Aura Nails | The Ultimate Way to Express Your Spiritual Vibe

Aura nails are one of my personal favorite nail trends. Part of this is because I grew up with an alternative mother who would take me to get my aura photographed, cleansed with crystals, and rebalanced by an energy worker.

So why are aura nails so popular? Let me explain. Your aura is the energetic field surrounding your body. It also corresponds with the energy centers, or chakras, of your body. You can’t see your aura, though some say they can. You can however feel it, especially in other people and you can definitely photograph it.

The colors of your aura change depending on your emotional state and what’s going on in your life. Part of what makes aura nails so cool is creating a visual representation of your spiritual vibe by selecting colors for your manicure that match a photo of your aura.

For example, clear blue hues in your aura mean your throat chakra, your center for communication and self-expression is flowing. You are able to clearly express what you feel and think.

Green in your aura means your heart chakra is open and you are connected to people and the world around you. You are empathic and loving. Compassionate is a word friends use to describe you.

Purple in your auric field is an expression of intuitiveness and spirituality. You effortlessly “get” people, you can sense who a person is just by their vibe. Purple is associated with the third-eye chakra.

As you can see, every color in your aura has meaning, and getting a set of aura nails is a way to express who you are on a deeper level.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a photo of your aura to get aura nails. You can also create aura nails that reflect how you want to show up in the world.

Aura nails are created using either an airbrush technique or blooming gel polish. They are technically a gradient manicure, like ombre nails, with a concentration of color in the center of the nail. Here are a few of my favorite aura nails. Use them as inspiration or take them to your favorite nail artist.

Airbrush aura nails

These stunning air-brushed aura nails with tiny crystal jewels are a masterpiece. Created by nail artist Caroline of 1800-NailMe these are stunning energetic masterpieces. Using a nude base, alternating colored French tips, and then layering on an air-brushed aura, this manicure is a showstopper.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @1.800.nailme

Blooming gel aura nails

Feminine, and soft, these subtle pink aura nails were created using blooming gel polish, then enhanced with white dots detailing a trail to an iridescent orb at the center of each nail. Get this effect with Mia Secret Blooming Gel Polish.

Blooming polish is one of two ways you can create aura nails. More examples are below.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @curedbyeileen

Glazed aura nails

A take on the Bieber-inspired glazed donut nails, this set of shimmery aura nails combines 3D nail art with a super subtle aura nail art to create a dimensional otherworldy manicure.

Aura nails
Image Via Intsa @nailsby_miimii_

Matcha knock-out aura nails

So fun, these green matcha aura nails were created using heart stencils for a totally original result. Additional gold heart nail stickers make a repeating pattern of hearts using different textures.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @nailedbygem

Minimalist aura nails

If subtlety is more your style but you’re still wanting to try aura nails, this demure pink aura manicure is for you.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @getnailedjmc

Celestial blue aura nails

Loving these blue aura nails! These were created using a blue blooming gel and then enhanced with silver nail art. You can achieve the same look with nail stickers. Finish with a clear top coat for a celestially inspired manicure.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @laucapon

Rainbow aura nails

These multi-colored aura nails have all the feels. With each nail rocking a different iridescent aura, these almond nails express every emotion you might be having but above all, they say you like to have fun!

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @_karebeauty_

Pink aura nails

Nail artist Rebecca Ramsdale is so talented. Using a nail art airbrush with blush-colored polish Rebecca created this set of ultra-feminine pink aura nails. Pink in your aura is related to your sacral chakra and means you are grounded and rooted in the world.

Aura nails
Image Via Insta @rebeccapaintsnails

Velvet aura nails

I love how this manicure is essentially a hybrid between velvet nails and aura nails. Using shimmery dimensional deep blues, purples, and green magnetic polish these metallic aura nails give me serious galaxy sci-fi vibes.

aura nails
Image Via Insta @_karebeauty_