About Us

Beauty Stack curates and reports on trends in the beauty industry while also publishing helpful ‘how-to’ content.

Our writers are chosen because of their passion and expertise in the field of nails, lashes, skincare, and beauty. All content is reviewed by our editor experts.

Laura Holloway – Beauty Editor & Writer

Laura is a beauty expert with 5 years prior experience working in cosmetics and lash salons. When not writing you can find her experimenting with the trending makeup looks, or reading a good book snuggled up with her French Bulldog Max. Laura is currently a contributing writer and Beauty Editor at BeatyStack.

Felicia Ler – Writer

Felicia is a Singapore-based freelance writer specializing in beauty, health & wellness, and lifestyle. When she isn’t crafting exceptional beauty content, you can usually find her reading up on the latest skincare trends, indulging in good books and baked goods, and going on long walks.

Brooke McInerney – Writer

Brooke is a nail lover and TikTok influencer known for her beginner-friendly tutorials,  manicure tips, and tricks. Doing nails has always been a passion of hers. Brooke honed her skills by doing her own nails back when newspaper nails and water marble nails were trending. She is currently working on building her social media following & teaching people how to have gorgeous nails without going to the salon. Her favorite dip powder brand is TundraDip.  

Alexandria Taylor – Writer

Alexandria is a writer and content creator, writing about beauty, style, homes, and food. She also works in fiction, writing young adult novels. When she isn’t writing, Alexandria loves doing her own nails, trying new style trends, and finding a rooftop with a view to enjoy a fruity cocktail.

Amy Johnson – Writer

Amy is a nomadic beauty enthusiast. The only thing she enjoys more than traveling and spotting new trends is writing about them. She’s currently a contributor at BeautyStack.


Kim Caddel – Writer

Kim is an expert, with over 7 years in the nail art and makeup industry. She is an avid DIY nail artist and now contributing writer at BeautyStack.