simply nails that use this pastel shade of blue as the main color of the manicure.

Is light blue nail polish tacky?

Light blue as a nail polish color is not tacky. Even as trends change with the trend cycle, a timeless color like light blue will never completely fall out of favor. Light blue as a color isn’t tacky, but particular designs could be considered tacky in some people’s opinions. But it’s more important that you love your manicure because liking a design is subjective.

What looks good with blue nails? 

Everything! Many design experts and artists consider blue to be neutral. It pairs well with every color the way a neutral does but still adds some color to the design. So you can use blue with other colors like orange, pink, and green, as well as metallic embellishments. And because blue is versatile, you can use it as a base for a variety of nail designs.