Trendy & Unique Nail Shapes to Try This Year

nail shapes

Over the years, I’ve tried many nail shapes. I started with ballerina, then moved to stiletto, and now have almond-shaped nails. For me, my nails make everything seem more polished. My outfits feels finished and they contribute to my overall style. Which is probably why as my style has evolved, so has my nail shape. …

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20 Super Cute Fall Nails [Plus Designs to Steal]

Cute fall nails

Fall is my favorite season; in fact, surveys have shown that it’s the majority of people’s favorite season. Cute fall nails can take inspiration from the warm and cozy feelings, Halloween, and other fall favorites. As someone who likes to do my nails myself, I love that so many of these nail designs can be …

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12 Short Nail Designs With Tons of Personality

short nail designs

Why do I love short nail designs? Because you can have a ton of personality with shorter nails. Plus short nails are more low-maintenance and hygienic. They are the ideal option for those of us who work with our hands, like teachers, and our friends in the medical field like nurses, doctors, and lab technicians. …

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